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Getting involved with TYPO3
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Getting involved with TYPO3


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From an outside view the official TYPO3 teams seem to be somewhat mystique or even invisible. Nevertheless the members do a tremendous amount of voluntary work for TYPO3. …

From an outside view the official TYPO3 teams seem to be somewhat mystique or even invisible. Nevertheless the members do a tremendous amount of voluntary work for TYPO3.
But in fact everybody started small (except Kasper ;)). Some people joined the TYPO3 way since the beginning and some started to participate a while ago. What everybody has in common though is the great enthusiasm about TYPO3 and its future. And not all of them are developers.

Our talk will be about the participation in one of the TYPO3 teams. We will present the different teams and show their important work for TYPO3. We plan to interview some interesting people that represent their teams. You will get an impression how to join a TYPO3 team and be active on a longterm basis.

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  • 1. Berit Jensen {}
  • 2. Ben van 't Ende {}
  • 3. Event Committee community organizing events broader audience T3CON T3BOARD T3DD
  • 4. Event Committee T3DD: Thomas Hempel, Gina Steiner, Mario Rimann T3CON: Jürgen Egeling, Sören Schaffstein T3BOARD: Adrian Zimmermann, Claudio Cathomen
  • 5. Contact Team central hub Open Ticket Response System (OTRS)
  • 6. Certification Team certification is important: for TYPO3 Customers train & test skills for the TYPO3 Projects for TYPO3 Professionals assure competence for YOU skilled professionals
  • 7. Certification Team Dominic Brander (leader) Miljana Micky Baratovic, Sebastian Böttger, Michael Dengler, Patrick Gaumond, Tobias Hause, Patrick Lobacher, Robert Meyer, Peter Niederlag, Daniel Schiffner, Sacha Storz
  • 8. Marketing Team website content & features services / support marketing strategies preparation for conferences fundraising
  • 9. Marketing Team Kian Gould (leader) Peter Pröll Eike Diestelkamp Berit Jensen Ben van 't Ende
  • 10. Security Team secret team XSS FLOW3 security framework SQL injection extension bulletins keeping TYPO3 a safe place
  • 11. Security Team Helmut Hummel , Andreas Förthner (leader) Sebastian Böttger, Dmitry Dulepov, Georg Ringer, Jochen Weiland, Lars Jensen, Marcus Krause, Oliver Klee contact:
  • 12. Design & Usability Team TYPO3 UI official websites two teams style guide merchandising
  • 13. Design & Usability Team Jens Hofmann (leader) Björn Brockmann Lars Zimmermann Martin Engel Artem Matevosyan
  • 14. Documentation Team controls documentation wiki content supports documentation-writers TypoScript in 45 minutes documentation template
  • 15. Documentation Team Francois Suter, Daniel Brüßler (leader) Susanne Moog, Martin Holtz, Patrick Lobacher, Fabien Udriot, Philipp Gampe contact: team-docteam
  • 16. Press work → Editorial Team presentation to the outside world official websites press work proof reading SEO
  • 17. Admin Server Team maintaining server infrastructure mailing lists mail server forge gerrit & git
  • 18. Admin Server Team Michael Stucki Sebastian Kurfürst Ingmar Schlecht contact:
  • 19. Content Rendering Group CSS_styled_content standard compliancy clean output HTML5 accessibility
  • 20. Content Rendering Group Ben van 't Ende (leader) Ernesto Baschny Susanne Moog Jo Hasenau Sacha Vorbeck
  • 21. Workspaces Team optimizing features custom stages optimizing usage
  • 22. Workspaces Team Sonja Scholz, Peter Niederlag (leader) Benjamin Mack, Oliver Hader, Steffen Ritter (co-leader) Toleiv Nietsch, Steffen Gebert, Michael Klapper, Marco Bresch, Lars Zimmermann, Ingo Schmitt
  • 23. File Abstracton Layer Team (Falcon) DAM team spin off minimal version of DAM getting rid of the "uploads" folder
  • 24. File Abstracton Layer Team (Falcon) Dan Osipov (leader) Andreas Wolf Peter Kühn Matthias Schreiber Ingo Renner
  • 25. Release Team Long Term Support TYPO3 version 4.5 core team
  • 26. Release Team Ernesto Baschny (Release Manager) Steffen Kamper (Technical Release Manager) Benni Mack (Support) Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)
  • 27. v4 Core Team Long Term Support enterprised-focused compatible with IE6 usability-focused ExtJS
  • 28. v4 Core Team Oliver Hader (team leader) Ernesto Baschny, Patrick Broens, Karsten Dambekalns, Dmitry Dulepov, Steffen Gebert, Rupert Germann, Christian Jul Jensen, Thorsten Kahler, Steffen Kamper, Wolfgang Klinger, Bernhard Kraft, Christian Kuhn, Sebastian Kurfuerst, Martin Kutschker, Robert Lemke, Tobias Liebig, Benjamin Mack, Susanne Moog, Peter Niederlag, Andreas Otto, Xavier Perseguers, Jochen Rau, Ingo Renner, Jan-Erik Revsbech, Stanislas Rolland, Ingmar Schlecht, Jeff Segars, Michael Stucki, Francois Suter
  • 29. Phoenix Team TypoScript ExtJS Domain Driven Development FLOW3 Extbase Content Repository Fluid
  • 30. Phoenix Team Robert Lemke (Team Leader) Karsten Dambekalns, Nils Dehl, Andreas Förthner, Jochen Rau, Christopher Hlubek, Jens Hoffmann, Berit Jensen, Sebastian Kurfuerst, Tobias Liebig, Daniel Poetzinger, Bastian Waidelich
  • 31. Board The board is assigned to execute all administrative tasks required by the by-laws
  • 32. Board Jürgen Egeling (chairman) Gina Steiner (vice-chairman) Adrian Zimmermann (treasurer) Mario Rimann (secretary) Søren Schaffstein (1st assessor) Peter Pröll (2nd assessor)
  • 33. Steering Committee sets the strategic goals for the TYPO3 project in the scope of the TYPO3 Association
  • 34. Steering Committee Ben van 't Ende (chairman) Karsten Dambelkalns, Eike Diestelkamp, Kian Gould, Christian Jul Jensen, Robert Lemke, Ingmar Schlecht, Marc Stephenson, Michael Stucki