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Local & International SEO - MORCon 2011 Presentation
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Local & International SEO - MORCon 2011 Presentation


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Benj Arriola's presentation at MORCon organized by SEO Organization Philippines at UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Benj Arriola's presentation at MORCon organized by SEO Organization Philippines at UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. InfoUSAAcxiomSuperpages.comCitysearch.comYellowpages.comLocalezeInsiderpages.comYelp.comMerchantcircle.comUniversal Business ListingLocal.comTrueLocal.com2. Reviews made directly with search engineCitySearch (urban spoon data source; huge opportunity to attract spontaneous local customers)YelpInsiderPagesSuperPagesTripAdvisorMerchantCircleMSN/
  • Transcript

    • 1. Geo-Targeted SEOLocal & International SEO
    • 2. AgendaOverview Why geo-target your results? How to people see local results?Optimizing Websites Organic Results Universal Search Results Map Results Local DirectoriesMeasuring ResultsSummary
    • 3. A brief backgroundOverview
    • 4. Why Geo-Target Results?The obvious: Many customers look for products & services in their local area. Properly segmentize market with specific local marketing offers to increase conversions.Search engines: Search engines do not have the exact same results in different cities within a country, nor are they the same in different countries.
    • 5. International SEOSelling Global Performs better in international SEO. Selling to the world. You Searching within the business is not necessarily different search engine’s located in different country /language countries. versions.Going International More of a localized approach within different countries. (International where your business is located in “Inter-Nations”)
    • 6. International SEO ConsiderationsTechnical Technical Language settings & Knowledge configurations, ISO language codes, ccTLDs, IPs & hosting, link partners, etc.Marketing & Writing SEO Translation is extremely important. Marketing Writing Knowledge Skills Automated translations will not work.
    • 7. International Marketing BlundersPepsi US: Pepsi brings you back to life. China: Come alive out of the grave with Pepsi. Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead. Bring dead ancestors back from heaven.
    • 8. International Marketing BlundersClairol US: Mist Stick Germany: Mist is a slang term for TAE!!! As in kadiri, stick ng tae!Electrolux Scandinavian Manufacturer of Vacuum Cleaner US printed brochures: Nothing sucks like an Electrolux!
    • 9. Good International Localization ExamplesBerlinerStadtreinigungsbetriebe Company in Germany. The company name translated means: Berlin City Cleaning Services. The German word kehr means sweep.McDonalds Austria: Not every country knows what a drive thru is.
    • 10. Content Translation Modified Literal Translation follows the grammatical rules of the Unduly free target language, but is still Translation is too "loose" literal. If used wrong, it may and strays from the fail to correctly express the meaning of the source meaning of the source text. text. Idiomatic Literal Preserves the meaning of Source text is the source text and translated into the expresses it in a naturalnearest equivalent of way in the targetthe target language. language.
    • 11. International Search Engines 77% 57% 62% 62% 60%
    • 12. How do people see local results?Organic Results w/ Geographic Keywords w/out Geographic KeywordsEmbedded ResultsMap ResultsLocal Directories
    • 13. Conventional SEO & Local SEO Conventional SEO Local SEO Not only title, description and URL. Aside from a map, this also has: • reviews of various sites • star ratings • address • phone number • and websites are optional.Plain Search Engine Results Local Search Engine Results
    • 14. Map Websites Benj, nawawala tayo, i-MapQuest mo nga.
    • 15. Map Website Main Players 42.2 Million Unique Visitors 41.5 Million Unique Visitors
    • 16. Online Search Higher than Print Yellow Pages starting 2008Source: TMP Directional Marketing/ComScore
    • 17. Increase in Local Search Queries
    • 18. Local Search Drives ActionSource: TMP Directional Marketing/ComScore
    • 19. Increase in Long Tail Queries“water leak specialist naples,fl” “below grade waterproofing florida” “building maintenance companies naples florida” “aerial companies naples fl” “naples general contractors” “facilities maintenance and construction companies in florida”
    • 20. Mobile Search Integration Opportunity
    • 21. Best ROI in Local Segment Marketing MarketingSherpa shared that SEO had the best ROI among all marketing strategies targeting local segment compared to: Email Marketing PPC Direct Mail PR Online Advertising (banners) Print Advertising.
