Crisis in Poland


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Crisis in Poland

  1. 1. g the fight with pressure of the time strugglin king Decision ma echoic Crisis in Poland
  2. 2. Table of Contest• - The sources of pollution• - Kinds of environmental pollutions• - Ecologists are on strike• - Crisis in the farming• - Crisis in the industry• - Government policy in the face of the crisis• - Counteracting pollution• - Bibliography
  3. 3. The sources of pollution• The environmental pollution can be caused by natural sources (e.g. volcanoes), or be artificial (caused by the human activity) which is taking place as a result of the unintentional, but systematic human activity.
  4. 4. Types of pollution - AirTypes of pollution:A) Air Pollution The presence of various substances in the atmosphere in such concentration and for long period of time leads to adverse consequences for the health and well-being of people and other living things.
  5. 5. Types of pollution – water B) Water pollution. Those are the changes in physical, chemical and biological state of the water that make usage of the groundwater for drinking, or economic purposes impossible.
  6. 6. Types of pollution - noiseC) noise The problem of noise is omnipresent these days. The noise is caused by machinery, various means of transport such as planes, cars etc.
  7. 7. Types of pollution - Radioactive contamination D) Radioactive contamination It is the contamination of the water, soil or air usually caused by bad disposal of radioactive substances, nuclear machinery failure, or the atomic bomb explosion etc.
  8. 8. Pollution of Landscape & LightE)Pollution of Landscape It is reducing the aesthetic value of the environment by human interference, f.e. by creating waste dumps.F)Pollution of Light It is mainly excessive light emission which usually interferes the astronomical observations, and prevent wild animals from feeding.
  9. 9. Ecologists are on strike!Due to water and air pollution 6 million people die every year! Ecologists cannot agree with this situation and are striking. They appeal for "better treatment of the nature."The most serious effects of environmental degradation that have the influence on the organisms living on Earth are: - global warming - The ozone depletion - smog - acid rain - tropospheric ozone - noise - odors
  10. 10. Crisis in agricultureIn Polish agriculture, the crisis caused major decrease of the prices of goods manufactured and sold in rural areas.
  11. 11. The crisis in the industryIndustrial crisis manifested itself mainly in the form of declining of the production. The largest decline occurred in mining and heavy industry – that is, in sectors of the economy which are the countrys economic potential.
  12. 12. Government policy towards the crisis During the crisis, the Polish government has defended the Polish current - Zloty. The most important feature of a deflationary policy was to bring all the elements of economic life to the principle of maintaining a stable currency and a fixed exchange rate. In practice, it was based on the inhibition of growth of money in the circulation, the introduction of the Polish Bank credit constraints, reducing funds for investment and cut budgetary spending.
  13. 13. Prevention of pollutionThe actions to be taken to prevent pollution of the environment are:     -Recycling    -Reduction of carbon dioxide, and dust emission into the atmosphere    -Reducing the production of fossil fuels    -Promoting the usage of renewable energy sources (solar power, wind turbines)    -Manufacturing the reusable products
  14. 14. Bibliography
  15. 15. Thanks for Watching: Karina Borek - Poland Agata Panasiuk – Poland Jakub Dyczko - Poland Naomi Gutierrez - SpainJennifer González Carballo - Spain Irene Negrín León - Spain Janina -Germany