How to beat competition when writing dissertation
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How to beat competition when writing dissertation



How to beat competition when writing dissertation by

How to beat competition when writing dissertation by



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How to beat competition when writing dissertation How to beat competition when writing dissertation Presentation Transcript

  • How to Beat Competition when Writing Disser tation Presented by
  • How to Beat Competition when Writing DissertationNot all academic stresses are external others arepsychological. Stiff competition especially whenwriting a dissertation can bring about feelings ofinadequacy, mental breakdown, and exhaustion.
  • Competition is healthy and is used in mostinstitutions to rank students according to theirperformance. Institutions often use these rankingsto determine which students require funding,scholarships and fellowships.
  • You should remember that when writing adissertation you are not competing with studentsin your own department but those of otherinstitutions. Your competition is those studentswho will be applying for the same jobs as you atthe same time.
  • Actually even students from other institutions arenot really a competition. They are more ofcolleagues especially if you are writing adissertation on a similar topic. Later in life, youmight find yourselves working together.
  • If you feel threatened by one of your competitors,you should tailor the competition to your benefitthrough cooperation. Engage your competitors incollaborative activities such as lectures andtutoring.Interacting with other students should help dispelfears that you do not fit in the group.
  • In case you start feeling inadequate, rememberthat you are not alone. Even your competitorsfeel that too at some point. Everyone getsanxiety attacks due to the pressures of academiclife.Talk to your advisor about your concerns and gethelp from a professional counselor.
  • It also helps to seek guidance from a friend,colleague, or student who is a head of you.Getting support or advice from a student whohas already completed and defended herdissertation is motivating.This can help make you want to continue movingahead.
  • If all the above strategies fail, then change ofatmosphere would surely help. Avoid hanging outaround the department all the time. Find adifferent working place environment conduce forworking.Attend seminars and conferences and you willmeet people that are more interesting.
  • For more strategies on how to write a winning dissertation Visithttp://www.bestessayservices .com/