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Bermuda Triangle_5

  1. 1. What is this?Disappearance, mysteriousaccidents and failures - allthese events took place inthe so-called. BermudaTriangle - the zone that isconsidered one of the mostsecretive on the Earth.Some people believe thatthe phenomenon ofbreaking the laws of physicstakes place in this area.
  2. 2. What do we already know?In this dangerous area, the extent of which coversthe area from Puerto Rico to Miami via Bermuda,accidents happened. The accidents are difficult toexplain. Some people believe the BermudaTriangle is a mysterious area, there are also thosewho believe that this area interacts with powersthat are unknown . The powers come fromparanormal factors or alien civilizations.
  3. 3. First articles!• In 1950, the agency "Associated Press," published an article whose author described the strange cases of disappearances of airplanes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle region. A similar article, which also focused on the strange incidents that occurred in the vicinity of the "devil triangle" was published in 1952 in the journal "Fate", which specializes in topics relating to paranormal phenomena. Text of George Sand, entitled "Marine mystery at our back door," focused primarily on the disappearance five U.S. bombers (designated as Fly 19), which participated in the training mission, and the wrecks have not been found. The crew disappeared on Dec. 5, 1945. The author of the article suggested that a key role in their disappearance has the area of the Bermuda Trinagle. It is believed that it was George Sands article which started the whole wave of publications about accidents that have occurred over the area.
  4. 4. Louder and louder… Stories about the legendary place began to become louder, when in 1962 an article about Flight no 19 appeared in the journal "American Legion". A dialogue between two commanders of the ship which disappeared on 5th December 1945, was placed in the text. One of the commanders said words like these: We are heading the white water, nothing looks properly. We dont know when we are. The water is green, not white.
  5. 5. More ships.• Coming soon began to appear more publications, where the authors wrote about the enigmatic disappearances . Vincent Gaddis in the text for the magazine "Argosy", entitled "Deadly Bermuda Triangle," pointed out that all the disappearances were associated with difficult to explain events. Authors of more books about the mysterious zone caused fame of supernatural phenomena occurring near Florida.• There are also researchers who are trying to solve the mystery of the Triangle in a scientific manner. According to them, bad weather, and navigation equipment defects are responsible for numerous accidents.
  6. 6. The scientific reason• Last year it was loud because of the research of Russian scientists, who reported that they were able to explain the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle. Experts from the branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said then that the key to explain the riddle Triangle is high tectonic activity in this region. By shifting and cracking the Earths crust below the seabed escapes under a great pressure of huge quantities of natural gas. When the ship comes, it loses balance and sinks. This is a result of large changes in the density of water and methane-filled cloud, which arise as a result of the release of subsurface gases. As we know already from the 80s of the twentieth century, under the surface of the ocean there are huge deposits of gas.
  7. 7. Today…Today, the number of missing ships and planes is about a few hundreds. It is estimated that the forces of the ocean took more than two thousand people. Most of the pilots and sailors on the password "Bermuda Triangle" are dipped by a cold sweat.
  8. 8. Dark Secret ... From 1840 to 1971 in the vicinity of Bermuda were happening terrible things. So many disappearances of ships or aircraft caused greatinterest in this place, but it is still not explained the phenomenon.
  9. 9. • 1. What areas does the Bermuda Triangle include? Quiz• A) from Puerto Rico to Miami via Bermuda• B) from Los Angeles to Miami via Bermuda• C) from Puerto Rico to New York via Bermuda• 2. What nationality were the scientists who explained the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle• A) American• B) Russian• C) Italian• 3.What is ”The Flight no 19” ?• A) secret mission• B) group of researchers of the Bermuda Triangle• C) 5 American bombers that took part in the training mission, and the wrecks have not been been found• 4. What are the years when the mysterious accidents took place ?• A)1869-1890• B)1840-1971• C)1710-1971• 5. What caused the disappearances of ships according to the researchers ?• A) This is a result of large changes in the density of water and methane-filled cloud, which arise as a result of the release of subsurface gases. B) This is because of huge sea monsters that cause big waves C) UFO sends to Earth radii disrupting the balance 6. Who began a wave of publications about accidents that occurred in the area? A) Martin Ten B) George Sand C) Simon Edwin