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SharePoint 2013 Lunch and Learn


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SharePoint 2013 Overview and How to's

SharePoint 2013 Overview and How to's

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  • 2. ABOUT ME BERT BLEVINSIs a Certified Microsoft Professional who has Microsoft certifications in: SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007; Office 365, Project Serverand ITILv3. Over the 15 years has worked with the nations largest companies and government institutions.Created some leading edge Microsoft webparts and solutions including: (next page)Live in The Woodlands and in his spare time trains for Ironman triathlon events and marathons.• SharePoint Certification: 2013, 2010,2007 Office 365 Certification ITILv3 Certification• Achievement of Professional Microsoft Certifications including SharePoint administrator,developer and professional• Ignite Early Adopter participant for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013, Project Server 2013• ITILv3 Certification for technology change management, projects and orchestration (London)• Recipient of AIMS Spot Award (Company Service Excellence Award)• Train the Trainer Microsoft SharePoint MVP Training (London) SharePoint Advanced Administration• Quality Action Teams Training and Quality Management Facilitator Certification• Past University of Phoenix and Western Kentucky University Adjunct Professor• Past President of Houston SharePoint User Group• Top 40 Under 40 Award,’ Las Vegas Business Rising Stars, InBusiness Magazine• Chamber of Commerce “Circle of Excellence” Award2
  • 3. • Bookmark Tiles• SharePoint & 365 Mobile Aggregator• MasterPage Changer Based on List Elements• Custom User Card Display Contact withPresence Webpart• Document Library Append Name to TitleFormatting Site Feature• SharePoint Cascading Selection Webpart• Screen Clipping to Clipboard using Ajax Feature• Ajax Filter on List Webpart• SharePoint Ask For Help - Direct Notification toHelpdesk• Site Collection Tools - Copy views, activate sitefeatures in bulk, copy workflows in bulk• SharePoint Hide QuickLauch and All SiteContent• Document Archive• Document Mover• SharePoint Alert Creation Tool - Users• Bookmark from Browser Import to List• User Comment Append• Metro Interface with Live Tiles from SharePointList• SharePoint Calendar Aggregation• SharePoint PrintList• Project Site Provisioning• Task Import to SharePoint list from CVS• GrabLinks• SharePoint Export Excel to DocumentLibrary• SharePoint Webpages Slideshow• Backup Apps for Desktop/UNC to Azureor Amazon S3• Bulkdoc Importer• Calendar Aggregator• JQuery rotator of Image from settingsfile• Move Docs• Archive List Items• Workflow Copier• Alert Creator• MasterPage Switcher• Theme/Site Template Restriction• Create and copy views• Site Provisioning• Document Library Provisioning• REST via GUI (Query Creation Tool)• Batch Email Send• Word Merger with SharePoint list Datafrom Word Document Template• Cascading Dropdowns• Excel Export to Document Library (SharePointlist Data)• User Card (business card look from User Profileon site ) Contact Webpart• Claims information from Identity tokenattributes• Web clipper Feature (clip web images on site)• Ask for Help Webpart• Ajax Filter on List with Sort• Ajax Filter with Tooltip• Hide All Site Content and Quick Launch• Calendar Content Type - Aggregation• Project Management Template - Sandbox• Workflow Starter - Drag n Drop• Comment Append User List• Sandbox Comments to User List• Columns Workflow• List Item Redirector• Visual Workflow Drag n Drop• Word Office Add-in for SharePoint Merge• Site Template Limiter• Batch Send Email from SharePoint• Print List Items from SharePoint list• Custom Field Creator• Server Health Reporting Webpart• Online Form Capture from Wufoo• Default Value Editor• List Auditor• Dynamic Gridview List Ordering• Mailmerger from SharePoint• Auditing List• Metadata Search - Predictive off of Metadatavalues• Workflow Actions• Bar JQuery display with Quicklinks3Past Creations (Solutions/Features/Apps)
  • 4. FORMAT OF THE LUNCH AND LEARNDeep DivePresentation Time ContinuumLunch & LearnBroad FocusSpecific FocusSearchW(E)CMArchitecture Federation BrandingService Apps Development Configuration ManagementSPOBizIntelIntegrationDemo/Hands OnParking Lotof Ideas 4
