Dream book meaning and interpreting dreams by group3


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Dream book meaning and interpreting dreams by group3

  1. 1. The most popular dreams and their meaning
  2. 2. Since the dawn of time people are giving some thought to the meaning and the symbolism of dreams. However it is not possible to explicitly determine what the given dream is presenting and what meaning does it have? The meaning of dreams is and was a riddle, admittedly the origin of dreams with each passing year is more and more obvious thanks to the research. However, the very meaning of dreams is a huge riddle. In order to explain dreams, the dream books of different kinds are coming into existence, both in the version of the traditional books and in the interactive version that is the internet dream book. In both cases the dream book is characterized in the process.The dream interpretation consists of guessing the meaning of symbols we are dealing with which occur during the dream. Dreams are usually coming into existence as a result of the experienced situations and emotions. The meaning of dreams is serious in interpretation since it is possible to interpret every symbol in a few ways. In very interpretation one should also remember that dreams have individual interpretations depending on the investigated person, therefore it isnt possible to treat the meaning of the symbolism of the given dream identically. Therefore sleepy stories are so important (which should enroll) in order to interpret them from a perspective of the time.
  3. 3.  Pregnancy Child Man Corpse, The Deceased Water Teeth Blood Boy Baby Hair Cat Rat Mouse Church Horse
  4. 4. Pregnancy in the sleep is symbolizing new plans and hopes which are maturing in us and in the end will be fulfilled.dreaming woman who is a pregnant woman: expects something new from life, your wishes will come true;to see a pregnant woman: financial happinessdreaming woman is giving birth to fish: the child will live briefly, can also be born deaddreaming woman is giving birth to the eagle: will have a son which will be strong and lordly.
  5. 5. Searching for the way out of the conflictual situation; you want to begin anew, to dispatch ones life to the new trail, also internal. Similarly to the youth, perhaps to symbolize the child the chance and the possibility of the further development. In this symbol the conflicts caused by mainly an immaturity often emerge. Apart from that the dream about the child can be also be an allusion to the own children or can express desire for having one.- to see: generally beneficial sign - to give birth: new possibilities are opening in your existence- to see it during the birth: for the man a parting with the woman means; for poor men improvement in the fate, for wealthy it is a bad prodrome; travelling a return to the homeland is heralding- baby: happiness for mothers- dead: trouble and worries- to carry them for baptism: going up the route of Christian principles- to look at the sleepy child: good future- playing child: joy
  6. 6. Regarding women - sexual-erotic meaning, at men attempt to account with oneself by making aware of ones gaps. The man or the maleness are an ancient symbol of awareness, mind, intellect, enthusiasm and prefers what such trademarks are often connected with the hardness and the assertiveness.- young man: unflagging activity, anxiety, desire of the act or the irrepressible sexual attraction- to see or to commune with him: older man - you will receive good advice, meeting with the young woman is implementing anxiety; if the young girl meets the man in the sleep, in fact she will have to wait for him still; the woman is being beaten in the sleep by the man or else, she will be beaten by him in the reality. Fat: love of somebody who will be forestalling every wish of the woman, soft-hearted symbol and sympathiesWhen we dream about the boy it is as if we dream about a man for us.
  7. 7. The symbol of already settled matters, however, it replies to all the questions bothering you. He can symbolize mistakes, guilts, defeats from pasts which we are trying to hide. The troupe can indicate dead feeling, passion. A subconscious death wish of the person, by which we have problems sometimes manifests itself in it.- to see: is heralding the wedding or the birth of a child in the most immediate environment- to see oneself as the deceased: soon you will free yourself of great worrying- the deceased is taking clothes, money: the death of the dreaming person or somebody close- the deceased will give something to you: a bad sign
  8. 8. The water level is reflecting the state of your soul. Water is the oldest symbol, specific meaning of it results from the attendant circumstances, amongst which the following variants are most important:- branch water: it is symbolizing the state of the psychological balance, harmony, approaching success, happiness and love.- cloudy, dirty water: it is expressing bad phenomena in our psyche, it is often connected with the lack of self-confidence, with materialistic approach towards life, with the ignorance of oneself or character traits and thoughts which we regard dirty.
  9. 9. The tooth is pointing out to financial and sexual needs. It is possible to read the accurate meaning above all from the following attendant circumstances:- healthy teeth: are heralding the success and financial benefits- spoiled teeth: are warning against defeats and losses
  10. 10. A lot of meanings, also sexual. Blood is connected generally with food, physical strength and awareness of the body, which features enable to conduct the active life. Moreover human relationships, fears and inhibitions can manifest itself in this way. Blood has a lot of possible interpretations which are giving themselves to conclude only from the attendant circumstances in the sleep and from the ones real situation in life.- to see someones blood: worrying against somebody- to be stained with blood: is revealing a sense of guilt and shame, we do not accept ourselves and we feel "dirty".
  11. 11. An immaturity, symbolizing self-confidences, however next time a good development is heralding personalities. Generally baby means nice and safe future, unless it is emaciated, it is screaming or it is falling down.- to see a baby: generally good sign- to murder them: you will suffer the damage from your own fault.
  12. 12. A symbol of connecting with the animalistic life; substantial erotic symbol, albeit in the figurative sense. The hair colour has different meanings, red hair is symbolizing the temperament and being liked, black - health, grey - concerns and worries, white - wisdom, goodness and happiness, blonde our deliberate thoughts. Short hair is pointing out to driven sexual needs. The long hair can symbolize the sensuality and the exaggerated dominance of the intellect. Carefully the dishevelled hair mean vanity. For women to dream of a beautiful, long hair and for this reason it is enjoying good omen. However long hair but not being taken care of are threatening everyone with mourning and sadness.- to dye: you are concentrating efforts on an already lost case- to wash: concern
  13. 13. An ancient female symbol in the dreams of men. The sexual symbol more associated with the need of tenderness. Generally the cat in the sleep can warn against the trick and the falseness or to call for bigger trusting the own intuition.- to see: always bad sign; above all a falsehood means friends and acquaintances or disappointment in love- to be scratched by him or bitten: you have dangerous enemies
  14. 14. Ruining vital forces or something worse. It can mean the shame of himself or other people or of the entire life. This emotion is paralyzing all the action. Eliminating this emotion and its causes is essential. The rat is warning against a back-stabber.- to see it running: you are passionately in love by somebody- to catch it and to kill it: the quarrel with the person in love or problems in love
  15. 15. Erotic-sexual meaning; also: the dream warning against the exaggerated exploitation of the organism. It can also warn us against something that is happening and against what we cannot ignore.- squeaking mouse: warning against losses and the financial risk- to catch luck in the disaster.
  16. 16. The symbol of the victim, in addition it can stand for fulfilling our happiness or for devotion (giving). The church can symbolize psychological ripening, intellectual development.- to see: you will be stopped from the unfair act- to enter, to join the church: you are full of the reverence for God
  17. 17. A horse belongs to symbols very rich in meaning. It is reflecting instincts, drives, passion, desire, the sensuality, the awareness of the own body and the sexuality. The mare is symbolizing the femininity, the mildness and moreover the sensuality.- A racehorse: start saving- A horse in the stable: prosperity
  18. 18. Thank you for watching the presentation.GROUP 3 Adrianna Figiel (Poland) Monika Nemś (Poland) Natalia Wyporska (Poland) Raquel Rivero Dorta (Spain) Melania Siverio Correa (Spain) Giulia (Germany)