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Thisted 2010 - Energy

Thisted 2010 - Energy



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  • OBS: Kurverfra 2009 og 2010 erikkesåflotte. 2009 brødhalmfyretned I vinterhalvåretog I 2010 vardetstrengvinter.

Thisted 2010 - Energy Thisted 2010 - Energy Presentation Transcript

  • Municipality of Thisted
    46.000 inhabitants
    1093 km2
    Ca.1700 industrial companies
    First National Park
    Cold Hawaii
    Gateway to the North Atlantic
  • Geothermal Plant
    New replacementstrategy is utilized
    Ministry of Energy’sprize for renewableenergy
    The European Solar Prize
    CHP Plant – Waste to Energy
    Strawfuelledincineration plant
    Nordic Folke Center
    For Renewable Energy
    Drew attention to problems with the old replacement system
    Thisted’s Legacy of Green Energy
    • Energy certification
    • Energy savings
    • Dedicatedpersonel
    Energy plan
    Testcentre for Wave Power
    Reduction in use of Natural gas
    Wind Plan
    Energetic Citizens of Thy
    Passivhus Nordvest
    Climate film – Branding domestically and abroad
    COP 15
    National Testcentre for large Wind Turbines
    Post Solar Prize Initiatives
  • Power infrastructure 1985 and today
  • Zoom to Thisted
    85 % of public heating from renewable energy
    100 % Electricity from renewable energy
    • 226 Wind turbines
    • 11 Largest communities with biomass fueled district energy
    • Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy
    • Early Adaption of district cooling
    • Build 1992 – merged with Thisted Varmeforsyning in 2006
    • 1,5 MW Boiler; Natural Gas
    • CHP 0,9 MW Heat – 0,7 MW Power
    • Accumulation tank; 300 M3
    Central North
    • Build 1967 – Renovated 1999
    • 7,5 MW Boiler; Natural Gas with flue gas cooling
    • 10 MW Boiler; Natural Gas with flue gas cooling
    • 7,5 MW Boiler; Oil
    • CHP 1,2 MW Heat – 0,6 MW Power
    • Accumulation tank; 1500 M3
    Geothermal plant
    • Build 1988
    • 10 MW Boiler; Natural Gas with flue gas cooling
    • 2,7 MW Absorption heat pump
    • 5,0 MW Absorption heat pump
    Straw fueled plant
    • Build 2005
    • 11,5 MW Boiler; Straw fueled
    • Accumulation tank; 2500 M3
    Central Vest
    • Build 1961 –Renovated 2003
    • 8,0 MW Boiler; Natural Gas with flue gas cooling
    • 8,0 MW Boiler; Natural Gas / Oil
    Case: District heating in the town of Thisted
  • Combined with Waste to Energy
    Kraftvarmeværk Thisted
    CHP Waste to Energy
    • 52.000 tons of waste pr. year
    • 26.000 MWh power pr. year
    • 115.000 MWh heat pr. year
    • 5.000 MWh cooling pr. year
    Waste collected from municipalities:
    • Thisted
    • Mors
    • Jammerbugt
  • The Bottom Line
    • Absorption Chiller (1,1 MW) driven by excess heat and groundwater from underneath the town (Not drinking water) (0,7MW). By 2009 the operating effect is 1,5 MW
    • Cooling driven by absorbtion heat pump fueled by renewables
    • Uses excess heat during summer from CHP Waste to Energy plant
    • Low visual impact
    • No aural impact
    • Energy efficient
    District Cooling – Dealing with Excess heat
  • Wave Energy for The Future
    • Established 2009 in Hanstholm
    • Participants include the Port of Hanstholm,Thisted, Aalborg University and project owner Port Forum of Hanstholm
    • Speed up wave power development process
    • Testing Wave Star Energy
    • Testing Dexa Wave autumn 2010
  • Wind Energy for The Future
    National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines
    • Situated in Østerild
    • 7 Turbines; 600 metes in between
    • Test area: 1 km across
    • Measuring area: 2 km across
    • Wind field: Up to 4 km across
    • Operational 2012
  • Energy Plan for Thisted
    Energy Savings
    Energy Structures
    Agriculture and Rural Areas
    Communication and Organization
  • Project Catalogue
    Project Catalogue
    Local wind fund to promote renewable energy in Thisted municipality
    Renewable energy – Innovation Cluster for renewable energy in construction industry
    Carbon neutral buildings for the municipality
    The carbon neutral municipality
    Centre for Wave Energy in Hanstholm
    Agriculture: Partnership for energy supply, environment and food supply
    Review of heat plan for Thisted and mitigation of natural gas
    Model for regulation – Carbon accounting
    Energetic Citizens
    And there is more…
  • Project Catalogue: Part II
    Project Catalogue; Continued
    Energy Baton
    Energy Experience Route
    Energy management
    Biomass in Thisted
    Electric Vehicle operation in Thisted
    Sustainable public transport
    School campaign for energy savings
    New field of study in high schools
    Establishing local forum and web community for renewable energy
    Information and publicity
  • The Thisted Model
    People, Economics and Technology are equal cornerstones for energy development.
    Recipe for success:
    • Known technologies
    • Collaboration
    • Local autonomy
    • Local Planning
  • COP 15, Copenhagen 2009
  • Lessons to be learned
    South African delegate Vincent Kobuwe sums up the Thisted Approach perfectly: “It’s not about the specific technology – it’s about the concept that is applied. This is what I will take home to see how we can apply that.”
    COP 15