  • 5. FORMAT OF THE LUNCH AND LEARNDeep DivePresentation Time ContinuumLunch & LearnBroad FocusSpecific FocusSearchW(E)CMArchitecture Federation BrandingService Apps Development Configuration ManagementSPOBizIntelIntegrationDemo/Hands OnParking Lotof Ideas5
  • 6. FORMAT OF THE LUNCH AND LEARNDeep DivePresentation Time ContinuumLunch & LearnBroad FocusSpecific FocusEating ActivitySearchW(E)CMArchitecture Federation BrandingService Apps Development Configuration ManagementSPOBizIntelIntegration6
  • 7. ABOUT SHAREPOINT 2013 AND WHY NOW?• 2010 platform was actually architected around 2006 to 2007• Iphone?• Mobile?• Facebook?• Most were running IE6 and Server 2003* (XP was Gold Standard)• But still..• Office 365• Server 2012 skipped SP1 and went straight to R2• Days of waiting for service packs to deploy have been accelerated out of the equation• SharePoint Online > enabled SharePoint on-premise (private cloud structures) to be stable from day 1• Preview Version to RTM7
  • 8. SCREENSHOTS/DEMOMAIN INTERFACE, 365, SCA, SERVER VIEW8Steps to Work with 2013 Interface1. Go to and sign-up for a30 day free trial2. Select Enterprise (no credit card needed)3. Wait for provisioning (takes about 5 minutesor so)4. Launch SharePoint Admin5. Go to Sites6. Click on Main Site Collection7. View Features and work with the interface
  • 9. A LOOK AT THE MOST EXCITING FEATURES• Search (FAST Integration)• Cross-Site Publishing (Major Improvement to Past Implementation)• SharePoint Apps aka SharePoint Store and App Catalog (Try, Buy or Build Your Own)• SkyDrive Pro (Fancy Doc Lib… but Synch Tools exist!)• Work Management – Task Aggregation (can extend this)• Distributed Cache – Auth Token Cache, Repeated Content, OneNote Throttling, Searches…• Device Channels- Tailor to device (MasterPage, Layout, controls)• Integration Points9
  • 10. A LOOK AT THE MOST EXCITING FEATURES• Search (FAST Integration)• Cross-Site Publishing• SharePoint Apps aka SharePoint Store and App Catalog• SkyDrive Pro• Work Management• Distributed Cache• Device Channels• Integration Points10
  • 11. SEARCH• Content by Search Webpart!!! Monster Aggregator spans site collections to deliver results based upon querystring or values on page• Continuous Crawl – constant seek of changes• Query Rules – relevance and aggregate/related term values• Display Templates – no more XSLT pain - snippets of HTML and javascript for rendering results• Analytics Processing – items viewed, pages, user actions- calculations are injected as managed properties• Can be extended to add weighting to terms or criteria• View counts• Sort by popularity• Recommendations• Relevancy based on usage• Search reports• «Suggested sites to follow»• «Are you looking for these again?»11
  • 12. SEARCH• Promoted Terms• Export / Import Configuration• Operators• Result Source – Sets of Content• Previews• Content Enrichment• More Scalable!• eDiscovery – related to search (SharePoint assets, Outlook, Lync) hold sets, export12
  • 13. EDISCOVERY13
  • 14. DEMO OR SCREENSHOTSSEARCH PREVIEW DEMO14Steps to View and Work with:1. Load documents into your 365 Trial Account2. Wait about 2 or 3 minutes3. Do a search4. View and work with Search Preview
  • 15. CROSS SITE PUBLISHING• Product Catalog ‘Content Catalog”• Reuse Content• Leverages Search• Authoring Site Collection > Target Site Collections15
  • 16. SKYDRIVE PROPersonal hard drive in the (or document library for on-premise)cloud, the place you can store, share and sync your files16Steps to Work With:1. Go to your 365 trial accountSharePoint site2. Click SkyDriveTo Use the Sharing Feature1. Go to your 365 trial accountSharePoint site2. Click SkyDrive or adocument which youpreviously loaded toanother document library3. Click Share and follow steps
  • 17. WORK MANAGEMENT• Aggregate Work/tasks• Users get the possibility to view and track their to-dos and tasks.• Tasks can be cached to a users personal site.• Tasks can sync to Outlook where users can edit them wherever they have access to Outlook.• Tasks can be aggregated from Exchange, Project Server and SharePoint.• Based on Provider model so that other systems can be integrated in the future.17
  • 18. DEVICE CHANNELS• Target UI / Functional Controls to Devices18
