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Team f presentation tejumade

  1. 1. In this launch plan we are going to Introduce our Product. This is what our presentationincludes:BrandingSegmentation, targeting and positioningMarketing mix Marketing communications Launch plan (12 months)Marketing budget & sales forecast
  2. 2. Range of Different Logo’s
  3. 3. Logo – This is our We have used a differentUnique logo for our way of branding ourbrand. company with their name. Eye Catching Bold outstanding Feel Fresh Our Slogan brand name
  4. 4. What does Shave-Bien stand for?
  5. 5. Aim• To become a leading number 1 brand for TravellersObjectives• To Gain 3% of our market share (180,000) 2013• To Breakeven at 37,594 Unit in 1st Year• To generate a Profit of £593,200 in the 1st Year• Focus on sales• To develop advertising ideas which aim to increaseawareness• Increase brand knowledge• To effectively and efficiently complete advertising campaignduring a 12 month period with a budget of £150,000
  6. 6. Contribution per unit: £3.99Break-Even quantity: 37,594 unitsBreak-Even revenue: £187,594Revenue: £898,200Profit: £568,200Market Share: 3%Selling Price: £4.99Fixed costs: £150,000Variable costs: £1In order to met our expectations is crucial to adopt some pricing strategies:1. Market-oriented pricing;2. Price penetration;3. Psychological pricing.
  7. 7. £150,000 Marketing BudgetSpent £135,000Target 180,000 Units200,000180,000160,000140,000120,000100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 Jan Feb Mar April May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
  8. 8. Clearly identified market and customersMale: Aged between 20-35Travellers in UK onlyThe target audience for our product are travellers, in terms of socialgrouping they are likely to be male, aged 20-35.The main reason we target males is because most female tend to waxinstead of shaving.So we have higher chance of making more profit if we focus on male.There are 60,000.000 travellers in the UK only.The population of people age 20-35 are 12,730.000.6,237.700 out of 12,730.000 are male.And the total male travellers are 5,925.815.
  9. 9. Our product is very similar to all our competitors ( Gillette,Wilkinson) interms of quality. The difference is that our buyers have the opportunity tobuy a quality product at a cheaper price. We are going to be selling ourproduct for £4.99 which think it’s a very reasonable price .
  10. 10. • Portable• Refillable• Low Cost• Reusable
  11. 11. Specific – Our aim is to make a minimum profit of £593,200Measureable – Set a goal of how many units should be sold within a mouth to track the progress.Attainable – To gain 3% of the market shareRealistic – Have a realistic target of salesTime – We should sell 180,000 units in 12 months
  12. 12. A Marketing Mix consists of these 4 P’s:ProductPricePlacePromotion
  13. 13. Our product is a solution to many people out there who are really busy and can’tafford to waste time on putting a shaving product before having a shave. Thisproduct combines a shaver with shaving products in one product making it simpleand quick for people to have a shave, saving their precious time to go through thewhole process of putting the shaving product on and then having a shave. It allowspeople to simply grab the all-in-one shaver and enjoy shaving like never before bysaving time and putting in less effort. Furthermore, consumers can also stopworrying about buying and storing different shaving products as the shaver willhave it already included, instead of buying various shaving products they will onlyhave to buy refills of the shaving product inside the shaver.It targets between people who go on holidays, instead of packing all the shavingproducts needed they will only need to pack the all-in-one shaver and maybe fewrefills.
  14. 14. We are looking forward to sell the product at £4.99 which is a veryreasonable price, affordable for everyone. Pricing is an important factorof the marketing as it’s the value of the product and amount which thecustomer is paying for the product.Penetration pricing has various benefits such as more customerscoming to buy the product, the more expensive the less demand isgoing to be, therefore the price should be set at fair level which will bereasonable for customers and which would increase the demand.
  15. 15. Distribution of Products500004500040000350003000025000200001500010000 5000 0 Asda Tesco Boots Airports Travel Shops
  16. 16. We are looking at many different ways of Promoting our new Product.Advertising Using the Internet Printed – Billboard and Magazines Television Seasonal Advertisement Social Sites
  17. 17. January February March April May June July August September October November DecemberInternet AdWebsiteTV AdvertBillboardMagazinesYouTube AdValentinesChristmas
  18. 18. £5000 - 5 Magazines£6000 -YouTube Video£4000 - Ad banners£90000 - Television Advertisement£2000 - Branding£16000 - Billboards£8000 - Valentines and Christmas Special£4000 - Website Design£0 – Social WebsitesTotal - £135,000