Exadata real time UKOUG 2013

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exadata_metrics.pl presentation during UKOUG TECH 13.

exadata_metrics.pl presentation during UKOUG TECH 13.

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  • ----- Notes de la réunion (11/30/13 16:51) -----need to generate load to get big numbers


  • 1. Bertrand Drouvot
  • 2.        Oracle DBA since 1999 OCP 9i,10g,11g Rac certified Expert Exadata certified implementation specialist Blogger since 2012 @bertranddrouvot BasketBall fan
  • 3.   exadata_metrics.pl: a tool to extract real time metrics based on cumulative ones. You can download it from my blog: bdrouvot.wordpress.com or google it.
  • 4.     cellcli -e "list metriccurrent attributes metricType" | sort | uniq Cumulative: Cumulative statistics since the metric was created. Instantaneous: Value at the time that the metric is collected. Rate: Rates computed by averaging statistics over observation periods.
  • 5.       cellcli -e "list metriccurrent attributes name where metrictype='Cumulative'" | wc –l And especially on cellcli -e "list metriccurrent attributes name where name like 'DB_IO_.*' and metrictype='Cumulative' and metricobjectname=‘BDT'" DB_IO_RQ_LG (RQ = requests) DB_IO_RQ_SM DB_IO_WT_LG (WT=Wait Time) DB_IO_WT_SM
  • 6.   Understand the output of the script. Show the options/features of the script.
  • 7. alter iormplan objective=auto; ./exadata_metrics_v1.pl cell=exacell1 name='DB_IO_.*' objectname=‘BDT'
  • 8.     How to interpret delta=0 ? list METRICCURRENT DB_IO_RQ_SM detail The same with the rate: list METRICCURRENT DB_IO_RQ_SM_SEC detail So that's not clear with this version (unless interval time is > collection time)
  • 9.  ./exadata_metrics_v2.pl cell=exacell1 name='DB_IO_.*' objectname=‘BDT'  Great the DELTA(s) does the job so:   DELTA(s) > 0: Means you can check the metric value as the snaps are from 2 distinct collectionTime. DELTA(s) = 0: Means the snaps come from the same collectionTime and then a metric value of 0 is obvious.
  • 10. ./exadata_metrics_v2.pl cell=exacell1 name='DB_IO.*' objectname=‘BDT' And then compare with cellcli -e "list metriccurrent attributes name,metrictype,metricobjectname,metricvalue, collectionTime where name like 'DB_IO_.*' and metricobjectname=‘BDT' and metrictype='Rate'"
  • 11.      Let’s see the help Can display snap or avg since script has been launched or both Can aggregate Can filter or exclude Can work with a group of cell
  • 12.   Real-time metrics from cumulative ones. I am doing it also for ASM metrics (Download asm_metrics.pl from my blog or google it)