Newsletter on paranormal phenomena in our countries


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Newsletter on paranormal phenomena in our countries

  1. 1. Poland, Spain, Germany About our project -’BERMUDA TRIANGLE’ ISSUE 1, January 2012 It is a bilingual (English– German) project in which students find out interesting facts about unusual events, objects and phenome- na in their countries. The incentive for this is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The students get to know interesting facts and gather interesting materials concerning para- normal events, they meet people dealing this edition: parapsychology, hold interviews and solve mysteries.Page 1 - About our projectPage 1 - What is the Bermuda Triangle?Page 1 - Vampire story What is the Bermuda Triangle?Page 2 - Crop circles in Chruszczobrod, PolandPage 2 - The accident in Los Rodeos’ AirportPage 2 - Secret places in Oberhausen, GermanyPage 3 - A legend about the Black DogPage 3 - Spooky house in OberhausenPage 3 - Saint Borondón –The Lost IslandPage 4 - Lercaro’s House’s GhostPage 4 - Jasna Gora Sanctuary in CzestochowaPage 4 - Wawel’s ChakraV A M P I R E S T O R Y ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ also known as the Devils Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels allegedly disappeared un- der mysterious circumstances. In its territory there were a lot of disappearances. The first information of the anomalies come from 1492. In Columbuss log it was said he saw strange things like weird lights and his compass did not point north in the area of what is now the Bermuda Triangle. Then hundreds of years later, ships and planes have had disappeared. People who have escaped from the watery death have said it was a supernatural experience. The most famous losses which have occurred in the area was disappearance of USS Cyclops in March 1918 and the aircraft of Flight 19 in December 1945. There are theories saying that phenomenon of breaking the laws of physics is detected in this area. Some people think it’s caused by the presence of "strangers" . Another theory is that a giant sea animal lives in the triangle. It takes ships and pulls them down. Probably one of the best known theories is the gas theory. The triangle is full of car- bon dioxide and that means that when boats pass through the triangle they can freeze on the base making them sink from the weight. The gas can also explain plane disappearances too. When the engine starts it can cause the gas in the air to ignite making the air craft explode.
  2. 2. Crop circles in Chruszczobród— an interview with an eye-witness Paulina and Karlina- stu- time the fear passed. happened, which would possi- dents of Gimnazjum Nr 6 - How did the rings precisely bly focus your attention in the look like? time directly before the mysteri- are talking to Mrs Anna– - There were three rings pressed ous events? the resident of Chruszczo- out in the field among the crops. - Of course. In the evening I was bród. Here is a part of the They were very precise and au- trying to call my husband who interview. thentic. was on a business trip at the - What unusual happened in time, but my mobile phone had Chruszczobród and when did it lost the range for a couple of happen ? hours. I found out that many - On the 12th of July 2005 about 9 people had exactly the same a.m the strange rings among the problem with the range of mo- crops appeared here. biles. My friend told me that she had seen some blinking lights - What was your first reaction - Was it possible that these trac- far away in the fields behind the when you saw the rings first time? es were created by human or church,. As it turned out later on - I got shocked! I couldn’t believe some kind of machine or de- some people had seen either a my own eyes! vice? column of light or the light - How did other residents of the - For sure not. No one could cloud. town react to this occurrence? have created them manually. -Do you really believe that the There was also no trace of heavy extraterrestrial creatures visited - People were surprised, I can appliance such as crane or any Chruszczobrod at that time? even say that, they were terrified lorry. by what had happened. At the Yes. I am convinced that we beginning they didn’t want to - Did you notice any suspicious were dealing with a paranormal approach this place but after some traces or did anything strange phenomenon.. The accident at Los Rodeos’ Airport, Tenerife 30 years ago, at the Los Ro- Two planes crashed which asking where her parents deos’ Airport, Tenerife, there come from Amsterdam and were. was an accident which is New York, causing 592 considered the worst acci- deaths. Only 34 people sur- dent in history of aircrafts’ vived. It was said their dead accidents none has ever seen. people’s ghosts were scream- ing at nights and the people who worked saw their ghosts. The scariest ghost was a girl who walked alone, Secret places in Oberhausen, Germany The blood that was on the The son is a senior prose- It is said that she heard wall was not blood but the cutor. voices from the basement contents of a glass of mar- at night and there were malade that was smashed dark shapes of bodies against the wall walking around in a pic- The woman was not mur- ture above her bed. The dered. Neighbours said picture was an image of that she died in an old Jesus Christ. people´s home. The son should inherit the house, but he had no inter- est in the house.page2 Bermuda Triangle
