Fundament of a good dissertation critique


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Fundament of a good dissertation critique

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Fundament of a good dissertation critique

  1. 1. Fundament of a Good Dissertation Critique Presented by
  2. 2.  Writing a dissertation critique helps polish a student’s analytical skill and develop critical thinking abilities. The purpose of a critique is to analyze the data in a particular dissertation written by someone else.
  3. 3.  If handling a dissertation critique for the first time, this article can help you prepare adequate. It explains how you can prepare an excellent critique. Remember that the main aim of performing a critique is to help you prepare your own.
  4. 4. Keep in mind the followingA critique is a brief document of about 5 pagesLook at the overall organization of the document.Pay careful attention to each section.
  5. 5. Dissertations come in different sizesaddressing different researchquestions. Your analysis shouldtherefore address the following:Writing style. It is important to evaluate the writers writing style in terms of clarity, organization of ideas and structure.
  6. 6. Purpose. The dissertation critique should also check whether the purpose of the research is clear and relevant to the researchLiterature review. You should evaluate the literature review and its relevance to the research
  7. 7. Significance. Does the research add value to already existing knowledge or research performed by other researchers in that field?Impact. Whether the research has made significant contribution to the field
  8. 8. Methods and materials. It is necessary to evaluate the methods and materials used to conduct the research and analyze the findings.Results. The analysis should also look at the way results have been presented
  9. 9. Interpretation. Critique the way the writer has interpreted the results and whether any other alternatives have been presented.Sources. How the sources have been applied and whether they are original.
  10. 10. Grammar. Whether the right grammar, spellings and other mistakes made by the researcherOriginality. Above everything else, it is important to evaluate if the research is an original work of the author.
  11. 11.  A dissertation critique basically aims at analyzing whether the authors of the dissertations answered the question. By pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of a research performed by someone else, you will know what to include and avoid in your dissertation.
  12. 12. The above dissertation critique tips should helpyou provide a conclusive analysis of a research. For more information visit
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