Love in china


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Chinese youth are undergoing a change in assumptions about dating, money, and love.

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Love in china

  2. Introduction Chinese youth are undergoing a change inassumptions about dating, money, and love.
  3. Embracing Old Taboos
  4. SPOTLIGHT ON SINGLE WOMEN Until recently, being a single woman was socially unacceptable. Whether by choice or by circumstance, finding oneself outside of marriage could be an uncomfortable and lonely place. But like most things in China, change is afoot. We have noticed media recently that gives a voice and personality to two roles that have traditionally been swept under the rug: older bachelorettes and single moms. Read our original post here.
  5. WHY WOMEN ARE LEFT OVER In “我知道你是怎么剩下的" ("I Know Why You Are Left Over" in Mandarin), author and relationship columnist Wu Di presents a different angle on the phenomenon. The book presents reasons behind womens shift from tradition (difficulty managing relationship problems, choosing between love and career, and integrating new ideas about marriage and divorce) and exposes uniquely Chinese circumstances that have helped develop Chinas first generation of single women. Wu Di told us, shengnv is a product of the increasing GDP. This definition impressed me. It helped me to feel confident about being a shengnv because it helped me see that I am the one that chose to be left over. - aishanglylRead our original post here.
  6. MAPPING GENDER IMBALANCE Baidu launched a special feature for its mobile and PC map services called, the “Map of Love” in honor of Valentine’s Day. At the end of the holiday, the map relayed more than a love tale; it illustrated Chinas gender imbalance. A reported 70,205 single men had left love messages compared to only 13,532 single women. Read our original post here.
  7. SEXUAL REVOLUTION "Red Light Revolution" is the comedic film about an out-of-work Beijing taxi driver who opens a sex shop. The fact that the film passed censors says something about the subjects quickly fading taboo -- and the fact that there is no nudity. But it also points to a change in peoples attitudes and appetite for conversing openly about sexuality. Read our original post here.
  8. CELEBRATING MISTRESS DAYThe day before Valentines Day,Mistress Day, has drawn attention.In Hebei province, billboards andbanners reminded the public,“don’t have an affair on Valentine’sDay. Bring your love home.”Online, some cheeky youth pokedfun at Mistress Day while otherenterprising girlfriends showed offtheir loot from boyfriends whogifted on both Mistress Day andValentines Day.Read our original post here.
  9. HIGH END SEX BOUTIQUE Lin Degang, the founder of established his site in 2003 and went on to make it the biggest online retailer of sex toys and lingerie in China by marketing sex as fun. Lin hopes to attract young, affluent consumers ready to embrace their sexuality. He describes these shoppers as “urban professionals,” “Chinese yuppies who value the finer things in life,” and “the kind of people who enjoy red wine.” Read our original post here.
  10. Who We Are
  11. OUR STORY Established in 2006, The Bergstrom Group has developed a reputation for providing vivid customer immersions for brands and agencies. We began our commitment to China by focusing on young consumers. Based in Shanghai but spread across China, our on-the-ground team of subject matter experts, researchers, trendspotters and creatives is dedicated to telling the story of new China in a way that is both authentic and actionable.
  12. OUR BOOK All Eyes East: Lessons from the Front Lines of Marketing to China’s Youth by Mary Bergstrom Published in 2012, this book leverages five years of analysis, expert interviews, and photo journalism to tell the story of the world’s most powerful consumer group. Foreword by Chairman of Omnicom China Commentary from leaders at GM, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Converse, Li Ning, JWT, Interbrand, etc.
  13. Get CloserShanghai PRCT: +8621 6431