Religions and beliefs by group2


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Religions and beliefs by group2

  1. 1. By group2
  2. 2. • Monotheism - philosophical position conveying religious faith over reason and religion over science.• Polytheism - belief in the existence of many gods.• Atheism - lack of belief in existence of Gods.• Deism - religious-philosophical trend, which is common to the belief that you can reasonably justify the existence of only non-personal God• Panentheism- the theological and philosophical views or religious the identifying God with the world, understood as nature.
  3. 3. Animism is a belief in soul and spirits. Consistin imputation a soul to animals, plant andeven things.The word ‘animism’ derive from Latin andmeans breath, light breeze, soul. Black- animism Pink- Christianity Green- Buddhism Orange- Islam Blue- Judaism
  4. 4. Babismo is a religious movement. Itwas arisen by Ali Muhammad fromShiraz. Believers of babismo believedin God who is the Creator, and theyassume that the end will beconnected with destruction ofeverything what is human.Number 19 is very important. It wasacclaimed by them for sacred. That’swhy the year was divided for 19months and every of them wasdivided for 19 days.
  5. 5. Buddhism is a ethnic-philosophic system oracclaimed by a lot ofpeople as religion.Siddartha Gautamaa(Buddha) was a founderand a creator of Buddhism.He walked and he taughtpeople rules of his ownreligion. Buddha’s sciencewas written in Kangyur andTengyur.
  6. 6. Christianity is one of the mainmonotheistic religions. It arose onNear East in Palestine. Christianityrelies on Jesus’ science contained inGospel. This religion has got a few offactions:•Catholicism•Protestantism•Orthodox Church•Anglicanism•And others.There are three the most importantpersonages for Christians:•God the Father•Son of God (Jesus Christ)•Holy Ghost
  7. 7. This is the second of the mostpopular religions in the worldafter Christianity. Islam is themonotheistic religion articulatedby the Qur’an. The birth of Islamare inextricably linked to the riseof the Koran written in 633 -after the death of Muhammad.Muslims believe that God is oneand incomparable and thepurpose of existence is toworship God. Muslims alsobelieve that Islam is thecomplete and universal versionof a primordial faith that wasrevealed at many times andplaces before, including throughAbraham, Moses and Jesus,whom they consider prophets.
  8. 8. Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion.The founder of the Jewish religion,declaring the one God Yahweh (the name ofYahweh Jews do not pronounce it), it isbelieved Moses. Its followers are all overthe world, now there are many in theUnited States - 5.6 million, Israel - 4.7million. Jewish law (halacha) regulates theJews lives in such detail that it is difficult toseparate religion from the teachingprofession temporal. It is based on MosaicPentateuch (Torah), interpreted in theTalmud, halakhic. The Talmud is divided onthe 613 commandments halakhah(mitzvot): 248 orders and 365 prohibitions.
  9. 9. There are many Hindu sects, differing in both beliefs about God, and practices. Their followers mainly combines: 1. Respect for the sacred books - Fri 2. Belief in reincarnation 3 .Belief in the law of action and reaction (karma) 4. The quest for liberation, understood differently by different factions. In Hinduism there is a belief in gods - devas (deities male) and devi (female deity), which are usually treated either as emanations of the one God, or (rarely) as being lower (corresponding to the angels in Abrahamic religions). Their opponents are evil Asuras.
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