Conteporary problems and our solutions


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Conteporary problems and our solutions

  1. 1. Kinds ofproblems:
  2. 2. -Main problems-Main problems of the Polish of the Polish society: society:
  3. 3. -Alcoholism.-Alcoholism.Apart from unemployment, the poverty, caused by the lack of incomes isgrowing. In the end, frustration and the mental breakdown causingalcoholism are coming, which slowly, but regularly causes the greaterpoverty. By losing the family a person ends up living in the street. Thealcoholism causes that a person stops thinking and functioning rationally.Dangerous and very typicall are the situations in which drunk parentsforget about their duties. We often hear about fires, falling out of thewindows – these all happened because parents drank alcohol at that time ,or didnt manage to sober up. This way one should regard alcoholism as oneof main problems of the Polish society. In our times, however, according tonew surveys an amount of vodka drunk is decreasing. However, the amountof the consumption of wine and beer is rising.Such tendencies are mostly seen amongst people with thehigher education and young people. Therefore, we can also talkabout so-called alcoholism of the upper classes as the socialdisease.
  4. 4. -Aggression-AggressionApart from poverty andconsequences associated with it,alcoholism causes also the aggression.In recent time the number ofchildren abused by intoxicatedparents has risen. Unfortunately, thevictims are often small children whosuffer the most.
  5. 5. -Drug addiction.-Drug addiction.Undoubtedly, a drug addiction is another illness which our society isstruggling with. The problem occured in Poland in 70’s, but only in 90sit was treated more seriously. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons forspreading drugs was the fashion in 70 for smoking and takinghallucinogenic drugs which helped people „switch off their mind andenter the state of the nirvana”. It quickly turned out that makingattempts to achieve this state of mind was harmful to the condition ofthe body, but the explaination that the drugs are harmful took just toolong. Before they forbade them entirely in Poland, a lot of young peopledied of overdosing, or destroyed their organisms. The MONARassociation established by Marek Kotański was first to make an attemptto help addicted people dealing with their problems
  6. 6. -Crime.-Crime.The most probably tangible, apart from the unemployment and thepoverty problem of the Polish society is crime. However, the number ofcrimes now is lower than, at the beginning of 90s, when unevenlyexpanding society, particularly its low – life wanted the property levelcompensation through common thefts and assaults. Smuggling drugs,cigarettes, mobile phones, audio/video devices and home appliances isvery popular nowadays. Amongst the different forms of crime, the onewhich is the most serious and still brings the most profit is thecomputer piracy and hacking. However, the situation is slowly startingto change.
  7. 7. One of the One of the solutions to solutions toalcoholism, drug addiction and alcoholism, drug addiction andaggression caused by drinking and aggression caused by drinking andtaking drugs is conducting some taking drugs is conducting somepreventive actions at schools like, preventive actions at schools like,for example, ‘non-smoking day’, or for example, ‘non-smoking day’, or‘keep the sober mind’. They should ‘keep the sober mind’. They shouldbe started in the primary be started in the primaryeducation. education.
  8. 8. -Flats are missing. -Flats are missing.One of the most important problems Polish people aredealing with is the low number and high prices of flats.People don’t have money for purchasing expensiveapartments and, what is more, they don’t have money forbuilding their own houses. It is about some 10 years agowhen the prices of flats were much lower and today payingabout 300 thousands for two-bedroom flat in the capital cityis just a dream for many young people.Unfortunately, the not very realistic plan of building 3million flats failed, and the program of „the first flat” ison the similar degree of the development. Therefore, ifthe young people are not earning some … 50 thousandsper year can forget about their own flat.
  9. 9. Building new blocks with cheaper spaces to live will solve the lack of flats.
  10. 10. -Political problems-Political problemsThe world wars and other armed conflicts as well as the instabilityof political systems are main political problems . The fall of thecommunism in central and eastern Europe created the belief thatthe threat of the war, or any military attacks will disappear fromthe political life at the beginning of 90s. An armed conflict isregarded as the war. On the retinue, a division into 2 blocksdisappeared politically - military, but still local armed conflictswhich often have character of civil wars remain. An armed conflictis in the international law a notion broader than the war. Theseare all signs of the armed struggle, even so, where the warfarewasnt said to be present. We can come across a lot of ranking ofwars and other contemporary armed conflicts, they determinetheir character, taking different evaluation criteria intoconsideration.
  11. 11. There must be a mutualagreement of the partiesin solving politicalproblems. A tolerance isstill solving this problem,it can change everything!
  12. 12. Thank youfor watching our presentation! By TEAM 5 Maja Gewald -Poland Natalia Baczewska - Poland Anna Woszczyk - Poland Anna Hermanowska - Poland Estefanía Rodríguez Delgado - Spain Daniel Suárez Florentìn - Spain Jorge Andrés Rosa Duter- Spain Alba Helena Simón Bonilla - Spain Viktor - Germany