Dissertation plagiarism detection tips

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Dissertation plagiarism detection tips by http://www.bestessayservices.com

Dissertation plagiarism detection tips by http://www.bestessayservices.com

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  • 1. Dissertation Plagiarism Detection Tips Presented by http://www.bestessayservices.com/http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 2. A dissertation is a document that contributes new knowledge. It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that the manuscript contains original information free from plagiarism.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 3. Plagiarism is serious offence with heavy penalties including suspension and expulsion. It occurs when part of the information in a dissertation has been copied directly from other sources without proper citation.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 4. Check your writing style 1 If the writing style tends to change a lot in the manuscript, it is a strong indicator of plagiarized content. Read the dissertation and identify the areas that do not sound like your own voice. Focus more on the introduction, discussion, and conclusion.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 5. 2 If the flow is bumpy and inconsistent, probably part of it was cut and paste material. Try correcting the text using your words.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 6. 3 If you notice that two sentences sound similar, or that the order in which they appear is questionable, probably one of the sentences was lifted from the original source.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 7. 4 If you overuse a word or a phrase in your dissertation yet these are words distinct to a particular researcher, then possibilities of plagiarism cannot be ignored.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 8. 5 If the manuscript uses texts or cites sources that are outdated, it indicates plagiarism. Ensure that all your sources are current to avoid plagiarism.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 9. 6 If the dissertation contains more that one different type of citation styles, it indicates possible plagiarism. Your dissertation should feature uniform citation style. .http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 10. 7 If references appear in the dissertation and not in the bibliography section, it indicates presence of plagiarized content. All references should be indicated at the bibliography section.http://www.bestessayservices.com/
  • 11. Discover the easiest way of writing a non- plagiarized paper at http://www.bestessayservices.com
  • 12. THANK YOUhttp://www.bestessayservices.com