19th century timeline

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  • 1. By: Breona Tate
  • 2. After the Civil War and the Reconstruction period,there was a period called the Gilded Age. A lot ofevents, fights and new Acts took place during thistime. This timeline is a representation of all of theevents that occurred all across the U.S. The good,the bad, and even the ugly. Enjoy !
  • 3. Homestead Bessemer Fredrick Law Act- this act Process- Olmsted- offered 160 acres developed by spearheaded the of land free to Henry Bessemer movement for any citizen or and William planned urban intended citizen Kelley, involved parks. He also who was head of injecting air into helped draw up the household . molten iron to get the plan for Up to 600,000 rid of all Central Park in families took impurities. New York City. advantage of this offer. 1850 1857 1859 1862 Social DarwinismSweat Shops- grew out ofany working Charles Darwin’senvironment theory ofconsidered to be biologicalunacceptably evolution.difficult ordangerous. http://tinyurl.com/agjo94l
  • 4. Boss Tweed wasSand Creek head ofMassacre- Tammany Hall,Chivington and New York City’shis troops powerfulattacked the DemocraticCheyenne and Machine.the Arapaho.They killed over150 people,mostly womenand children. 1864 1866 1867 1868 Buffalo Oliver Kelley, Soldier- An started the African-American Patrons of cavalry soldier, Husbandry, also the name was known as given by the Grange. Which Native American purpose was to tribes they provide a social fought. and educational outlet for isolated farm families. http://tinyurl.com/cqwkvsz http://tinyurl.com/bhvznu5
  • 5. Vanderbilt Family- One of the wealthiest families in U.S. history. Started off with the shipping andGeorge railroad empires,Westinghouse then expandedinvented the into other areasrailway air brake. of industrial and philanthropy. 1869 1870 Tweed Ring- a group that Boss John D. Tweed led of Rockefeller- An corrupt American politicians, in industrialist and defrauding the Philanthropist. city. Founder of the Standard Oil Company. http://tinyurl.com/cd4u29g http://tinyurl.com/yenntu
  • 6. Jacob Riis-Became andadvocate for theabused andimpoverished in Mail-OrderNew York City. Catalogs becameHe produced popular. It was amany photos of Catalog ofNew York, which generalhe is most merchandise forfamous for. a company.1870 1872 1874 George Armstrong Custer National Farmer’s reported that the Alliance began. Black Hills had gold, and a gold rush began. He also led the 7th cavalry for the U.S. army. http://tinyurl.com/cqpzodh http://tinyurl.com/racs8
  • 7. AlexanderThomas Alva Edison Graham Bellestablished the worlds invented thefirst research telephone, whichlaboratory in New opened the wayJersey. There he for a worldwideperfected the communicationincandescent light bulb network.and he invented anentire system forproducing anddistributing power. 1876 Jim-Crow Laws took affect, which mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in the Southern States http://tinyurl.com/bojzh4a http://tinyurl.com/7fnk5ug
  • 8. Battle of Little Big Horn, took place between the Lakota, Cheyenne, and the Arapaho tribes against the U.S 7th Cavalry. Most prominent war of the Great Sioux War.1876 1877 Beginning of theSitting Bull- Gilded Ageleader of theHunkpapa Siouxtribe http://tinyurl.com/7ugoufo http://tinyurl.com/cjz9r
  • 9. Chief Joseph, leader of the Wallowa band. Poll tax- A tax Led his band in that had to paid the Nez Pearce before qualifying War to vote. Aimed mostly at African Americans. 1877 1879Nez Perce- DumbbellNative American Tenements werepeople who lived footprint shapein the Pacific tenements built inNorthwest region New York afterof the United the TenementStates. They had House Act ofan epic flight to 1879.freedom in 1877. http://tinyurl.com/bsp2lxg http://tinyurl.com/cdydzh
  • 10. Wild BillHickok- Scout Ragtime music,and spy during and thethe Civil War, he Vaudevillewas very violent, theatre was veryand known for popular duringgetting shot the 1880’s.during a poker Ragtime led togame while Jazz, Blues, andholding a pair of Rock n’ Roll.aces and a pairof eights. 1880 Urbanization- Settlement growth of cities, Houses were mostly in the community northeast and centers in slum Midwest regions. neighborhood that provided assistance to people in that area, especially immigrants. http://tinyurl.com/cex54u6
