Introducing energy efficiency in cambodia

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With a rapid growing energy demand, a high potential for energy savings and very high energy costs, Cambodia is a world of opportunities for energy efficiency. However, the development of the sector …

With a rapid growing energy demand, a high potential for energy savings and very high energy costs, Cambodia is a world of opportunities for energy efficiency. However, the development of the sector faces many issues, from the low level of awareness to the lack of standards and regulations. Where foreign business will often use the practices of their origin country, local ones usually do not consider the efficiency issues – until they receive a higher and higher bill, and find out how and where they can save.

For 2 years now, Kamworks, a social enterprise established in Cambodia in 2006, has been helping many businesses to improve their energy efficiency, from small restaurants to 400 room hotels and 22 floors office towers. This presentation describes how Kamworks managed to steadily raise the interest of local business on energy efficiency issues, and summarizes lessons learnt from the field.

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  • Except for big institutions no impact of environmentalfactors


  • 1. Sustainable Solar Solutions Introducing Energy Efficiency in Cambodia Benoit Lacroix Manager Solar Systems and Energy Audits
  • 2. Kamworls and Energy Efficiency? The short story • Solar social business operating since 2006 • From rural electrification • Solar lanterns, Solar Home Systems, off-grid • To grid-connected solar systems • No feed-in tariff, overproduction lost • Energy assessment needed! • Understand and measure consumption • Led to energy efficiency consultancy • Since 2011 • Office buildings, hotels, restaurants… • Large market to be developed 2
  • 3. Some case studies 3
  • 4. Why energy efficiency in Cambodia? • Motivation: cost savings • High cost of electricity • US$0.21/kWh in Phnom Penh, up to US$1/kWh in the provinces • Cambodian context • No framework or legislation on Energy Efficiency • No building code • Low awareness • Low quality appliances • Low hanging fruits 4
  • 5. Opportunities • Tropical humid climate • Main energy consumers • Cooling • Refreshment • Lighting • Low cost opportunities • Old, poor maintained AC units • Poor building insulation • Inefficient lighting • User behavior 5
  • 6. Lessons learnt (1/2) 1. Phasing projects is crucial • See the benefits short-term investments • Helps decision making for bigger investments 2. Building ownership /operation structure is key • High number of short-term lease • Owner of buildings (might) have long term view • Operator of building usually not ready 6
  • 7. Lessons learnt (2/2) 3. Investment capacity is missing • High cost of interests • Higly impacts payback times for significant investments 4. Supply chain to be developed • No quality standard in Cambodia • Availability of high quality EE equipment remains an issue 5. Lack of technical expertise • Skilled implementers difficult to source • Insulation / Lighting 7
  • 8. Great market potential 8 Industry 19% Buildings 17% Appliances 17% Biomass 20% Electricity network 27% • Energy conservation potential by sector • 17% to 27% on average, depending on sector
  • 9. Future trends & challenges • Towards an energy efficiency policy for Cambodia • Replicating models from other countries • Building code • Energy manager certification and monitoring • Awareness raising and education • Quality standard for appliances • European Union Energy Initiative and MIME • Energy efficiency and renewable energies in Cambodia • Context of high growth, opportunities, and energy shortage • High potential for both energy efficiency and renewables energy 9
  • 10. Thank you for your attention! benoit@kamworks. com / 10