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Pastahulp final
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  • 1. http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 2. 1 (step) Pasta Overall cost: €38.10 Overall production time: 2 Hourshttp://pastahulp2012.blogspot.be/ Ben Camarillo / Inès Merveillie / Salvador Ortiz http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 3. ASSEMBLY MANUAL http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 4. 1 (step) PastaBILL OF MATERIAL- 1 Inox Cooking Bowl.- 2 Handles.- 4 Medium Rivets.- 1 Large Strainer.- 3 Large Rivets.- 1 Handle Holder.- 3 Small Rivets.- 1 Handle.- 1 Cover/Handle Since everything is assambled by Rivets, the only things needed are a Rivel Tool and a Drill. All parts are Stadarized and Bought from a retailer. Only the moving mechanism has been made tailored.
  • 5. 1 1 (step) Pasta DESCRIPTION The main component of the 1 (step) Pasta is the cooking bowl. It’s a regular stainless steel bown which can already be found with the two handles attatched to it. Is in this step when all the bores are made. If the bowl already has a pair of handles, the ammount of bores are 5: Two in opposite sides on top for the strainer, one in the middle top to hold the strainers movement, and two more on one side of the bown to place the handle. 15 Minutes Rivet Tool Driller The Bowl and the Handles are standard parts 6 parts €20
  • 6. 2 1 (step) Pasta DESCRIPTION We then placed the strainer inside the pot and hold it with two rivets. As you can see, the strainer is just slightly smaller than the main bowl. This is to provide the maximum amount of efficiency regarding volume. This way the amunt of water needed is the same as oif there were no strainer. 40 Minutes Rivet tool Driller The strainer is bought and standard. 3 Parts €5.00
  • 7. 3 1 (step) Pasta DESCRIPTION The rivets are placed in opposite sides to ensure the movement of the strainer from one axis. The purpose of these rivets are to guide the movement of the strainer, or on a more specific way, to hold the strainer still while the pot moves. The weight of the pasta will make sure the strainer is always paralel to the floor, which then allows the bowl to move freely to empty the water. 10 Minutes Rivet tool Driller The rivets are bought and standard. 1 Part €0.10
  • 8. 4 1 (step) Pasta DESCRIPTION Now we placed the mechanism thats in charge of holding the handle with the pot. This part is also placed with two rivets and it is were the rest of the handle will be placed. This part wil be the on ein charge to place the handle in a downward angle with the purpose of making the product’s usage more ergonomic. This way the hand and arm are in a more natural state and causes less effort. 10 Minutes Rivet tool Driller The rivets are bought and standard. 3 Part €1.00
  • 9. 5 1 (step) Pasta DESCRIPTION The handle holding mechanism is hidden with a small aluminium strip that, besides protecting the mechanism itself, it provides an aesthetic added value. It also helps reinforce the holding mechanism since it offers support on the whole edge of the strip, increasing the surface area where the weight of the pot can rest. 10 Minutes Driller Screwdriver The screws and the handle cover are bought and standard. 3 Part €12.00
  • 10. 6 1 (step) Pasta DESCRIPTION Overall, the production of the 1 (step) Pasta is quite simple and economic. Fortunately all of the parts are existing standarized parts so the viability to manufacture and introduce to the market is really high.
  • 11. TECHNICAL ADDENDUM http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 12. TEAM CONTACTS http://designforeveryone.howest.be/
  • 13. BEN.CAMARILLO@GMAIL.COM TEL +32 0478.08.03.98CHAVO_ORTIZ@HOTMAIL.COM TEL +32 0474.11.31.96 INES.MERVEILLIE@HOWEST.BE TEL +32 0498.36.16.55GRIMONPREZ.BART@HOWEST.BE TEL +32 0456.24.12.11 http://designforeveryone.howest.be/