SEO Secrets - Benj Arriola Introduction


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Just my public message to those who will attend the SEO Secrets - SEO Summit, Philippines on May 21, 2014.

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SEO Secrets - Benj Arriola Introduction

  1. 1. What to expect from me at this event… I really do not know yet… Because I haven’t prepared anything… …but this is what I had in mind…
  2. 2. What I had in mind… I will take you on a journey… Of how I learned SEO, and share the lessons I learned along the way. Lessons that can help you learn SEO too! But why listen to me?... Photo Credit: Book cover of Leveraging Corporate Responsibility: The Stakeholder Route to Maximizing Business and Social Value.
  3. 3. Why listen to Benj Arriola? SEO is a very fast-paced industry… …so fast, I feel I am an older generation compared to the new superstars: Jason Acidre Sean Si …that only old school SEOs in the Philippines know me more. So let me share some of my SEO experiences…
  4. 4. Benj Arriola the SEO guy I’ve been doing SEO since 2004, web design and development with 1997.LinkedIn I won multiple international SEO contest winning cash and a brand new car!
  5. 5. Benj Arriola the SEO guy I spoke at several international SEO conferences since 2007 in 14 different cities in 3 different countries (SMX, PubCon, IMC, OMS, IRCE, eMA, SEMCon, MORCon, and more!) Lanyrd
  6. 6. Benj Arriola the SEO guy I’ve worked in different agencies. Gained SEO experience working with some large companies such as: Sony, Autodesk, Honda, Mazda, MasterCard, Caterpillar and many more Fortune 500 companies I cannot say due to NDAs. … but I was not always an SEO guy Large SEO clients experience mainly from: Internet Marketing Inc, BusinessOnLine, and YDS Web Solution.
  7. 7. You can reinvent yourself! QA Chemist College Chem Professor Entrepreneur IT Instructor Web Designer / Developer SEO Professional My Career Changes “If I can learn new things, and be proficient at it, so can you!”
  8. 8. If I can do it! You can too! I will talk about the technical stuff, but not limited to technical stuff alone. Coders may relate to some stuff here. If you are not the code savvy person, don’t be discouraged, just remember… we all started from somewhere, and I myself at one point, didn’t know any of this. And I will have more than just the code. See on May 21 at the Alphaland Mall! Thanks to JCI Manila and SEO Hacker. On May 20, you might also want to check Paul Agabin’s Internet Marketing meetup. I’ll be there too!