  3. 3. A legend about the Black Dog In 1669 the owner of the place a corner cave in the groans. Warszycki Ogrodzieniec castle wa courtyard of the castle in didn’t die with a Stanislaw War- Ogrodzieniec by natural death but szycki. a torture chamber he was taken by Stanisław was called “ War- devils to hell . He a very rich szycki’s torture was changed into Polish digni- chamber “. In this a black dog. Since tary. War- cave, he personal- that time he szycki was ly supervised the haunts the castle recognised as a torture of insub- in Ogrodzieniec . thrifty host ordinate servants. People are afraid. who took care Warszycki didn’t for the devel- tolerate any op- opment of craft and hand- position. He was cruel icraft. But he had a diffi- even for his wife. One day cult charater and for his he ordered to torture his servants wan’t a good wife. During the torture lord. He ordered to re- he was listening to her Spooky house in Oberhausen About 300 years ago house house was still not restored, once, but I thought nothing great was built in Oberhausen. It even the wallpaper came here, reached the top I looked I was shocked, was already great, but as down, and the windows around me, I quickly looked left, clapped and kick always, the shutters were were full of dust and decay there stood a large cabinet. I went the door, but down and the light was out, half on the stairs were. I was and opened it. A large amount of nothing happened. although a woman who scared, but I wanted to find cockroaches, bats and mosquitoes Now almost tears lived there. No one knew out what it all had to be here were in it. dropped down and where she came from, be- with the wife, so I walked I started screaming and as some- I was very pale. But cause no one knew her and up the stairs, I suddenly thing held my leg. I turned suddenly the door had never seen or had a heard a bang! I was shocked around slowly, to see who it was, was opened by the hand of a ghost I talked to her. looked back and saw that but I couldn´t see anyone. I quick- presumed. . When I was there I was sob- one door was closed. I kept ly ran down the stairs to go out. bing at first, but then I went running and suddenly heard But the door did not work any- into the house. I saw the loud screams! I swallowed more, it was locked. Saint Borondón –The Lost Island The Canary Islands are seven ... where they landed. It was full of trees and ously, the island was quickly identified and yet seeks eighth island. It is other vegetation. Celebrated Mass, and with the mythical island of St. Brendan the ghost island, mysterious is- suddenly the island began to move. It was whale, whose name became, in the Ca- land, the island of San Borondón. a giant sea creature, on whose back they naries, "San Borondón". They blindly San Borondón is the Canary Is- were monks. After many adventures, believed in their existence, and there land of Saint Brendan and Saint Brendan managed to return to Ireland. were detailed accounts of the odd surf- Brendan of Clonfert (480-576 The truth is that since the fifteenth centu- er who swore to have landed on the AD), an Irish monk, who starred ry, during which the Canary Islands were island and having explored before in one of the most famous leg- conquered, they begin to hear the accounts again sinking into the ocean. ends of the Celtic culture: the of a eighth island which sometimes could voyage of St. Brendan, or Bren- be seen west of La Palma, El Hierro and La dan to the Promised Land of Gomera. When sailors tried to approach it, Blessed are the islands of Happi- and were in sight of their coasts, moun- ness and Fortune. Brendan and tains and valleys, the island was shrouded his companions came to an island in mist and disappeared completely. Obvi-Bermuda Triangle page3
  4. 4. The Lercaro House’s Ghost Catalina Lercaro was an Italian- Canarian woman belonging to the family of Lercaro, renowned in the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). The Lercaro were animportant family of Genovese merchants, based in Tenerife after the conquest.Catalina, Antonio Lercaro’s daughter, was forced to marry an older man, who enjoyed a good position and greatwealth. This marriage of convenience did not please Catalina, who decided to kill himself on her wedding day byleaping into the pit which is located in the courtyard of his house-mansion (now the Museum of the History ofTenerife). The legend suggests that Catalina body is buried in one of the rooms in the house, because, havingcommitted suicide, the Church opposed to her receiving a Christian burial in a cemetery. These facts led Lercaro’sfamily moved to live in La Orotava. Since then many people claim to have seen on her wedding day Catalina’sspectrum walking through the halls of the museum. Later in 1993 the house became the Museum of History andAnthropology of Tenerife.Currently Catalina Lercaro is the "spectrum" mostfamous Canary Islands. The employees of the museum preferred to remainanonymous when talking about the matter, because they feared they mightlose their jobs. The Local Council doesnt want the building associated witha ghost it seems. The ghost of a young woman has been reportedly seen in thebuilding and her footsteps heard. Of course, Catherines spirit still hauntsthe house. Jasna Gora Sanctuary in CzestochowaIt is the most popular place of pilgrimage of Catholics in Poland. Amonastery of Pauline monks and an image of the Częstochowa Mother ofGod, by which the difficult to exemplify number of wonders occurred.Jasna Góra is from a historical point of view also a special place for allPoles. In the 17th century there was an attempt to capture Jasna Górastronghold by Swedes. The attempt ended in a fiasco. Wawel’s chakra According to the beliefs Chakra has an impact on people, and, is located within the ruins of the old church, in the chapel of St. Gereon in the depths of the earth. The structures are derived from the eleventh century, and are built of stone of different natural elements. Energy, which has flown from it, has a form of It is difficult to explain all the cross-shaped whirl. It rotates counter- these events rationally... The clockwise. The mystics deem it beneficial to only explanation is that we man. It has to cause some harmony in the are not alone in the Uni- mind of man, the growth of knowledge, the verse …. accumulation and the correctness of thought.