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Business Report


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  • 1. 1 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING AND DESIGN THE DESIGN SCHOOL FOUNDATION IN NATURAL BUILD ENVIRONMENT 0413 BUSINESS CHARITY DRIVE EVENT REPORT TEAM FREE MORI THE BREAST Team members: Woo Wen Jian 0315123 Benny Tan Shiowee 0315447 Pinky Chan Pin Qi 0314676 Macy KhorSeemleng 0315208 Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 2. 2 Content Content Pages Executive Summary 3 Objective 4 Target Market 5 Competition Analysis 6 Product and Packaging 7-11 Pricing 12 Promotion 13 Sponsors 14-15 Distribution 16-17 Green Measures 18 Human Resource Planning 19-23 Evaluation of Results 24-26 Appendix - Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 3. 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The aim of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to run a mock business venture and thereby gain the relevant practical experiences .All the profit that we gain will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association ( BCWA). This association is a worldwide organization to fulfil the need for peer support for women with breast cancer .After doing the report,we get to understand more about the roles of human resources management, marketing, operations and finance in business .We also have to balance up all the account after every day sales to make sure the account is in proper condition. Practically,this project was a whole new experience we can gain in managing and running a business. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 4. 4 OBJECTIVES After discussing with our teammates ,we decided to run this charity drive and donate all the profit we gain to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia ( BCWA) .This association is a worldwide organization to fulfill the need for peer support for women with breast cancer.However ,the organization that we are going to donate is within Malaysia. The money that we donated will be used by this association to provide emotional, social and material support for individuals with breast cancer .It also strengthen the capacity of individuals with breast cancer to self-manage during and after treatment. Moreover, this association also promotes public education on general health and breast health issues including early detection of breast cancer.For instance, during the month of October is a worldwide Breast Cancer Day where they will organize campaign and event to raise fund for the association to help women in need.The target for our sale is RM 1000 and another RM 1000 is from sponsorship. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 5. 5 TARGET MARKET The main target of our customer for this charity drive was the students in Taylor’s University.However ,during the last two days of sale ,we change our strategy target due to the decrease amount of students around the campus .Two of our member was in charge to take care of the booth whereas the other two members will be in charge of selling our products out of the campus ,targeting students from Sunway College and Inti University. Students Percentage ( % ) Taylor’s University 83 Sunway College 10 IntiUniversity 7 We sell our bread from 9am to 5 pm.During the morning ,our maintarget are students who have not got their breakfast yet before class and also staff that are working in the office .In the evening ,we went around the campus from class to class and also divisional office to sells our breads to them .From the charity drive ,we can concluded that the students spending power was generous .Some of the students even resisted for us to keep the change that they bought as an act of kindness to donate the money for charity .As our main target was students ,the pricing of our product was kept in a cheaper range. Besides that,we did also sells hand-made cards with Polaroid to target couples as the charity drive week was fall in the same week as Valentine day. Nowadays,instant polaroid are very trending among the youngster and that is also one of the reason we make it as one of the main product of our sale. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 6. 6 COMPETITION ANALYSIS Competition very common happened in business field. Everyone would like to be better and more outstanding than others. This then led to competition. Sometimes the competition can be an accelerator, which keeps on pushing the team members to challenge themselves and create the impossibilities. However, sometimes the competition may lead to depression and giving up of certain efforts. This can be seen throughout the whole charity drive. During the charity drive, we found two competitors who seemed to be the most competitive and threatening to our business of selling breads and Polaroid. Team Mr. Bean Competitors Analysis Team Henna Sue Yi, Edwin, Johnson, Kimberley Group members Joyee, Kerneng, Sim, Shirley Soya Bean drinks Fruits/ Snacks Nice quality of product (compliment for the soya bean) Good time of selling fruits (how weather) Low in price Low profit Product not attractive No specific packaging that can represent team Mr. Bean Product not needed that much (snacks) Lack of market among students Dessert after having meal or an appetizer before meal Cheap price Good market among students Business Charity Drive Product selling Strength Weakness Reason for attraction Free Mori The Breast Henna Phone casing Low cost price Fresh to student High profit Easy to prepare the product Can be prepared in a large amount Time consuming while drawing Henna Less variety of customers (mostly girls) Skills needed Interesting product (especially for foreigner) Welcomed by gang of friends FNBE0413
