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The presentation slides from <a>Digital Marketing Professionals Pattaya's first networking event</a>

The presentation slides from <a>Digital Marketing Professionals Pattaya's first networking event</a>



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How i-learned-to-build-apps How i-learned-to-build-apps Presentation Transcript

  • How I learned to build Apps - My personal journey into building applications - Started as a designer and slowly migrated to becoming a developer / designer
  • Zack Siri twitter: @zacksiri skype: zack.siri
  • What I Do - Artellectual Web Development Agency - Web Development School - is our upcoming product for hotels
  • It all started with… Cheqin - Jouney as a application architect started with Cheqin - Hotel management software
  • Didn’t quite pan out the way I expected.
  • Lessons Learned - I’ll be talking about some of the lessons I learned over the years - How someone who doesn’t have any technical background can get into building apps successfully.
  • Understand the Tech - Either learn it yourself or hire someone really good to do it for you. - You’ll need a tech person on your team you can trust.
  • Can mean the difference between spending 300,000 or 30,000
  • It ain’t never gonna be ‘perfect’ - Get your software out the door early and often - Don’t spend years perfecting it because thats never going to happen
  • Launch - Refine - Repeat
  • Remember this? - Gmail was in ‘beta’ for 5 frkin years!
  • Understand your target audience but don’t listen to them - find a problem you want to solve. - you can listen to your audience about the problems - they don’t know how to solve the problem, if they did they wouldn’t need your product. - you have to figure out the best way to solve the problem for yourself. - if you were in their shoe and had their problem, how would u solve it?
  • “How does somebody know what they want if they haven’t even seen it?” –Steve Jobs
  • Build a good product - there are many people out there doing crappy things - set yourself apart by making cool stuff - how do u define ‘good’?
  • KISS (Keep it simple stupid) - People want a solution to problems not make more problems - Dummy proof
  • - its all about how your customers feel - the product, the price, the image, the brand - make your customers feel like superman - they have super powers
  • Accessible - Your application should be easy to get started with - Don’t ask me 500 questions - This is not an interrogation - Lower Barrier of Entry
  • 30 days Free Trial no credit card required - People love free stuff - Let them try your stuff out
  • Good Customer Relationships - Same as every other business - Good customer relationships can make or break you - Tell story about AirAsia
  • Questions?