Facebook Pages Customizations


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Comparision of Various Applications that help in Designing Facebook Pages

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Facebook Pages Customizations

  1. 1. Presentation Facebook Pages Customizations
  2. 2. Why Facebook ???  Facebook is one of the top most used social networking website with over more than 800 Million active users.  Imagine the popularity & the impact of your page through this social Media website & the exposure;  Businesses are adapting themselves to promote their products online though creating pages on Facebook which eventually leads to brand promotion.
  3. 3. Design Facebook Pages Easily with top 7 Applications There are 3rd Party Applications which helps you to design Facebook page easily.  http://www.pagemodo.com  http://www.thrusocial.com  http://www.tabfusion.com  http://www.northsocial.com  http://www.tabsite.com  http://www.involver.com  http://www.fanzila.com
  4. 4. These Application will help in  Creating a Custom Facebook Page for free !  Make Professional Fan Pages in minutes  No design, graphic, or coding skills required  Publish instantly on facebook timeline to get more fans!
  5. 5.  Just give you 1 tab free of cost so you can try its service. Predesigned template so you can just edit or customize the data in the predesigned Tabs
  6. 6.  Professional Facebook Templates Photo Galleries & Video Powerful Social Apps Get More "Likes" through Like Gate
  7. 7.  How it works: Connect Pagemodo through your Facebook account. Select the predisgned page , edit as per your requirement and publish with a single click to your Facebook Page. Cost: Free as well as Premium Packages available.
  8. 8.  Provide a Blank sheet in which you can customize your Tab by adding the widgets you like or randomly changing it, you just have to Drag and drop the application widgets. Designing from the scratch allows a full control over the tab
  9. 9.  Design your page from the scratch Ability to Drag & Drop widgets Message Center Fully Customizable
  10. 10.  How it works: Connect through your Facebook account. Then customize widgets by easily dragging & dropping on the canvas, either Edit to adjust options for that widget. and set size then click Publish button to publish the tab to page. Cost: Basic(free) to Professional (Premium)
  11. 11.  Is another Premium application that allows you to design your Facebook page. Providing 14 days of free trial (just have to provide credit card details)
  12. 12.  Custom Applications Viral Promotions & Fan engagement Ad Optimization Ad campaignm management
  13. 13.  NorthSocial, a service that can help design Facebook page with a better looks, easy-to-use applications allows to quickly create & manage a Facebook page. With most top 15 application its pretty convenient to choose from.
  14. 14.  How it works: Each of the apps are installed into Facebook page as a new tab. Each “account” will authorize 1 Facebook page to install all 15 apps at one time. So you can pick which apps you want to install and they will add tabs to your selected page. Cost: 14-days of free trial.
  15. 15. Involver  14 days free trial although you can get the free trial without the requirement of credit card number  But if you want to get a free 14 days trial of the premium package you ought to provide credit card number.
  16. 16. Involver  Create Branded Social Media Channels - manage social media conversations all from one platform.  Unify Social Media Teams - Distribute, optimize workflow eliminate control risks with user permissions,& reduce social media costs.  Demonstrate ROI: Track user engagement to measure campaign effectiveness
  17. 17.  Involver is having the biggest gallery of applications around. You can add only 1 application under one tab (unless you get Involver to maintain the page for you). Best applications for free. like Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, RSS, and more.
  18. 18.  How it works: The execution is easy. Click on your preferred application, and Involver will find the pages you admin and let you choose which page you want to customize. Cost: Free, Pro, and Premium apps.
  19. 19.  Best level of integration and most advanced customization options dont charge based on the number of fans, Free support Premium Service, hence you have to pay to use this service.
  20. 20.  Tabfusion provides a premium service where you can design your facebook page easily You can purchase a standard application or an annual package to use all applications. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back
  21. 21.  Tabfusion is an crucial tab suite for your fan page and profile. Tabfusion has an application for each tab we want to add., and Tabfusion was the first to release this kind of tab. Has more than 122,000 monthly active users, but there are many more tab apps to choose from and the integration is done in a flash.
  22. 22.  How it works: You choose an application and authorize the application. You will get an-easy-to-use guide for each app after authorization. Cost: Profile pages are free but they also offers Premium pakages.
  23. 23.  Free Service to upgrade your Facebook page where Premium Packages are also available. Customize Facebook page in a unique manner & create multiple tabs. Easy and quick interface.
  24. 24.  Blog App - Reward your fans with great content by launching your own blog on Facebook. Forums App - Give your fans a voice using Fanzila forums. Get ideas, support & love from fans Competition App - Dramatically increase your fan count by making your fans` content go viral.
  25. 25.  How it works: Log in through Facebook, then sign up for this service by authorizing your Facebook account, & then you can create your own tab. Creating and arranging tabs is much more easy Cost: Free for personal profile tab. You’ll need to pay for Premium Applications.
  26. 26.  14 days free trail but have to provide Credit card details to get access. Applications like Like gate, sweepstakes, twitter etc in short a full suite of engaging tools with an easy interface.
  27. 27.  TabSite is one of the few services that also allows you to create a Welcome tab on your personal Facebook account. So you don’t have to own a page to enjoy and utilize this feature or service.
  28. 28.  How it works: Log in through Facebook Connect, then you’ll need to sign up for the service, and then you can create your own tab. The creation of the tab is done by a text editor similar to WORD Cost: Free for personal profile tab. You’ll need to pay for anything else.
  29. 29. Conclusions  I’ve tried all of these Application to design my Facebook page and I found “FANZILA” to be the Best among these if you are want to design Free of Cost and for the Premium Version “INVOLVER” is looking best as per its popularity.