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Survey on paranormal phenomena

Survey on paranormal phenomena






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    Survey on paranormal phenomena Survey on paranormal phenomena Document Transcript

    • Paranormal phenomenaquestionnaire
    • Have you ever heard of the „Bermuda Triangle”?a) I heard about that, but I do notthink that it is true.b) Yes, I’m very interestedin all paranormal phenomena. Somefacts of these disappearances arevery mysterious and interesting.c) I have never heard of that before.
    • What do you think about the "Bermuda Triangle"? (as a paranormal phenomenon)a) I firmly believe that the area isdetected by the presenceof strangers, because how to explainthe unexplained disappearances ofships, boats or planes?b) I think it is a figment of people who liketo explore such paranormal things andhas nothing to do with the truth.c) I think the probable explanation ofmysterious disappearances are occasional eruptions of underwater methane depositsin these areas, which, rising upand combining with oxygen, leading to theexplosion and ignition of engines.
    • Do you believe in the existence of the "Bermuda Triangle" (the place of the paranormal phenomenon)? a) I do not believe in such a nonsense b) I firmly believe that on thatarea there are phenomenon whichbreak every law of physics. c) I have no opinion aboutthis, because I first need to seesomething and next I believe in it.
    • Are you interested in paranormal investigation? a) I have never thought of it. b) I do not care. c) I am very interested in such things, I like to watch movies about this subject or read a book about it.
    • Do you believe in existence of UFOs? a) UFO? Its an invention ofscientists who try to scare people. b) Definitely yes. There is somuch evidence to confirm the existenceof aliens, so many documents, photos ... c) First, I want to see it and then I willbelieve in it.
    • Do you think horoscopes andfortunetelling is something in what you believe? a) No, this is just extortingmoney (in the case of diviners) frompeople, and in addition only lies. b) Its 100% true, not once and nottwice I have been confirmed. c) I have no opinion about thissubject.
    • Do you think invasion of Martians on the Earth is possible? a) It is possible, but I hope it never will ... b) It is not possible, because we are theonly living beings in the galaxy. c) Of course its possible. Then , we willstruggle with Armageddon.
    • What do you think aboutillusionists and then what do they do? a) Personally, I like watching this form of art, it is something extraordinary and moves in a completely different dimension. b) I do not like to watch such things, it is very annoying for me. c) Ithink the magician performing tricks must be his great interest and a form of leisure, but I do not think that it was a way to earn money for life.
    • Do you believe in ghosts in the so-called presence of haunted houses? a) I do not believe, I think that theseare simply fabricated nonsense. b) I believe that this is possible and Iwould ever enter such a house. c) I like to watch movies and readbooks about such topics, but I will neverenter this house.
    • Are you interested in taking part of this kind of activity? a) I’m not interested, because I think it is useless and it will not help me in the future. b) Yes, I’m really fond of this kind of experience. I would like to get to know more about this subject. c) I have no opinion about this subject.
    • What are the advantages of working on this project?a) I am firmly convinced this kind ofactivity is useful and I can learn moreabout paranormal phenomenon.b) There are no advantages connectedwith this project.c) I think there are a lot of advantages,but I would like to spend my free time inmy own way.