Free Energy Options Uncovered in the Best DIY Guides


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Home Made Energy is a product that is designed to help you learn how to use natural, renewable energy to power your home. Home Made Energy is a detailed guide that explains how to build commonly used energy systems, such as solar panels and wind generators, out of inexpensive and easy to find materials.

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Free Energy Options Uncovered in the Best DIY Guides

  1. 1. Free Energy Options Uncovered in the Best DIY GuidesThere are many products on the market today promising to help you cut energy costs byusing renewable energy sources. Many of the options you find are not cost effective, andmay actually be more expensive than staying on power from the energy companies. Thesolution is to create your own energy equipment by following the instructions in a do-it-yourself guide. There are several great guides available.One of the guides is the Earth4Energy guide. It takes you through the process of learninghow to build your own solar or wind power devices for generating electricity. Most of theprojects they illustrate can be completed for under $200, a far lower cost than commercialproducts. Before jumping to buy the guide you should read a full Earth4Energy review tounderstand fully what the product is and what it does not offer.
  2. 2. A guide which is targeted to less skilled builders is called Free Energy Options. It stepsthrough the processes of buying parts at steep discounts, details the building process, andmakes everything seem very simple. The guide covers a variety of alternatives to save moneyand to help preserve our natural resources. The guide is not ideal for everyone. It may nothave the in-depth explanations some builders desire. We suggest you read a complete FreeEnergy Options review before making your final decision.A very popular guide among do-it-yourselfers is the Efficient Planet guide. This guide similarto the first two covers topics on both solar and wind power, but is one of the most detailedguides you can find. It covers topics on selecting proper materials and even provides yousuggestions and resources for getting surplus materials and refurbished products to cut yourcosts even further. The strategies outlined by the guide can help you go from buying powerfrom the electric company to actually selling them electricity. Once again, we strongly suggestyou read a complete Efficient Planet review which includes comments from buyers.How cheap do you want to build your alternative energy sources? In one Home Made PowerPlant review it was pointed out how the guide leads you to resources for acquiring freematerials as your first choice and then buying any other materials at steep discounts to keepyour overall costs extremely low. This does not mean the plans are any less efficient, just thatthe author is highly focused on helping you get energy independent at the lowest costpossible. You may be shocked to learn how cheaply people have created powerful solarpanels and wind turbine systems for their homes. Please read a full Home Made Power Plantreview before buying to make sure it is the proper product for you.
  3. 3. The last product which is highly intriguing is called Home Made Energy. One user ofthe product reported in his Home Made Energy review he was able to produce hisfirst wind powered electric generator for under $100 using the guide and theresources it provides. This guide is one of the easiest to read using simple laymen’sterms throughout. Each of these five guides have their own unique strong points, soit is recommended you read the full Home Made Energy review and the reviews forthe other four guides before making your final decision.