Agile games night


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Agile games night

  1. 1. Global Business Services, GBSAgile Games Night Copenhagen 2013, April 4th
  2. 2. Global Business Services, GBS Søren Weiss Finn Leander Agile Coach Agile Coach IBM Danske Bank2 Agile Games Night
  3. 3. Global Business Services, GBS  Unik mulighed for at netværke. ”Tak  til    Udfordring: udvid dit BestBrains”   netværk med mindst en person, som du normalt ikke ville have skabt netværk til.  Tip: 90% af ansvaret for enhver relation ligger hos dig selv.3 Agile Games Night
  4. 4. Global Business Services, GBS Agenda 17:00 - 17:15 • Agenda 17:15 - 17:30 • Agile games 17:30 - 17:45 • Kanban 17:45 - 20:45 • Kanban Software Game (inkl. pause) 20:45 - 21:00 • Wrap up4 Agile Games Night
  5. 5. Global Business Services, GBS Ideen med Agile Games Night  “Legestue”  for  ligesindede nysgerrige agilister  Skabe netværk i DK  Ønsker selv at lære flere spil at kende  Løbende arrangementer  Input til blog5 Agile Games Night
  6. 6. Global Business Services, GBS Udsagn om agile games6 Agile Games Night
  7. 7. Global Business Services, GBS Eksempler på spil7 Agile Games Night
  8. 8. Global Business Services, GBS Agile Framework Agile is a conceptual framework for undertaking software engineering projects Dynamic Extreme Systems Programming Unified Process SCRUM Development (XP) Method (DSDM) Feature Driven Kanban Crystal Adaptive Development (Coming this spring/summer)8 Agile Games Night 8
  9. 9. Global Business Services, GBS Kanban origin  Kanban is a Japanese word that means “visual  card”  or  “signal  card”.  Used in production systems to reduce stock and ensure flow.  The kanbans tie together the production system at Toyota. Agile Games Night9
  10. 10. Global Business Services, GBSWhat is Kanban in software development? From  “Lean  thinking”  and   “Theory  of  contraints”  models   David Anderson evolved “kanban system for software development”,  2001-2004 Focus on flow rather than utilisation of resources In software we can think of the kanban card  as  a  ”virtual  work   permit” Simple with few rules More tool than methodology Agile Games Night
  11. 11. Global Business Services, GBS Kanban practices Measurement Continuous Visualise Limit Work In Explicit and Manage collaborative Work Progress Policies Flow improvement11 Agile Games Night
  12. 12. Global Business Services, GBSVisualise Work flow1. Analyse existing work flow (doing states + waiting states)2. Represent work flow on board (columns and rows)3. Break down work into manageable pieces4. Write each work item on a card5. Put on the wall Backlog Task Ready for Development Ready for Production Done description dev prod QA Flow of workAgile Games Night
  13. 13. Global Business Services, GBS Limit Work-In-Progress 1. Decide the amount of concurrent work. 2. Assign WIP limits to 1) columns, 2) rows, 3) resources. 3. Continuosly strive to reducing the WIP limits. Backlog Task Ready for Development Ready for Production Done description dev prod QA (2) (1) (3) (3) (3) Flow of work13 Agile Games Night
  14. 14. Global Business Services, GBS Make process policies explicit 1. Decide on your process rules 2. Document your process rules 3. Visualise your process rules Backlog Task Ready for Development Ready for Production Done description dev prod QA (2) (1) (3) (3) (3) Flow of work14 Agile Games Night
  15. 15. Global Business Services, GBS Measure and Manage Flow 1. Focus on flow and not utilisation 2. Measure to provide facts. Use facts to decide on improvements. Backlog Task Ready for Development Ready for Production Done description dev prod QA (2) (1) (3) (3) (3) Flow of work15 Agile Games Night
  16. 16. Global Business Services, GBS Continuous collaborative improvement 1. Improve flow 2. Fast feedback on process deficiencies 3. Visibility and measurement enables improvement Backlog Task Ready for Development Ready for Production Done description dev prod QA (2) (1) (3) (3) (3) Flow of work16 Agile Games Night
  17. 17. Global Business Services, GBSKanban - benefits of Kanban?• Bottlenecks become clearly visible in real-time. This leads people tocollaborate to optimize the whole value chain rather than just their part.• Provides a more gradual evolution path from waterfall to agile softwaredevelopment, thereby helping companies that previously have been unable orunwilling to try agile methods.• Provides a way to do agile software development without necessarilyhaving to use time-boxed fixed-commitment iterations such as Scrumsprints.  Useful  for  situations  where  sprints  don’t  make  much  sense,  such  as  operations and support teams with a high rate of uncertainty and variability.•Tends to naturally spreadthroughout the organization to otherdepartments such as HR and sales,thereby increasing visibility ofeverything that is going on at thecompany. 17
  18. 18. Global Business Services, GBS One day in kanban land - 1 From:  ”Lean   from  the  trenches”   by  H.  Kniberg18 Agile Games Night
