The hypnosis by group5


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The hypnosis by group5

  1. 1. The hypnosis GROUP 5 Karolina Gajek (Poland) Roksana Zwolinska (Poland) Klaudia Zak (Poland) Joanna Mikoda (Poland) Raquel Santana Ríos (Spain) Iru Rodríguez García (Spain) Jan (Germany)
  2. 2. Table of contents• What is a hypnosis?• Important figure in the field of hypnosis.• Types of hypnosis.• Course of the hypnosis.
  3. 3. What is a hypnosis? The hypnosis is being called the different condition of the awareness, tied together with the greater susceptibility of the mind to the suggestion. He is pomocniczo used in medicine and psychology. She is being used both in the clinical practice, and in diagnosing. For her therapeutic values are noticed by a certain group of scientists, and the clinical and experimental research on hypnotic phenomena is being conducted in many countries. Yet still didnt manage precisely to define the phenomenon of the hypnosis.For at least her the name derives from the Greek (hipnos) and means: dream - doesnt seem to have with him a lot shared, nor - from often compared to her - with meditation. It is so since it isnt combining with the peculiar bioelectric frequency of the brain. The hypnosis is tied with the state of the deep relaxation, but states close to her appear sie also in the course of everyday activities, so as the work or the concentration.
  4. 4. Important figure in the field of hypnosis. Erickson Milton was regarded by psychotherapists as the leading expert in the field of the contemporary medical hypnosis. He wrote over one hundred works from the field of the hypnosis; he taught the hypnosis as well as 1920 was in practice at years - 1980. Erickson more than anyone else in this field, was able to examine and to demonstrate the enormous potential the hypnosis is hiding which in oneself. Workroom demonstrowany by him, during inducing and using hypnotic states of the awareness, were extremely folded and at the same time systematic. It is possible in it to notice consistent and systematically appearing standards.
  5. 5. Erickson Milton
  6. 6. Types of hypnosis.• * Model of Milton he is a way triggering and keeping the trance at of using the tongue in order to get in touch with hidden stores of our personality. The trance is a state, in which you are achieving the high justification in order to study from the unawareness in the direct way. It isnt passive state nor you dont stay in it under the influence of somebody else. Between the psychotherapist and the customer a cooperation is occurring; replies let the psychotherapist recognize the customer what one should do farther.• * Classical hypnosis (magnetism) - for her Franciszek Mesmer is an author. He put forward the theory, in which he assumed the existence of equally real and financial vibrations, as e.g. acting of magnet. According to Mesmer charity magnetic vibrations can transfer themselves from one person on second. After being created of "bridge" between the psychotherapist and the patient and after the performance shorter or longer "passów" (touch) contemporary for Mesmer the hypnotherapist led to the healing turning point. The classical hypnosis today is closer of bioenergetics.
  7. 7. Types of hypnosis 2.• * Dynamic- hypnosis A dynamic hypnosis is the newest child of hypnotic methods this connecting NLP techniques is (rapport) with the Alijewa Key and the classical hypnosis. In Poland he expressed this Stefano Benemeglio method. Do you know that somebody who knows your access code to the subconscious, can with appropriately selected gestures influence your behaviour, emotions, decisions? He can in it evoke fear or calm him, can liquidate pain, and whats more cause that the man doesnt feel pain, even if burnt him with the real fire. And most importantly: each of us, if only he gets to know his own code, will be able to calm oneself and anaesthetize.• * Hypnosis transgresyjna - it for truth crossing the Rubicon. A new close quality- arose more for shamans technicians. He is linking the hypnosis with shamans technicians transgresyjną concentration of the mind shaping the bioenergy field of the hypnotist as well as the customer. This method for many he is how the terrible sleep for the Dracula- is giving them sleepless nights. After many years it turned out that however there was a method depriving possibilities theoretically of each of people alone of deciding. However there are two messages: good and evils. Okay, okay so there are just a few persons at the moment in the world which apply this method successfully, and evils such persons will arrive. With each passing year I am introducing more people to abilities of the magnetic influence on other. When they realize, what can use them to it is a number of hypnotists transgresyjnych will grow.
  8. 8. Course of the hypnosis. In each of us huge, reserve possibilities lie, about some not yet you know and largely you arent ableto use them up. As it turned out you can relativelyeasily start those powers and use according to your will. Possible, that and you know how to achieve the hypnotic- state it is likely that you can remember him, you feel relaxing then muscles,your concentration is narrowing to keeping up with the voice of the driver and participating in imagespainted by him, experiences. This way a traditional hypnosis looks.
  9. 9. Thanks for watching.Sources:• kilka-podstawowych-informacji/hipnoza1/•