  • 7. 7 PRODUCTS Our main product of the sale is breads and handmade card with Polaroid.The breads are taken from Free Mori Bakery located at SS15 that offers various kinds of sophisticated pastries, cakes and breads. Types of bread Description Custard Very tasty Baby Crabby Egg mayo Ham in it Damn Its nice Sunshine Beach Cheese bun Cheese all in it cheezzy Cheese Bun Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 8. 8 Don’t fool by its exterior Its chicken floss inside Spicy Lasso HAM Crispy Reddy A very deluxe hot dog bun Have a very long hot dog Deluxe Bun Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 9. 9 Black Bitter Chocolate bun Black Angel Best bun of all time Ham Cheese Did I say it got ham in it? Parmesan Cinnamon Bread crunchy The Tornado Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 10. 10 a bigger version of the previous custard bread Bombyx apple pie Apple Danish cookies green tea green tea cookies Matcha Cookies The breads that we sold during the charity week are breads that we selected out before selling .The pricing of the breads are also one of our consideration while choosing to suit the target market ( students ) .There are variety of breads and cookies ranging from sweet pastries to salty breads. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 11. 11 PACKAGING The packaging for our breads was simple with just a plastic wrapper with wordings of the type of breads available in Free Mori .One of the ways they promote themselves through the packaging of their products.The packaging does not really attract the customer as we are just selling breads to people does not concern much about the wrapper. Transparent plastic wrapper Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 12. 12 PRICING Product Marble (Chocolate) Cheese Bun Parmesan Ham Lasso Deluxe Hotdog Bun Sunshine Beach Crispy Reddy Baby Crabby Black Angel The Tornado Mille Danish Hammershus Apple Danish Mango Danish Bombyx Mori Matcha Cookies Chocolate Almond Cookies Polaroid Cost Price RM2.10 RM2.25 RM2.25 RM2.25 RM3.00 RM1.40 RM1.60 RM1.40 RM1.40 RM1.25 RM2.00 RM2.00 RM2.00 RM2.00 RM1.75 RM3.00 RM3.95 RM18.00 Selling Price RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM3.00 RM3.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM5.00 RM7.00 RM7.00 RM24.00 Attractiveness Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Popular Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Price Setting The bread which has high attractiveness and popular is selling more expensive because customer will buy them more than buy others. Some of them like parmesan ham, deluxe hotdog bun and crispy reddy are best seller among those breads because they made by hotdog and ham. For the Polaroid, the price is setting lower than market price to attract the customer. Strategies The strategy used when having difficult on selling breads is we set up a mobile store to sell the breads and cookies. The mobile stores are group member carry a Carton with breads and cookies and go around the school. Breakfast and lunch period are the bestselling time for breads. During this period, we set up two mobile stores to move around the school to sell the breads. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 13. 13 PROMOTION In order to increase the sales of breads and Polaroid, promotion is very needed especially in the competitive environment. At first the strategy plan provided by the Free Mori company is the token which can exchange free gift (cookies) if purchase more than RM 5. However, the plan did not run that well as people seldom stop by and listen to such a long description of story. It would be time consuming and our time for promotion will be reduced down. Therefore, we came out another way of promoting our products. First promotion plan: Using of slogan Reason: catch attention and create awareness In this case, as we are doing fund rise for Breast Cancer Association, we use a slogan related to breast: “ BUY BREADS FOR BREAST” This slogan accidently thought and is quite appropriate for promoting our breads. Attention being caught successfully and opportunities are there of persuading people to support our charity drive. Second promotion plan: Approaching method Reason: persuasive people to support us People seldom come and approach themselves to the booth to buy breads. If we were one of the passers-by, we would do the same thing like walking by without taking a look on what’s on sale. This is a common attitude of what people would practice when come to something that they did not like. Why they would not like it, as they still not yet understand what’s going on and why is it happened. Therefore, approaching method is practiced. A box is carried around the campus and asking around the students whether to support us or not. Besides, we also tried to approach to the offices of each academic department or admission office. We did approach a lot and it leads to a flying colours of sale result and hit the target. Figure 1 photo of Pinky Chan carrying box to approach students Figure 2 photo of Benny Tan preparing to approach students Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 14. 14 Sponsorship Sponsorships are very important during the whole course of the charity drive. The sponsors support greatly in term of our expenses. The relationship between our sponsors for the charity drive that we ran is a mutualism, two way relationship. The sponsors provide the funds and help off with our cost and expense while we help them to promote their companies in a low cost marketing way to help the sponsors to get expose to the crowd. Target Reason to approach How we approached F&N Beverages Marketing Big company E-mail Calls Foto Data Group Offers great deal with polaroid’s films Calls E-mail Walk in Tong Kee bread & tarts Famous bakery shop To get sponsored in term of breads/ cost price for breads. Walk in E-mail Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast Feedback Rejected, reason being the charity drive event is too small. Accepted. Provide Polaroid’s films in a cheaper price. Rejected, no reason provided. FNBE0413