  19. 19. Global Business Services, GBS One day in kanban land - 2 From:  ”Lean  from  the  trenches”  by  H.  Kniberg19 Agile Games Night
  20. 20. Global Business Services, GBS The Kanban Software Game Backlog Planned Analysis Development Test Deploy Done Doing Done Doing Done Doing Done Based on Software development Kanban © 2009-2010 Christina Skaskiw20 Agile Games Night
  21. 21. Global Business Services, GBS The goal of the game is to deliver the highest amount of business value!21 Agile Games Night
  22. 22. Global Business Services, GBS Kanban board layout Blue Orange Green Purple Backlog Planned Analysis Development Test Deploy Done Doing Done Doing Done Doing Done Policy: Policy: Policy: Planned Analysis Done round Assign round is round is and score standard cards filled filled field is filled and fixed date cards to the backlog22 Agile Games Night
  23. 23. Global Business Services, GBS Story types Regular story (white cards): Flow measurements 4 rounds (cycle time = 3) = 100% business value Lead time = Completed – Planned 5 rounds (cycle time = 4) = 75 % business value Cycle time = Completed – Started 6 rounds (cycle time = 5) = 50 % business value 7 rounds (cycle time = 6) = 25 % business value Notice > 7 rounds (cycle time >6) = 0 business value Minimum number of rounds to Fixed date story (yellow cards): complete a story is 4 • Must complete before or on a deadline (round 1 + round 2 + round 3 + round 4). • Only value when delivered on time When you calculate cycle time, • Lead and cycle time is irrelevant for gaining business value you will get the cycle time of 3 cycles (round 4 – round 1). Expedite story (red cards): • Must complete in 4 rounds • Can break WIP limits • Only value when on time • Must be done even if no value23 Agile Games Night
  24. 24. Global Business Services, GBS Dice and flow 1. Daily meeting (start of each round) decides – Placement of dice – What to work on 2. When rolling dice you roll for one column at a time. 3. Dice can be moved from (home) column to another column. Dice score is reduced to half the score if dice is moved from home column to another column. Hence a dice roll of value 1 or 2 = value 1, a value 3 or 4 = value 2 and value 5 or 6 = value 3. 4. When counting dice score, count each dice by themselves. Do not add all dices together and then divide, it will give the wrong result when many dices are moved. 5. Unused dice score is lost. 6. In one round you can only work a story in one column (state). Hence a story cannot be worked on in several columns in the same round. 7. Place stories at the bottom of the a column if team decides not to complete it (e.g. if the team thinks that it is not possible to gain business value). This is not possible for expedite stories.24 Agile Games Night
  25. 25. Global Business Services, GBS Measurements  Lead time – is calculated as = Done round – Planned round  Cycle time – is calculated as = Done round – Analysis round  Accumulated Earned Business value – is calculated based on cycle time.  Cumulative flow diagram – Is calculated by counting number of story cards per state.25 Agile Games Night
  26. 26. Global Business Services, GBS Self organising  Before starting the game consider how to – decide the priority of the backlog / planned work – do the daily meetings – do retrospective meeting26 Agile Games Night
  27. 27. Global Business Services, GBS 1. Do a daily coordination Round flow meeting to decide on strategy 2. 7. Move stories from backlog into Update measurement chart planned to decide what is queued to work on 6. 3. Update story card values and Update board (moving stories) move story cards to reflect status on progress 4. 5. Redistribute dice to decide on Roll dice to produce progress ressource allocation27 Agile Games Night
  28. 28. Global Business Services, GBS User story examples Story #1 Business value: 40 Planned in round: Started in round: Completed in round: Score: Analyse: 10 Develop: 12 Test: 11 Deploy: 4 Fixed date story #1 Deadline round 8 Business value: 42 Planned in round: Started in round: Completed in round: Score: Analyse: 5 Develop: 13 Test: 7 Deploy: 428 Agile Games Night
  29. 29. Global Business Services, GBS 1. Round 1 Decide on strategy and select 5 stories and assign to planned. Fill out  ”planned in round”  field on each card. 2. 5. Move X cards from planned to ”Analysis -> Doing”   state. Fill out Update measurements ”started in round”   field on these cards. 4. 3. Roll dice and assign dice to stories Prioritise cards in  ”Analysis -> Doing in priority order ”  state29 Agile Games Night
  30. 30. Global Business Services, GBS Kanban adoption strategy tips  Start with what you do now  Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change  Respect the current proces, roles, responsibilites and titles Adopt as you go!30 Agile Games Night
  31. 31. Global Business Services, GBS Lessons learned  Continue doing  Stop doing  Start doing31 Agile Games Night
  32. 32. Global Business Services, GBS Remember to connect! Søren Weiss Finn Leander Agile Games Night