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Grafton Recruitment offers you professional advisory service during your job search. We advertise actual vacancies from prestigious companies. We advertise hundreds of new vacancies every week, so you get access to the latest and most interesting offers on the labour market.

We approach each candidate individually, we are happy to talk with you about your current situation and your career aspirations. We can advise you on vacancies which match your personal profile and future development needs and to recommend you to a number of suitable employers.

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Grafton Presentation

  1. 1. Our vision: “To be the first choice in the supply of local and global staffing solutions, through partnership with our clients whilst fulfilling the expectations of our candidates both nationally and internationally.”
  2. 2. Content • • • • • • • • Company Introduction Grafton in Europe Portfolio of Services Recruitment process in detail Direct Approach Competitive Advantages References Contacts
  3. 3. Who we are • Grafton Recruitment was established in Dublin in 1982 • Grafton Recruitment now employs almost 600 people worldwide • Turnover of 150 mil. EUR • Complete 7000 permanent assignments every year • Payroll approximately 6000 personnel every month
  4. 4. Grafton Recruitment in Europe • The Czech Republic      • Poland   • Grafton Recruitment Warsaw  Grafton Technologies Warsaw Grafton Recruitment Poznan Slovakia  • Grafton Recruitment Prague  Grafton Technologies Prague Grafton Recruitment Brno  Grafton Recruitment Usti nad Labem Grafton Recruitment Ostrava  Grafton Recruitment Plzen Grafton Recruitment Hradec Kralove  Grafton Recruitment Zlin Grafton Recruitment Jihlava  Grafton Recruitment České Budejovice Grafton Recruitment Bratislava Lithuania  Grafton Recruitment Vilnius • United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland  • Portugal  • Grafton Recruitment Budapest Grafton Technologies Budapest Romania  • Grafton Recruitment Lisbon Hungary   • 32 offices covering the region, with main offices:  Grafton Recruitment London  Grafton Recruitment Belfast  Grafton Recruitment Dublin Grafton Recruitment Bucharest Turkey  Grafton Recruitment Istanbul
  5. 5. Office Locations: Coverage: Office Locations & Delivery Capabilities (Coverage) – Grafton-Group Worldwide Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France,Greece, Hong Kong , Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, UK
  6. 6. Recruitment Process in detail Pre-recruitment Recruitment Selection • Recruitment Plan • • Telephone screening • Understand client‘s values and expectations • Initial Grafton interview • Pre-select candidates • Skills assessments • Shortlist presentation • Client interviews • Feedback • Offer • Confirm terms • • Agree/define Position specification, Personal profile and Timeline • • Agree essential/preferred criteria • Brief recruitment team • Agree shortlist criteria • Network client‘s requirements inhouse Initiate group wide database search of existing candidates Write ad copy in line with agency or job portals Brief recruitment team regarding ad response / job portals
  7. 7. Focus on Direct Approach We pride ourselves with being able to offer our clients candidates coming mainly from pure research and direct approach – we are specifically targeting the right professionals to offer our clients the best on the market. Research process • • • • Briefing – agree with client on specific job descriptions. Set up the recruitment team and the appropriate strategy. Target list and market research – get all information possible on your client’s business sector. Create a list of companies (competitors, distributors, suppliers, etc) where suitable candidates can be identified. Identification – process of finding the names of potentially suitable candidates coming from the companies on the target list. Direct Approach – contacting (confidentially) the candidates and presenting them the available opportunity. Get their profiles/CV. Selection process • • • • • Telephone interview – check information on the CV and match with client’s requirements. Confirm motivation. Face-to-face interview – meet candidates for in-depth discussion regarding their profiles and the job available. Assess personality traits. Short-list presentation Client interviews Offer
  8. 8. Competitive Advantages • Dynamic global company with a branch network in 20 countries around the world • Specialized and Experienced team of Recruitment Consultants with language capabilities enabling them to deliver in almost all Europe – English, French, German, Spanish as most spoken languages, besides all the native languages from each of our locations • Professional approach to clients and candidates reflecting the best practices in our industry • First Class portfolio of HR and Recruitment solutions • Extensive database of Candidates • Individual Approach to our Customers
  9. 9. Client References
  10. 10. Contacts Grafton Recruitment Turkey Tuğçe Güzelçiftçi Country Manager
  11. 11. Thank you