  • 15. 15 RT Pastry House Famous bakery shop Close to campus To get sponsored in term of breads/ cost price for breads. Walk in E-mail Rejected, couldn’t provide that big amount of breads for every morning in time. Free Mori Famous bakery shop Close to campus To get sponsored in term of breads/ cost price for breads. Supportive Last Resort Walk in E-mail Calls Accepted. Selling breads and cookies for us at the cost price. Walk in Accepted. Each member’s parents is sponsoring RM51 to support our earlier expenses. Individuals (Parents) Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 16. 16 DISTRIBUTION Products So as to sell off our products during the presale and charity drive, first thing that we need to do is to get those products from our suppliers. We have two suppliers that were supplying products to us during the whole course of charity drive, one is Free Mori Bakery that supplies us the breads and cookies and another one is FotoData Group who supplies us the films. So the locations date that we went over there was as below: Free Mori Bakery (By own transport) Location: No 76, Ground Floor,, Jalan ss15/4D, 46500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Dates: 5/2/14~7/2/14, 9/2/14~14/2/14 Time: Around 8 in the morning Foto Data Group (By Own Transport) Location: Dates: 9/2/14 Time: Around 11 in the morning Breads and Cookies to Polaroid Films comparison Breads and Pastry Differences Polaroid Films 600+ over the course of charity drive event Quantity 28 packs (10 films per pack) High Demand Low Very Fast How Fast Could we Sell them off Very Slow Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 17. 17 Customers After getting the products from the suppliers, we then sold them off to the customers. Our targeted customers were mainly students and staffs at the campuses. Different products have different property when it comes to selling them off. Effectiveness The success rate of selling breads/cookies over customers rate is almost 4/10 which means out of 10 people that we approached usually there will be 4 people will buy from us. While the success rate of selling the Polaroid film is almost 1/100 which means out of a hundred people, there will be only a person will but the films from us. We also did go over to different places to sell when the sales decline during the 3rd day of charity drive. We went to Sunway University College and Inti University College to boost up the sales, and it was very efficient as therearen’t any charity drive events running over at the two places. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 18. 18 GREEN MEASURES Nowadays, green measure is important in business since it has several advantages. The advantages are reduces waste and utility costs, improves system and equipment performance, attracts environmentally conscious customer, provides a safer working environment and etc. Our products are breads and Polaroid from the supplier Free Mori Bakery and FotoData Group respectively and all of them are made in environmentally conscious manner. We run the business without plastic bag, water and electric usage to reduce the hazardous effect. Furthermore, carton used for carrying the bread has been sent to recycle. Packaging Environmental Friendly Minimal Waste Carbon Footprint Reduction Management of product wastes Business Charity Drive The packaging of breads is plastic bag with sealer to keep it fresh. Carton which able to recycle is used to carry the breads. Plastic bag and carton both are able to recycle. The carton is sent to recycle after using. Donate to passerby. Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 19. 19 HUMAN RESOURCES PLANNING Before the charity drive Group Members Woo Wen Jian Benny Tan Shiowee Macy Khor Seem Leng Chan Pin Qi Job Distributed Finding sponsor and supplier Collecting products from supplier Pre-sale the products Finding sponsor and supplier Pre-sale the products Set the sale price and determine the profit Finding sponsor and supplier Pre-sale the products Think of strategy in managing sale Contacting the polaroid supplier Finding sponsor and supplier Collecting products from supplier Pre-sale the products Contact the supplier Card designer During the charity drive Group Members Woo Wen Jian Benny Tan Shiowee Business Charity Drive Job Distributed Collect products from suppliers Set up booth Approaching the customers by going around the campus Set up booth Manage the money Set the promotion price Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 20. 