Problems of modern world


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Problems of modern world

  1. 1. Problems of modern world By: TEAM 2 Julia Hilgartner - Poland Natalia Remieszko - Poland Adrianna Figiel - Poland Monika Nems - Poland Kiara Olivera Sánchez-Pinto - Spain Nur Morales de Paz - Spain Laura Viciana Estévez - Spain Benedikt -Germany
  2. 2. WarsA war is an organised armed conflict between countries, nations or ethnic groups.Reasons: Territory disputes Religion disputes Ethnic and nationality problems
  3. 3. Solution To prevent wars people should be tolerant because reasons of wars are usually minor or major disagreements. Better policies Better contacts with other countries Compromise Understanding Peace pacts
  4. 4. TerrorismTerrorism is  the  systematic  use  of terror  in order to intimidate other people.Terrorist organizations:Al-KhaidaIRA (Irish Republican Army)Red Brigades
  5. 5. Solutions Direct fight with the terrorists and terrorist organizations Increase the protection of physical and technical vulnerability of the building Reducing the ability of terrorists to continue thier work Reduce financing of the weaponry and explosives Concessions
  6. 6. Discrimination Discrimination is a worse treatment of a person because of some features, for example: gender, age, nationality, appearence, disability, etc.
  7. 7. Solution Respect for each other and their opinions People should be tolerant Create organizations Better contacts with people Specific actions on television and in reality
  8. 8. Unemployment Being not employed, having no job  by many people.
  9. 9. Solution Enable equal opportunities of development of children and youth. Checking job market in order to learn what qualifications are needed most. Programs and projects undertaken by the employment services to prevent or reduce the level of unemployment More workplaces Better vocational education
  10. 10. FamineFamine  is  deficiency  of  food,  which  may  cause malnutrition or starvation.
  11. 11. Solution Raising awareness of the principles of correct practice of agriculture. Technical innovation, mainly in agriculture. Replacing animal products with vegetable products. Keeping a sensible policy of the state. Introduction of measures to protect the environment, preventing the pollution of soil, air and water. Create an appropriate place for food storage. The use of food resources of the seas and oceans. The fight against the destruction of soil processes. The use of rational methods of farming.
  12. 12. Acid rainsAcid  rain is  a rain or  any  other  form  of precipitation that  is  unusually acidic.  It  can  have  harmful  effects  on  plants,  aquatic  animals,  and  infrastructure. 
  13. 13. Solution Building installations to gather oxides of sulfur and nitrogen from the exhaust fumes Construction of much higher chimneys Use of special burners, placed on the exhaust pipes Energy saving by the thermal isolation of houses and buildings
  14. 14. Global warming Global  warming is  the  rise  of  the  average  temperature  of  Earths  atmosphere  and  oceans since the late 19th century.
  15. 15. Solution Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reducing fuel combustion Check the efficiency of electric and internal combustion engines to improve the thermal isolation of buildings Use natural gas instead of petroleum Replace individual central heating installations
  16. 16. Diseases of affluence Diseases of affluence are illnesses which are caused by the development of civilization, for example: Depression, Hypertension Infarction Cancers Obesity
  17. 17. Solution Appropriate diet Find time to relax and rest People should visit the doctor from time to time
  18. 18. The endThank you for watching our  presentation