How to help Polish economy and environment

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  • 1. ec Ho on w t om o h y el an p d the en vir Pol on ish m en t?
  • 2. One should find fundamental causes of the bad economicsituation in false economic doctrine carried out from thebeginnings of the third Polish Republic which were accompaniedby harmful experiments and the predatory privatization andirrational managing of the domestic economic potential. L istedfactors together with the loss of the sovereignty and theboundless expansion of the foreign capital made our countrydependent from foreign capitals. T hey also contributed to theincrease of the national debt and the deficit of the internationaltrade, and to rise of the unemployment and the emigration foreconomic reasons of Poles.
  • 3. 30%- Poles that have a job70%- Poles having problems with finding the job
  • 4. In order to help the environment, we can save theenergy, sort rubbish, use eco-friendly bags andlimit the consumption of raw materials. Within lastfew years the pollution of the natural environmenthas greatly increased. More and more chemicals arefound poured into the ground waters and sewers,unregistered dumps are found in the forests. Theemission of a carbon dioxide to the atmosphere isconstantly increasing. Fortunately, the discussionsabout the protection of the environment are beingmade. People are being encouraged every day to tryto help the natural environment by taking actionsprotecting the nature which every each of us will beable to do.
  • 5. The plan to deal with the crisis is based ona few fundamental rules:• save the economy when the crisis isstarting to diminish,• create and regulate the new economy• implement the planned economy,• this process is supposed to be held withinner strengths,• to take national and foreign loans.
  • 6. 1. How much % of Poles has got a job?2. List 3 reasons for the bad management in Poland.3. How can we help the environment?4. Is 60 % of Poles looking for work?5. What is happening with sewage?6. Give one way to come out of the economic crisis.
  • 7. Team 5 & 6 Leaded by:Patrycja NataliaOrman Baczewska