20 Macy Khor Seem Leng Managing the sale Mange the booth Help in taking polaroid Chan Pin Qi Collect products from suppliers Approaching the customers by going around the campus Decorate the booth After the charity drive (Business Report job distribution) Group Members Woo Wen Jian Job Distributed Sponsorship Who are you approached to Why u targets them? In what form they sponsor you How u approached them? Distribution How u get the product to your sales location How quickly can you deliver the products (do they need to it?) How many customers can u reach effectively? Can your customer order your product via online? Via phone? Benny Tan Shiowee Business Charity Drive Evaluation of result. -Result of and the end -Profit less profit Right and wrong If we do one more time, what would you do differently? Everyone needs to produce a 40s reflection Green measures Are your products made in an environmentally conscious Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 21. 21 manner? How can You reduce the hazardous effects? - Is the product packaging environmentally friendly? -Minimal waste created /packaging/recycle? -How do you reduce carbon footprint during the distribution stage -How are the product wastes managed after use. 2) Pricing Product selling price, product cost price, is they popular or attractive? (If they are, reason why they are sold more expensive.) Strategies used when having difficulty selling them What if you are selling them faster than expected? 3) Appendix Receipts (write down all the breads, not more than 5 breads each time), payments to suppliers, photocopied cheque, and receipt from charity organization. Macy Khor Seem Leng Executive report (summary) summary of the key point of whole report Objectives: The chosen organization to donate, reason behind, Quantifiable objective, (target donation/ target sales) Target market Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 22. 22 Who are the customer, their background, their wants and needs, their spending power? 3) Product and packaging Products: what are they selling? Short description for each product and Services. Features and benefits.(why customers like it) Packaging How are they packaged, will it attract the customers, why so? Include Photos of product and packaging in report Chan Pin Qi Competitors analysis Who are they what are they selling? What are the strength and vulnerabilities Why would their customer buy from them? Promotion Detail plan of the promotion strategies Tools used Main marketing message The message that you're advocating 2 main tools for promoting Reason to choose those tools and strategies (Include footage of actual charity drive event) Human resource Roles and job responsibilities (Project manager, sales Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 23. 23 executive, accountants, marketing and advertising executives) Each of the members what they do How to coordinate them as a team Describe organization structure. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Chairman Mr Chang Jao Ho Group Leader Woo Wen Jian Creative manager Woo Wen Jian Business Charity Drive Sales &marketing manager Macy Khor Accountant Benny Tan Free Mori The Breast Human resource manager Chan Pin Qi FNBE0413
  • 24. 24 EVALUATION OF RESULT Everything that began must have ended in some way. The charity drive event came to an end after having 3 days of presales and 5 days of actual sales during the charity drive event. The end result of the 8 days of charity sales is as below: Criteria Results Total Item Sold 610 of breads sold 79numbers of Cookies(packet) sold 24 packs of polaroid film sold 14 of polaroid photos were taken along with cards Total item that were left unsold 11 of cookies 4 of polaroid per box Total cost spent RM2169.30 Total money earned(both sales and donations) during event RM1810 Total Money received from sponsor RM204 Total money donated to the Charity RM2014 Small conclusion, we earned quite a lot of profit from selling of the breads and cookies products. While lost from selling of the polaroids products. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 25. 25 Right & Wrong Along this event, we learnt that we need to make decision from time to time in order to boost up our business. There will be rights and wrongs when we were making all these decisions. Right Criteria Reason Selling of breads and cookies products They were fast seller and the demands over food were pretty high during morning period and tea time period Getting over to other location such as Sunway University campus and Inti University campus to sell off our products The students in those campuses were not irritated by the charity drive event unlike the students in Taylor’s Lakeside University campus. Selling off the breads at a cheaper price after 3pm As a promotion to sell off our breads product for every day before it reached its expiry date. Choosing breast cancer organization The organization is in need of a lot of helps in to as the charity organization target term of physical helps as well as in term of funds. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413
  • 26. 26 Wrong Criteria Reason Selling off polaroidu products and valentines/friendship cards Time consuming for the preparation of valentines/friendship card and the demands over them are very low. If we could run such thing again in the future, we probably would select products that were easily sold off to the customers with high demands. Next, picking up a venue to sell is very crucial too, staying at one place for too long will bring no good. Lastly, we would emphasize on teamwork as well as teamwork is one of the important thing because having a good teamwork will makes everything run even more smoothly. Business Charity Drive Free Mori The Breast FNBE0413