BODDY13 - Workshop 5: Vera Ovcharenko


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How SMEs use testbenches to improve their innovative services and solutions?

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BODDY13 - Workshop 5: Vera Ovcharenko

  1. 1. Vera Ovcharenko, Cap Digital Noam Bercovici, Ontopica 24/06/2013 BODDy WP5 – Open Platform for high speed broadband services How SMEs use testbenches to improve their innovative services and solutions?
  2. 2. Content ①WP5 consortium ②Objectives ③Platform description ④SMEs selection process ⑤Projects selected ⑥Use-case: Elodepart experimentation
  3. 3. WP5 consortium Cap Digital Paris Region – WP5 leader. Tecdev – Open Cities Platform coordination support. Institut Mines Telecom: in charge of beta-testing and Pan-European Observatory of FTTH Networks Usages. Bearstech: in charge of technical support and applications hosting. .
  4. 4. Objectives Allow European SMEs to experiment new innovative broadband services using a Living Lab approach Build a Pan-European observatory of the digital usages on the FTTH networks using studies, monographs, comparative analyses of usages in industrial and institutional contexts of the four partner cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Paris.
  5. 5.  Experimentation project leaders have access to the Open Cities Platform, in a 2 phase sequence: • Technical fine-tuning. • Real-size experimentation.  Resources made avalaible on the platform • Hosting on a managed data centre for a phase of alpha-testing, methodological and technical support to the company then for a phase on bêtatesting. • Internet portal to give access to services. • Access to a group of European beta-testers rewarded by incentives.
  6. 6. SCOPE OF THE PLATFORM The platform is opened to: • All high-speed broadband (HSB) services (FTTH and ADSL). • Mobile applications. • Connected TV projects Services under experimentation are at the prototyping stage, and constitute a technological innovation or an innovative service.
  7. 7. Selection process Two Calls for projects: The first Call has been launched on May the 16th, 2011. Six projects have been submitted, five projects have been selected by jury. The second Call has been launched on May the 2nd, 2012 Eleven projects have been submitted. Eight have been selected by jury.
  8. 8. Eligibility of the projects • Orientation: BtoB or BtoC. • Area: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Greater Paris Region, Helsinki and Roma. Projects selection criterias  final step of the research & development phase;  pre-competitive stage and offer an economic model for the next phase of industrialization or commercial roll-out ;  within the company's development strategy ;  real need for part of all of the resources provided by the Platform;  aims and objectives of the experimentation, and the project leader's expectations in terms of feedback are clearly defined ;
  9. 9. BeLearner offers you the opportunity to build customized educational courses, online and interactive videos. The interface may also serve as an editing tool for educational web documentaries. Leader : ERDENET CITIES : AMSTERDAM-BERLIN-PARIS
  10. 10. 3D Cities Create a link between the citizens and their city by the use of social networks using an avatar in a dedicated 3D immersive world. Leader : 3D VILLES CITIES : PARIS, BERLIN, BARCELONA
  11. 11. Jame’s May 360Production puts the best ideas and the freshest visuals on the right platform: TV, Mobile and Online. Leader : 360 Prod – UK SME Partner : France Television
  12. 12. Connected cars Aerys offers apps for cars, synchronized and in real time, in order to improve the quality of the driver experience in Smart Cities. Leader : AERYS (SME) City : PARIS
  13. 13. Ireo The Bernard Julhiet company offers the opportunity to experiment its very innovative platform for improving the recruitment of competences at the european scale Leader : Groupe Bernard Julhiet CITY: BARCELONA
  14. 14. Velobici A digital app for improving bicycle tourism in Barcelona Leader : La Compagnie des Mobilités CITY: Barcelona
  15. 15. Screenfizz Audiovisual promotion solutions for Businesses. Leader : Tivipro CITIES : HELSINKI, LONDRES
  16. 16. Smartsy With smartsy®, capture and transform any real-life image or object into a vast range of customized content, from mobile apps and videos to e-coupons and more. Leader : SMARTSY CITIES : PARIS-BARCELONA-BERLIN
  17. 17. Kusanagi Kusanagi project aims to develop a network centric platform for remote rendering and streaming of high-definition gaming. It purposes is to provide users a superior gaming experience on thin client devices through a broadband connection. Leader : EUREVA City : PARIS
  18. 18. Unlimited Cities The first available tool for collaborative urbanism that is used by the community. Unlimited Cities is particularly easy to use and affordable for all types of cities. Leader : Urban Fabric Organization (UFO) City : HELSINKI (FINLAND) - AMSTERDAM (NTHLD)
  19. 19. Ontopica Environment for linked open deliberation and e-participation on noise pollution reduction Leader : Ontopica – German SME City : VANVES (Paris Suburbs)