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Creative writing



Creative writing

Creative writing



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Creative writing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PowerPoint guide to effective creative writing as presented by
  • 2.  Creative writing is not as simple as it appears or sounds: there is a lot of information you must know to excel. Make sure you generate topics that are fun and interesting to discuss, but understandable.
  • 3. Tip 1: Find interesting issues to talk about It begins with having a good topic; an interesting topic to be specific. Start with a topic that is, not only interesting to readers, but also fun for you to find information and write about. If the topic is interesting to explore, you have the natural motivation to complete creative writing task.
  • 4. Tip 2: Read widely So many people end up excelling in creative writing, because they are good readers. In fact, you cannot know what topics are interesting until you read or listen to people talking about them. Reading is also an avenue for gaining in depth understanding of issues on various topics. You get to know and understand how people view different issues.
  • 5. Tip 3: Practice creative writing Everyone knows practice makes perfect. The more you practice creative writing, the easier it becomes to come up with new ideas. Practice helps you adopt good skills of writing, such as being funny and writing freely.Tip 4: Learn to write freely Creative writing is not about research only; neither is it all about following standard procedures known in researching.
  • 6. Cont: It is about flirting with points, ideas, opinions, topics, no matter what you write. In addition, this is the best strategy for creative writing. Think about anything and start writing something about it.Tip 5: Let your work be fun to read Many people just don’t know components of a good piece of art.
  • 7. Cont: It is about motivating your readers to go through the piece repeatedly: not by telling them to read on, but by making the work enjoyable and important/necessary to read, at the same time. Choice of words determines whether the work is fun to read or if it requires throwing under the table. Remember the lecturer relies on ability to read through the work and gauge performance, if they must award good marks. So, chances are high you get low grades if they don’t complete reading the work; either because it is difficult to or were bored along the way.
  • 8.  Make sure you use funny and interesting language, but at the same time, avoid insults or vulgar language. Formal language is not the best in creative writing: at least you could spare the energy for future assignments such as research papers.Tip 6: Don’t mind about perfection, concentrate on error- free work Here, I talk about perfection in the sense that, you scrutinize whether every statement written is true or false. Well, let me just say; all your statements must be sensible, not blown out of proportion. However, what is true or not remains debatable in creative writing.
  • 9. For more information please follow us on: All the best and Thank You