How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License_


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How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License_

  1. 1. How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License?A very common question in the real estate training industry is, "How long will it take to get my realestate license?". It is something that we hear all of the time from people all over the country.Truthfully, this is not the easy answer that most people expect, there really is no given amount oftime. A lot of it depends on what state you currently live in.The state license requirements also vary from state to state, as each Department of Real Estate is incharge of setting their own rules and regulations that govern the industry. There are also other factorsto consider such as:• How much time do you have to put towards your training? The more time spent, the faster you can obtain your license.• Are you determined to meet your goal of becoming an agent? Your amount of devotion will also reflect in the amount of time necessary to become licensed.So as you can begin to see, a lot of the answer depends on you, your devotion to this career and thetime you have to spend on it. As I mentioned above, every U.S. State has different licensingrequirements and in some cases they vary wildly. Some places will require that you have a Bachelorsdegree while others only require a certain amount of clock hours in real estate training from anaccredited school.Another important factor in time here is the type of school you decide to attend. There is often a largedifference in course completion time between a traditional real estate school and an online one. Thefollowing information may help to put this into perspective:Traditional Training - Training in a traditional classroom setting has its fair share of benefits, most ofwhich I have covered in previous articles. The problem with many of these is that the instructors pacethe classroom hours over a longer period of time. Why? Because it makes it easier for most studentsto attend when they have busy schedules. Unfortunately, stretching the course out makes it nearimpossible to to get your studying done in a hurry.Virtual or Online Training - While online training centers are governed by the same regulations astheir traditional counterparts, they can help speed up the process by allowing you to learn at your ownpace. For instance, if your state requires you to obtain thirty clock hours of training, your couldrealistically finish that in a few days relatively easy. The only thing that will slow you down here is,well, you.There are a few other things to remember when calculating the time. There is almost always a waitingperiod for a decision on your license and in most cases there are no ways around it, your working onGovernment time. You will also need to schedule and pass an exam. Depending on your examcenter, scheduling could take a month or more while others may get you in the same week.All in all, there are a lot of things to consider. You can plan on waiting at least a couple of weeks butin many cases the wait may be much longer.North Hollywood real estate