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  1. 1.  provides leading enterprise-wide applications, services and hardware for the hospitality and retail industries.  Utilized and Solution for the convenience.  combines its industry knowledge and expertise to provide cloud-based.
  2. 2. Company Background  MICROS Systems, Inc. provides leading enterprise-wide applications, services and hardware for the hospitality and retail industries. Serving an extensive portfolio of clients worldwide, MICROS solutions are utilized in over 567,000 hotels, casinos, table and quick service restaurants, retail, leisure and entertainment, fuel and convenience, cruise, and travel operations in more than 180 countries, and on all seven continents.  MICROS combines its industry knowledge and expertise to provide cloud-based, mobile and on premise solutions that allow its clients to streamline operations and successfully engage their customers.
  3. 3. About the MICROS…  Over 6,400 employees, more than 45 wholly or majority-owned subsidiaries and branch offices in major markets, and 90 distributors in 50 countries.  Global leader in the restaurant industry with more than 370,000 installations worldwide.  Global leader in the hotel industry with over 30,000 installations worldwide.  They provide restaurant information systems comprising hardware and software for point-of-sale (POS) and operational applications, as well as a suite of back office applications that include inventory, labor and financial management, and other centrally hosted enterprise applications.
  4. 4.  MICROS continues to add to its portfolio with the strategic acquisitions of Torex Retail Holdings, Hospitality Solutions International, Fry, Datavantage, eOne, Indatec, JTECH Communications, TIG Global, Tangent POS, and several large distributors of the MICROS product line.  MICROS's longevity, financial stability, consistent profitability, product innovation and service, are leading contributors to its success in the hospitality and retail technology industries.
  5. 5. Micros Subsidiaries Fry, Inc A leading supplier of e-commerce design, development, managed services and fulfillment to allow retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to optimize their directchannel businesses by identifying market opportunities and providing multi-channel solutions. www.fry.com Fidelio Cruise Innovative Solutions for the Cruise Industry. www.fideliocruise.com JTECH Communications Wireless communication solutions for the hospitality, retail, and healthcare markets. www.jtech.com POS Depot Your premier online company for discounted supplies and products offering quality merchandise for the hospitality industry including various credit card printer supplies. www.posdepot.com
  6. 6. HOTELS AND RESORTS  Individuals Hotels and Corporation.  Chain Hotels  Conference Centers and Event Management  Luxury Resorts  eCommerce
  7. 7. Chain Hotels It offers hotel operators the ability to share information across multiple applications and properties on a single database.  Offers central modules, including central reservations systems for centralized guestroom booking, sales force automation for centralized function space sales, a customer information system, the customer relationship management(CRM) package specifically designed for the hotel industry. It improves the ff ; •Highly scalable • A variety of deployment options • Central systems for corporate management
  8. 8. Conference Centers and Event Management  MICROS offers full-featured sales and catering management software for conference centers and even management operations that can be deployed either on a stand-alone basis or integrated with our hotel management solutions. Conference bookings Event planning and management Coordination of tasks and activities Resource management Calendar of events Room planner Graphical display of function rooms Enterprise POS for Food & Beverage and Retail Operations
  9. 9. Luxury Resorts  OPERA Property Management system incorporates a vast array of functionality to fulfill the growing requirements of specialized hospitality environments.  Luxury resorts can efficiently manage and track guest preferences, special requests, and expectations to give them an experience they won’t forget.
  10. 10. eCommerce  Anticipate all of the key sites that your customers use to find and book accommodation on the Web, and determine where you need to be to grow your hotel business online.  They offer both turnkey and customized solutions to fit all business sizes, from the smallest boutique hotel to the largest international chain.  It provides you the services that meet your unique needs as a hotelier, by building your brand, creating loyal customers and generating revenue.
  11. 11. • • • • • Full Service Quick Service Independent and small chain operations Bars and Nightclubs Hotel Food Service
  12. 12. Food and Beverage  It provides comprehensive Food & Beverage point-of-sale (POS), enterprise and consumer faced solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single food and beverage operation or hundreds. FULL- SERVICE • Increase table turn-over and revenue while optimizing and streamlining the business organization, workflows and resource planning. • MICROS puts together a solution that perfectly fits your business needs. Whether you need a pure POS solution or an integrated enterprise management solution, if you prefer a local or central installation or a mixture of both, or even a fully hosted solution. • MICROS’s end-to-end portfolio encompasses Point-of-Sale System solutions, inventory management solutions, table management solutions, labor management solutions, CRM/loyalty solutions, reporting tools and much more.
