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20121021 sp connections-social-talk-runningapilot-final
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20121021 sp connections-social-talk-runningapilot-final


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I used this deck during my session at SharePoint Connections 2012 in Amsterdam. The topic of the session was implementing social computing in enterprises that use SharePoint.

I used this deck during my session at SharePoint Connections 2012 in Amsterdam. The topic of the session was implementing social computing in enterprises that use SharePoint.

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  • 1. Social networking in your enterprise Running a successful pilot
  • 2. SharePointBert Jan Consultantvan der Steeg Trainer (MCT)Current projects: BusinessImplementation @bertjanvdsteegSharePoint Center
  • 3. Question 23You’re a <fill in the blanks here> andyou’ve been tasked with implementingan enterprise social networking solutionin your company. You’ve gatheredrelevant information and you’re readyto get started. But where? And how?
  • 4. show of hands Is implementing or is planning to implement
  • 5. show of hands planning to implementing ready, we’renot planning investigating implement in as we speak done near future
  • 6. agendawhat why howDefinition. What are Context. Goals. Implementing.we talking about Benefits.
  • 7. Using an activity stream instead of e-mail to communicate Facebook for the enterpriseWhat
  • 8. enterprise social2.0 collaboration [ working out loud ]social enterprisebusiness social networking
  • 9. The strategic application ofsocial computing toenterprise challenges(Dachis Group)
  • 10. Social business is whatcompanies need tobecome, not a descriptionof an incremental featureor business function.Nothingenduresbut changeHERACLITUS
  • 11. reputationtrustedsource
  • 12. pride in a digital world sense of empowered belongingaccomplished learn 90% from motivated experience and others
  • 13. How we From point-to-point to socialcommunicate How we Hierarchies to communities organize How we Central output to peer output createWere value Hierarchies to networkscomes fromdisruptive
  • 14. The Ten Tenets of Social Business* 1 Anyone can participate. 2 Create shared value by default. 3 While participation is self-organizing, the focus is on business outcomes. 4 Enlist a large enough community to derive the desired result. 5 Engage the right community for the business purpose. 6 Participation can take any direction. Be prepared for it, and take advantage of it. 7 Eliminate all potential barriers to participation. Ease of use is essential. 8 Listen to and engage continuously with all relevant social business conversations. 9 The tone and language of social business are most effective when theyre casual and human. 10 The most effective social business activities are deeply integrated into the flow of work.Dion Hinchcliffe, Peter Kim, Social Business By Design
  • 15. social media marketingsocial product development social customer care social business social crm social b2b
  • 16. Why
  • 17. Social business for the sake of social business is stupid
  • 18. humanheardhappy
  • 19. Sharingis OK,man!
  • 20. people who care are more productive only engaged employees employees 92% 14% are more innovative200% satisfied with their job with less have an emotional relationship to their work 41% sick days emotions are key to human productivity
  • 21. it’s not a straight line expressing recognizing emotions emotions read a facesmile digitally attention like badge social KPI digitally follow sentiment
  • 22. break innovation corporate informationmanagement comms silosdecrease time easier access expertise to market to knowledge discoveryimprove new mobile rewards hire workforce & onboarding enablement recognition process
  • 23. strategy adoption peoplechange business goals reputation champions executive reward sponsoring
  • 24. Benefits of Enterprise 2.0INCREASED SPEED OF ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE 77% REDUCED COMMUNICATION COSTS 60% INCREASED SPEED OF ACCESS TO EXPERTS 52% DECREASED TRAVEL COSTS 44% INCREASED EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION 41% REDUCED OPERATION COSTS 40% REDUCED TIME TO MARKET 29% INCREASED # OF SUCCESSFUL INNOVATIONS 28% INCREASED REVENUE 18% 1598 respondents 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Source: “The Rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday”, McKinsey & Company
  • 25. Email reduction Easier access to people Dead portal replacement InnovationHow management
  • 26. Culture storyline Business storyline storyline storyline Functional Technology Create urgency journey Prepare for the Form a powerful coalition Create a vision for Make a plan change Communicate the vision Remove obstacles Make it happenKotters 8-Step Change Model Create short term wins Build on the change Success-story pattern Consolidate Anchor the changes in corporate culture Level of involvement / effect
  • 27. #5 It’s not about the technology. (Don’t forget about the tech…) Information Central Admin Tool mapping UX Search architecture settingsMetadata Usability Search social Configuration MapColumns Web parts Index tags Deployment to functionalityContent types Features Integrate with webapps to tooling Integration content search Scalability Employee Performance centric social Intranet
  • 28. #4 Deliver ValueBy 2014 social networking services will replace email as theprimary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20%of business users.*Understand pain points by business group and fix them,incorporating fix into daily work flowAddress individual benefit in addition to organizationalbenefit*Source ”Predicts 2010: Social Software is an Enterprise reality”, Gartner
  • 29. #3 EducationSet up a Help and Resources community where peoplecan target questions and find videos and docsUse in-person sessions (and webinars) at launch toidentify evangelists/ambassadorsYou don’t have to create everything at the startFocus on the BENEFITS, not on the technologyTeach execs how they can interact and reinforceRemember new employees
  • 30. #2 CommunicationFocus on individual BENEFITEnlist champions to reinforce specific messages by groupHave fun. Before and after videos. Easter Eggs.Scavenger hunt. Promotions.Get feedback and act on itYou’re never finishedShare success stories
  • 31. #1 Community ManagersInvest in this vital resource Educate and nurtureFor the more important communities,make it part of their job descriptionand performance review.You need a dedicated resource tonurture, educate, evangelize, anddrive value = Community Evangelist
  • 32. Measure successreduced e-mail anecdotesnumber of posts surveysprofile completeness employee satisfactionbadges awarded quantitative qualitative
  • 33. Not IT driven Most IT-driven projects fail Demand has to come from businessDeliver value Content Critical massEducation Help and feedback siteCommunication Strategy Regular follow up Challenge peopleCommunity Managers Gardeners / shepherds Both technical and functional contact Encourage and incentivise people to participate.
  • 34. Q&A