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Love this stuff Endeca on EBS for iProc and Projects

Love this stuff Endeca on EBS for iProc and Projects



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  • Talking PointsSo into this fast paced information expanding world steps a powerful technology that was designed specifically to address these concerns.Endeca technology allows us to apply the same amazing technology which has had powerful results solving our customer’s information discovery issues. Have a conversation with your information. Know you can get answers to your 5th question before you know even what your 3rd or 4th question will be. See, Find, Act
  • Talking PointsFrom a high level perspective Endeca sits like an appliance feeding from the E-Business Suite and providing a rich intuitive UI experience for our customers. It is normally recommended that you install Endeca on a different server than your E-Business Suite
  • Talking PointsLet’s take a closer look at what is going inside thisEndeca applianceI won’t go into the exact mechanics of what makes Endeca very different from other databases, if you need further information I would encourage you to enlist the help of an AT who can get into the memory structure and architecture of the Endeca Server. For a business perspective you need to know the followingEBS views provide our out of the box feed to the Endeca ServerIntegrator takes those views which normalize the data and pump it into the Server (database)This process can be run at user pre-defined intervals which makes sense for the customer. Depends on area of business. Very granular, each path can be fired at willThe server doesn’t require a fixed structure. You don’t need to know your data model and the 5th question when you create it. Very flexible. Take data as is. This is also referred to as your data store / data sourceStudio server provides the rich container based UI which can easily be manipulated by a functional end user and not an engineer. Infact in our own EBS development we encouraged our own PMs to create the components and the engineers handles the view creation and graph creation.All of this sits on one server, ideally an exalytics or exalogic server but really any linux server will do.
  • Talking Points:One central point for maintaining your user security. Endeca honors the same security settings for your data as the EBS suite does. What you cannot see in EBS you cannot see in Endeca. The out of the box integration allows you to seamlessly navigate between your EBS products and Endeca, it’s embedded right into the OAF pagesFunction based security
  • Expect to do full load very 2 months or so – will need to do this in order to refresh metadata (data definition.) With GSI have discussed that full load for iProc takes 6 hours, and can’t take system down for this long – Muhannad suggested having a 2ndEndeca box and then swapping,
  • Talking PointsIt’s no secret that the concern and risks of implementing software weighs heavily on our customers.No one wants to be the person who makes a big ticket purchase that promises great results and yet never really meets expectations or worse failed implementations.Maybe the most exciting thing about Endeca is that enables our customers to truly maximize their investment on EBS by having a conversation with their data in a meaningful wayIf you cannot ask questions of your information why store all that information?With Endeca’s quick installer you can get up and running in no time. Literally. Powerful Information Discovery, the ability to See, Find and Act with low risk and high gains in ONE Day.DSS was able to provide Endeca on 2 of our EBS environments in 1 day. That’s powerful.
  • Oracle software delivery cloud

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