  13. 13. QUICK SERVICE  Typically quick-service restaurants seek ways to increase the volume of transactions, acquire more customers, increase operational efficiency and reduce waste by better reporting and forecasting capabilities. The software suite offers further optional solutions and tools to improve restaurant operations, such as table management, conversational ordering module, digital menu boards, kitchen displays to manage the order preparation, hand-held and pager solutions.
  14. 14. INDEPENDENT AND SMALL CHAIN OPERATION • Restaurants operated by independent business owners face unique challenges and require careful and thought out management policies to stand up against heavily marketed and savvy chains. • MICROS provides the flexibility and scalability to grow with your business, at a price you can afford. Whether you operate a quick-service or table-service restaurant, MICROS has solutions to meet your unique needs. • MICROS offers a fully integrated approach with a full portfolio of solutions which includes point-of-sale systems, complete back-of-house functionality, tools for managing your restaurant’s day-to-day tasks and those to control operations across your enterprise, as well as consumer facing solutions, and sturdy hardware options.  It gives the following result ; Improved operational efficiency Improved enterprise business intelligence and decision support Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty Fewer overhead expenses Increased revenue
  15. 15. BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS  Bar and nightclub operators seek new ways to increase their customer and clientèle base to increase revenue by selling more food and beverages.  MICROS offers a complete and fully integrated suite of solutions that help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. The modular architecture allows you to choose the solutions you need now to improve your business operations, while giving you the opportunity to easily expand your IT environment as you grow.  The solution portfolio covers all aspects of the management of your operation – POS systems, mobile solutions, labour controls, inventory management, logistics, and more.  It gives the following results : • Increased sales • Improved operational efficiency • Intuitive user interface • Increased guest satisfaction and loyalty • Improved enterprise business intelligence and decision support
  16. 16. HOTEL FOOD SERVICE • Increase quality of product, productivity and profitability with our highly functionalized software and durable hardware solutions. •MICROS solutions are integrated and deployable in a variety of options to accommodate the operational needs any size hotel or resort infrastructure. • All of our restaurant and food service solutions interface seamlessly with our OPERA Property Management System ensuring all channels of business stay connected.
  17. 17. CASINO  MICROS provides a host of property management and casino point of sale solutions to the casino industry. These casino management software offerings include a complete range of full featured Property Management and Central Hotel Solutions as well as Integrated Restaurant Management Solutions.  MICROS offers three casino management software solutions – OPERA, an enterprise hotel system constructed of separate, customizable modules; MICROS 9700 HMS, the most widely installed POS system in the casino industry; and Symphony, the newest POS offering based on a service oriented architecture. Features of Micro’s Casino Management - A key OPERA module in the casino environment is OPERA Gaming which connects to the casino’s Player Tracking System, allowing authorized staff to redeem comps real-time, monitor and control comp expenses, and provide secure access to real-time details on guest expenditures, stay histories, and gaming statistics.
  18. 18. CRUISE  At MICROS, we’ve created a cruise line software solution that includes everything you’ll need on and off the ship. Setting sail creates unique challenges for customers looking for a hospitality software solution that will work across the fleet. Our systems include cruise booking software, guest preference tracking, point of sale hardware and software, and catering systems - and you’ll be able to deploy our cruise line software to every ship in your organization and even the central office.
  19. 19. STADIUMS AND ARENA Stadium and arena operators around the world depend on MICROS’s solutions to meet their complex business requirements, control operations, and provide superior customer service across every area of the business, from ticketing to managing food & beverage and retail operations, to building customer relationships. MICROS has helped numerous stadiums and arenas across the globe implement value-added technology innovations to their parks to compete with other venues for business and gain additional revenues. MICROS has created its highly integrated, flexible, and scalable products with its customers’ needs at the forefront of product development.
  20. 20. THEME PARKS • MICROS boasts sturdy hardware that is devised to function in high traffic and spill prone venues which proves to reduce the cost of hardware replacements. • Aside from point-of-sale systems, MICROS offers payment solutions such as voucher handling, human resource management, loss prevention, and access to ticketing solutions.
  21. 21. • Brian Joseph Balagtas • Bernalaine Mae Malonzo • Jayson Lee • Nhor Patrick Roy • Elaine Sodela • Algrin Adducul • Catherine Rocero • Darla Cariza Galang • Joanalice Fe Orbista • Marco Salcedo • Aldrin Derick Santoyo • Marjorie Nacional • Iris Mae Salonga • Clyde Vincent Co