Quick book premier vs quick books pro 2012


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Quickbooks is accounting software specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses. It is known for its versatility. Financial information about the company can be easily accessed with Quickbooks. It has an easy to use layout that even new users will find it simple to use. With the software, small businesses can generate tax reports

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Quick book premier vs quick books pro 2012

  1. 1. Quick Book Premier Vs QuickBooks Pro 2012
  2. 2. Every October, right after Intuit releases new versions of QuickBooks, we get questionsfrom users about whether QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Premier is the better fit.Our first question is always which edition of Premier you are considering. We ask because someof the extra features are specific to certain editions. For instance, the Contractors edition hasenhanced change orders and tracking of subcontractor insurance expiration dates. Because of thedifference between versions, we usually recommend that our clients purchase the Accountantsedition, which allows you to toggle between all the editions. We work with a lot of job costing clients (contractors, builders, architects, engineers,nonprofits that have grants, etc.) and though they love the additional reports that come with theContractors, Professional Services and Nonprofit editions its the little things that make themswitch. The biggest, and most surprising, reason - you can turn estimates and sales orders intopurchase orders with a click of a button. Its hidden under the Create Invoice button, but oncethey discover it theyre in heaven. No more double-entry, no more data entry errors. Speaking ofsales orders, thats another reason why they switch - you dont get them in Pro (note: you can alsoturn Estimates into Sales Orders). They also really like the Invoice for Time & Expensesfeature. Yes, you can do the same thing on individual invoices by clicking Add Time/Costs, butthey often forget to check all the tabs and if youre using job costing correctly there will likely bebillable expenses on the Items tab. You can also assign price levels by item to customize prices for different groups ofcustomers or jobs. If you have inventory, you can create inventory assemblies, bill of materialsand units of measure. For this reason, all business that have all but the most basic inventoryshould be using QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise. If you work with an accountant, and youshould, theyll love the adjusting journal entries and the reversing entries. Premier also keeps arecord of all your previous bank reconciliations which helps them find discrepancies. Premieralso has forecasting and business planning tools, including 5-year financial projections andWhat-If Analysis. It also comes with 1 year of remote access instead of 6 months for Pro.
  3. 3. Best of all, the price difference on Amazon isnt all that dramatic. Pro usually settles in ataround $100 and Premier at $200. Ruth Perryman is the president of The QB Specialists. She is a Certified AdvancedQuickbooks ProAdvisor, an Intuit Solutions Provider, and a member of Intuits Trainer/WriterNetwork, with over 19 years of industry experience including 5 years as a Chief FinancialOfficer. She has been working with Quickbooks since 1996, and specializes in customizingQuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale. She also provides virtual controller andCFO services. Quickbooks is accounting software specially designed to meet theneeds of small businesses. It is known for its versatility. Financial information about thecompany can be easily accessed with Quickbooks. It has an easy to use layout that even newusers will find it simple to use. With the software, small businesses can generate tax reportsquickly. It brings less worry to business owners especially during tax season as tax reports can beeasily generated. A Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor is an accountant or bookkeeper who undertakescertification requirements of the software. He/she is somebody who is familiar with all thefunctionalities of the software. The course usually takes 16 hours and is taken at the accountantsor bookkeepers convenience. Before somebody becomes certified in Quickbooks, he/she mustmeet the minimum 85% grade in the test that one has to take at the end of the programsnumerous sections. One is not allowed to go on to the next section unless he/she has met theminimum grade requirement. Once the whole program is finished, a certificate can be printed toprove that one has really finished and met all the requirements to earn the certification. Once
  4. 4. certified the accountant or bookkeeper can have a profile on the Quickbooks website wherebusinesses usually search for certified advisors. The CPA can also claim up to 16 CPE units afterbeing certified. A Certified Quickbooks Pro can help small businesses who use the Quickbooksaccounting software in training on advanced areas of accounting and bookkeeping. Since mostQuickbooks users do not have accounting background, the Quickbooks Advisor can help theseusers in understanding the process of bookkeeping. The Certified Advisor can also help small businesses in training the users in using theQuickbooks software. There are Quickbooks Windows and Mac versions and the Pro Advisor isknowledgeable in both versions. The certified Pro Advisor can help users appreciate thesoftware. No matter how complex or how unique the business is, the Pro Advisor can help theuser take