3 tips for writing excellent argumentative papers


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3 tips for writing excellent argumentative papers

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3 tips for writing excellent argumentative papers

  1. 1. 3 Tips for writing excellent argumentative papers PowerPoint Presentation on Argumentative Writing byhttp://www. bestessayservices.com
  2. 2. IntroductionLike research-based papers, argumentative writing starts with, and revolves around a thesis statement.It follows that, like in writing any other research-based papers, you must offer support and evidence for opinions raised in argumentative writing.Excellence in argumentative writing starts with development of relevant thesis statement, to using credible resources for research to using suitable structures and formats.
  3. 3. Important tips in argumentative writing essay• Tip 1: Construct an argument based on understanding of original ideas:An argument begins with understanding what position you need to take. If you want to oppose an idea in augmentative writing, make sure to understand the idea first.
  4. 4. Cont:Augmentative writing begins with reading original articles and ideas to oppose.
  5. 5. Cont:• Tip 2: Weigh the original argumentOnce you read and understand original arguments, the next step is weighing them.Argumentative writing involves understanding original arguments and evaluating them by looking at the pros and cons.Make sure to look at possible criticisms of your own arguments.
  6. 6. Cont• Tip 3: Refute the original argumentInvolve your own reasoning to find out if the ideas and opinions raised are reasonable enough.After weighing the original argument, it is easier to see if many people support it or reject it.
  7. 7. Cont:Additionally you may find out the number of points raised to support it, and compare with the number raised against it. This would determine whether to refute the original argument or not.If you employ own reasoning about original arguments from other authors, the only best way to provide evidence for refuting them is using credible analyses
  8. 8. Cont:Consult credible research resources from other authors.One way is to cite and refer to peer-reviewed research resources.Most readers will buy ideas in your argumentative writing if you engaged credible research information.
  9. 9. ConclusionWith these simple tips, students should not have a hard time writing a perfect argumentative essay.All it takes is a some research and understanding of the given topic.
  10. 10. • For more information, do not hesitate to visithttp://www.bestessayservices.com Thank You
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