    • 22. Organic, maps, Internet yellow pagesLocal Optimization ofWebsites
    • 23. Geo-Targeted SEO: Organic ResultsOnPage SEO OffPage SEO Creatively use your Get links from websites geographic location keyword targeting the local area or in your onpage elements country you are targeting. Title Tag Use your location keyword Meta Description in the anchor text. Heading Tags Good sites to look for: Main Content Local directories Internal Links Niche industry directories Always remember Panda with a location category If it look unnatural, it’s Industry related local probably bad. Remember do organizations not overdo it. Proper ccTLDs for international websites.
    • 24. Local Maps SubmissionsGoogle Places General Guidelines Make your profile as ces/ complete as possible.Yahoo Local Listings When choosing a category, use pre-existing local m/ categories, instead of creating new ones.Bing Business Listings Always use the opportunity to add images and videos to essportal your profile if allowed.Mapquest For all happy customers of a company listing, proactively m/apps/listing ask them to add a positive review on these map listings.
    • 25. More Local OnPage SEODedicated website or page per location.Avoid duplicate content or even similar content.Use the <address> tag.Use markup for rich snippets. Not onlyfor location and contact information but also forreviews and ratings.Use a standard phone number format. (123)123-1234Have the location address on every page. This canbe added to the footer.
    • 26. More Local OffPage SEOAside from links, Google pays attention tocitations.Any mention of the company name, andaddress, phone and all other contactinformation is a citation. Local Directories Blogs, Press Releases Forum Post Social Media
    • 27. Off Page Link Building / Citation Building CitySearch InfoUSA Primary Data Providers Yelp Acxiom Submissions to Review InsiderPages SuperPages Sources TripAdvisor Submissions to Local & MerchantCircle Localize Industry-Specific MSN/Live Directories Participating in Local Universal Business Listing Online Community (Local Blog Topics) IP Address Location
    • 28. IP Address Location – A minor effect but…Site you are optimizingWhere you are getting links from I have rarely seen a major effect from IP address for sites hosted in the US targeting another country. I have seen a major effect in a site hosted in Canada that needed to target the US.
    • 29. International SEO – TLDs and ccTLDsIt is best to use countrycode top level domainsof the countries youwish to rank in. Thishelps ranking in therespective country levelGoogle versions.
    • 30. International SEO – Subdomains vs. FoldersA ccTLD is best, but if this isnot available, or thecompany just does not want use it, you are left withsubdomains or folders.From a ranking point ofview, subdomains are more uk.example.comideal than folders.It is easier to createseparate robots.txt entries,XML sitemaps, and other specific settingsseparate from the otherpages.
    • 31. International SEO – Language vs. LocationIt is best to prioritizelocation over language URL structure. can be set infolders. And countriesare either it’s ownccTLD or a subdomain.
    • 32. International SEO – Duplicate ContentTwo different countries with the same oreven different language may run intoduplicate content issues for pages with theexact same or similar content.ccTLDs helps inform search engines that theother versions are targeted for othercountries.Last Sept 9, 2010, Google announced thealternate Link tag will help resolve thisissue.<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en"href="" /><link rel="alternate" hreflang="en"href="" />In the examples above, ccTLDs would bepreferred.The hreflang values are based on the ISO639-1 language codes.
    • 33. International SEO – Language <html> and Meta Tags Use two letter language code for <html> tag and meta tags <html lang="fr" xml:lang="fr" xml ns="" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="fr" /> These tags specifically help search engines identify the local nature of the webpage and help assign the pages to specific geographic locations. Resource: ISO two letter country codes
    • 34. Proving SuccessMeasuring Results
    • 35. Web AnalyticsEvery web analytics Segmentizingplatform runs differently. incoming traffic by: Google Analytics Local landing pages Omniture Geographic identifiers WebTrends in keywords.What do you want totrack to determine local Use Custom VariablesSEO effectiveness? to segmentize automatically.
    • 36. Trying to put everything in a nutshellSummary
    • 37. SummaryLocal search has show us not When doing local SEO, youonly is it very targeted, it has are basically doing thebeen increasing in following:popularity/usage and has a Onpage ranking factors, mainlyhigh amount of conversion. using the location keywords, and some basic code changes. Offpage linking from locallyLearn how to track your relevant sites.success by properly Increasing citations from othersegmentizing your data. websites mentioning your address and phone numbers. Submissions to Maps and other local directories.
    • 38. Benj Arriola InternetMarketingInc Download this PresentationThank you.Questions?