  • 19. APP MODEL• SharePoint Store• Organizational Catalog• Apps to Get Functionality19Steps to Achieve:1. Click Add App in the SharePoint menu (gear)2. Select SharePoint Store3. Find an App to Add4. Login with a Microsoft Account (not confused with yournew 365 account / needs to be Live ID)5. Add the App6. Confirm and Authorize it
  • 20. NEW APP MODELApp ManifestWeb PageHTML/CSS/JSAPP20
  • 21. CHOOSING A HOSTING OPTIONSharePointApp WebSharePointHost WebWindows AzureWebsitesSharePointHost Web Your hosted siteSharePointHost Web21
  • 22. INTEGRATION POINTS• Visio Services• Access Services• Excel Services• Office Web Applications• New Workflow Model• Share “publish” Service Applications to 2010• Microsoft Project• Office Applications22
  • 23. SHAREPOINT INTEGRATION EXAMPLESVisio Services• Visio Services refreshes from anumber of data sources• Excel Services• Ranges and Tables• SharePoint Lists• Native Lists• External Lists (BCS)• SQL• SQL Server• SQL Azure23
  • 24. INTRANET PERSPECTIVE• Apps• App Catalog• SharePoint Catalog• Workflow• My Site• Sharing• Work Management• Social• SharePoint Import (old Active Directory import)24
  • 25. COMMUNITY TEMPLATE• Community Template• Badges• Mentions25
  • 26. INTERNET PERSPECTIVE• Responsive Design (HTML5 js and css3)• Device Channels• Search – Faceted Navigation/Refiners• MasterPages / Page Layouts (HTML),Script Webpart• Search Engine Friendly URLs• Host Header Site Collections vs path based (now URL’s can be assign to SC within Zones)• Translation Service (Publishing) – Keywords, URLs, Navigation• Cross-site Publishing with Variations (use Localization)26
  • 27. EXTRANET• Federation• Sharing with External Users via Microsoft Accounts• Translation Service• Project Site (synchronization)27
  • 28. DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVE• Visual Studio• Farm• User• App• SharePoint Designer• MasterPage• Workflow• PowerShell• SharePoint• Design Manager• NAPA28
  • 29. PERFORMANCE STANDPOINT• Distributed Cache Service• BCS• EffectiveUserName to Backend Data (Excel Services, PerformancePoint, SSAS)• Search29
  • 30. TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE• “Upgrading from 2010”• Virtualization Support30
  • 31. USER EXPERIENCE VANTAGE POINTS• Search – Search Preview• Quick Edit• SkyDrive Pro• Sharing via MS Accounts• Timeline Views31
  • 32. TOP “EFFICIBLAST” FEATURES OFSHAREPOINT 2013• Preview Panel Search• Metadata Navigation• Graphical Date Range Slicer• Maximize Screen• Follow (social)• Page Edit Function• Office Web Applications• SkyDrive Pro (Synch) & Client Download• Work Management32
  • 33. STRATEGIC MATRIX OF SHAREPOINT 2013BIZ VALUETimeBusiness ValueRisk | Reward | ImpactQuick Wins Prototype Enhance Hero Making Enabler Long-termPain PointReliefPet Projectwhichcannot bedone incurrentplatformEither timeto upgradeold or takeadvantageof newcapabilityMakePeopleLook GoodBring ThemOn-BoardEnableSmartPeople todo TheirJob Betterwith MoreEffectiveToolsCompany&OrganizationPositioningWhat roledoes ITHave33
  • 34. QUICK WINS• FAQ Sites• Training Sites• Collective Information• Executive Dashboards• Search• Help Desk Enhancement (self service)• Machine Based Translation (Bing Translation Service) – List/Library/Metadata/Content34
  • 35. PROTOTYPE• Search – Document Previews• Prototype Apps• Connected Data Systems• Help Desk• Executive Dashboards35
  • 36. 36Thank you to Tech Ed, SharePoint9 1 1, MSDN, TechNet,Contoso, Fabrikam for screen images!
  • 37. ENHANCE• Search• Intranet (Site Collection Upgrades – Request Evaluation Sites)• Extranet – Federation and Sharing (Office 365)• Internet (Focused Sub Sites aka Microsites)• Responsive Intranet• Device Channels (device targeting)…”this looks great on my iPad”• Site Mailboxes37
  • 38. HERO MAKING BUSINESS• Community• Mentions• Badges• Ratings• Commenting / Replies• App Inclusion38
  • 39. ENABLER• Work Management• Translation Services (XLIFF format for export)• Search• Content Publishing• Corporate Taxonomy39
  • 40. LONG-TERM• Workflow (Task, Process Oriented, Repetitive)• App Utilization (Organizational Consumerization)• Stable Platform• Federation / Extranet• Disaster Recovery• Virtualization• 18 Month Release Cycle is in Effect40
  • 42. HELP TO GET YOU STARTED• Questions: Please send email to bert@sharepoint.meCall 281-636-1000 (Bert Blevins) for questions specific to setting up a trial or if you want me to set youup with a SharePoint 2013 demo account (on-premise version) for 30 to 45 days or so.42