advantage of all features of the Quickbooks software. Acceptable Quickbooks experts can be easily found in the Quickbooks Pro Advisorwebsite. To find one near the location of business, one will just have to enter the zip code of thebusiness in the field and click on Search. A list of Pro Advisors will be shown on the screen andone will just have to choose which of the Pro Advisors he/she wants. Contact information, shortbiography and certification details will also show along with the names of the certified advisors.Ratings and reviews are also available for each Pro Advisor which can help the business ownerdecide who to contact. The purpose of this article is to help a typical small business owner understand thedifferences between using the remote access capabilities with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooksOnline Plus. A less expensive QuickBooks Online version is also available, however thatsoftware is not considered for this analysis. I did consider a more robust version called,QuickBooks Online Plus. Before we address the differences, its first important to understand theterm remote access. The term remote access has been with us for a long time and has emerged tomean, according to Wikipedia, a form of communication with a data processing facility from aremote location or facility through a data link. One of the more common methods of providingthis type of remote access is using a virtual private network(VPN).
  5. 5. The definition is further enhanced by the term remote desktop, which also according toWikipedia refers to a software or an operating system feature allowing graphical applications tobe run remotely on a server, while being displayed locally. Remote desktop applications havevarying features. Some allow attaching to an existing users session (i.e. a running desktop) and"remote controlling" it in front of the users eyes. Whereas, according to a Google definition,online accounting relates to accounting that can be done on the World Wide Web. I agree withboth definitions; however there are important differences that an owner or accountant for a smallbusiness or even a midsize business needs to consider and they are addressed below.
  6. 6. Generally speaking, QuickBooks Pro with remote access gives you access to yourdesktop QuickBooks Pro accounting program and data while the QuickBooks Pro and dataresides on your server in your office or your local hard drive. Whereas QuickBooks Online Plusis a web enabled accounting package with some advantages and some disadvantages, specificallyless functionality for one of the most important parts of a business namely, no inventorycapabilities. To some of you this could be important and to others not so important. Simply said,the benefits and drawbacks with a general ranking of each benefit or limitation of "onlineaccounting" with QuickBooks Online Plus as compared to QuickBooks Pro is analyzed below.Some of the major benefits are summarized and ranked by level of importance as follows:1. No wired network required - you can connect with WIFI from anywhere in the world that hasinternet access and you can connect different department or offices in multiple locations.2. Includes up to 3 simultaneous users plus your accountant. The cost to add another 25 users is alittle more than $3 per month per user.3. Offsite daily backup at Intuit servers4. Automatic software updates and support included in cost5. Quicker and simpler sign in - Just press your Web shortcut keySome of the major drawbacks are summarized and ranked by level of importance as follows:1. Does not handle inventory and purchase orders, this rules out retail, manufacturing anddistribution type companies2. Lacks multi-currency functionality3. Unable to open multiple QuickBooks windows in QuickBooks4. No Company snapshot/dashboard in one desktop view
  7. 7. In summary, the importance of having simultaneous access from any location, allows employers,employees, owners, investors to collaborate, share and make informed and timely decisionsbecause everyone gets the same information in real time, by simply using a typical web basedsign-on. There is no time learning the remote access interface for sign on, for use with the remotesoftware. Furthermore, your accountants can review your financials, journals, general ledgers,from their own office and answer your questions or even correct mistakes in real time. Further,you can easily outsource some of your accounting functions with QuickBooks Online Plus, aslong as you set up a system to review the work product of the outsourced employee. I am very impressed with the above mentioned benefits and for these reasons if there isnot a need to account for inventories or multi-currencies then my inclination is for QuickBooksOnline Plus to handle typical small businesses accounting needs. A more detailed analysis of thefunctionality and data entry capabilities and performance processing will be the subject ofanother blog topic. Even if such analysis existed, I would recommend that you consult with anaccounting professional who can best evaluate whether the QuickBooks Online Plus or remoteaccess platform is best suited for your particular situation. When evaluating this software, its also important to determine how your employees willuse the software in their to day to day activities and during a test period you should evaluate thespeed in which the employees are able to enter the data and the computer/web processing(performance) speed of each relevant accounting process i.e. paying vendor bills, customerinvoicing, record deposits, etc. QuickBooks Pro 2012 - CD QuickBooks Pro 2012 [Download]