  • 11. Ida B. Wells ,was a African- Booker T.American Washington wasJournalist who a prominentwrote a lot about African-AmericanRacial Justice. educator, whoShe was an early headed theleader of the Civil Tuskegee NormalRights and IndustrialMovement. Institute. 1880 1881 George Pullman designed and manufactured the Pullman Sleep Car. http://tinyurl.com/cvx9mo5 http://tinyurl.com/d9rlgrm
  • 12. Bimetallism- a monetary system Mark Twain was where the a popular novelist government and humorist, he would give wrote the citizens either “Adventures of gold or silver in Huckleberry Fin”, exchange for and the paper currency or “Adventures of checks. Tom Sawyer”. 1883 1884 1885Joseph Mugwumps -Pulitzer- a people who wentHungarian from theimmigrant who Republican Partybought the New by supportingYork World, and democraticpioneered candidate Gloverinnovations like, Cleveland.comics, women’snews, sports, andthe large Sundayedition. http://tinyurl.com/aq553j3 http://tinyurl.com/d6fn8n
  • 13. Haymarket Affair – a bombing that took William place at a labor Randolph demonstration in Hearst- Built Chicago. A few the largest people died. newspaper chain.. 1886 1887Colored Samuel Gompers Interstate The Dawes ActFarmer’s led the Cigar Commerce was passed byAlliance- same Maker’s Commission- congress to “thing as the International regulates Americanize”National Farmer’s Union to join with railroads, NativeAlliance, but other craft trucking, ensures Americans.consisted of unions. fair rates, andAfrican regulates otherAmericans. common carriers. http://tinyurl.com/ypuqlk
  • 14. Ghost Dance- Trust- a25,000 Sioux relationshipparticipated , where byNative Americans property is heldthought that it Sherman by one party forwould drive the Antitrust Act he benefit ofwhite people and made it illegal to another.their way of life form a trust thatwould be interfered withrestored. free trade between states or with other countries. 1888 1890 Eugene V.George Eastman Wounded Knee Debbs-introduced the -Custer’s attempted to formfirst Kodak regiment the Americancamera. He also encamped 350 Railway Uniondeveloped a Sioux, and were (ARU)more convenient demanded to givealternatives to up all weapons,heavy glass and shots wereplates previously fired. 300 Nativesused in died, and werephotography. left to freeze. http://tinyurl.com/cot6lhq http://tinyurl.com/cfclbam
  • 15. Collective Ellis Island- Graft- the illegal Bargaining- the gateway for use of political process of millions of influence for negotiation immigrants, in the personal gain. between upper New York employers and Bay. employees aimed at reaching agreements of working conditions.1890 1891 1892 Kickback- illegal Omaha payments for Platform- party peoples services program adopted on the political at the formative machines. convention of the populist party. http://tinyurl.com/cdlc4pg
  • 16. “Cross of Gold’” Speech- given at the William democratic W.E.B Dubois- Mckinley- convention by the first African- Republican William Jennings American to Candidate for the Bryan. receive a election. doctorate from Harvard. 1894 1895 1896PullmanStrike-manufacture Plessey Vs.workers Ferguson-protested Supreme Court Williambecause of low ruled that Jenningswages. segregation in Bryan- public democratic accommodations candidate in the was legal and election, editor of didnt violate the the Omaha 14th amendment. World- Herald. http://tinyurl.com/86dylfa http://tinyurl.com/99vco3
  • 17. Political Machine- offered services Patronage – the to voters and giving of businesses in government jobs exchange for to people who political or helped get a financial help. candidate elected.1899 1900 Andrew Jane Addams- End of the Gilded Carnegie- one founder of the Age. of the first Hull House, and industrial moguls leader in woman to make his own suffrage and fortune. The world peace. Carnegie Steele Company manufactured more steel than all of the factories in Britain. http://tinyurl.com/4y2klgj http://tinyurl.com/yawmgn
  • 18. Angel Island-Debt Peonage- immigration and a system that inspection facilitybound laborers in California,into slavery in used mostly byorder to work of a Chinesedebt to the immigrants.employer.1900 1910 The Wright Brothers invented the first successful airplane . http://tinyurl.com/dgrz58 http://tinyurl.com/d7n3wcd