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7bthcoverbook 7bthcoverbook Presentation Transcript

  • The car where Alex and Dan was driving it's broken. And the young man help us to go to the garage.
  • In the hotel they saw in the tv a notice From one young man call John Sharp. The man help us with a car, is dead.
  • The real mc coy Gordon: his is a redhead, he is a insecure man. He is tall and thin. This story is about a ghost that found death in a castle and if you go to his room you will see him. Gordon did it and it happened. His friends think that he doesn't exist.
  • Strange messages Anna: She has blonde hair. She is thin and short. This story is about a girl that is worried because her computer send messages alone. She thinks it works bad but actually is a ghost
  • Footprints in the snow Sally: She has 14 years old. She is tall and very thin. She has orange hair. This story tells about a ghost that destroyed a house but the man and the women think that is a bad man who wants to do things.
  • The Real Mc Coy: is a ghost of old scottish man and Gordon his scared with him. Strange messages: Anna is a girl and see strange messages in her computer. Footprints in the snow: The family
  • the boy and the man in the classic music were murderer for the clown. He was a very bad man. and then sadly this espidose somewone amazing going to change or... the bad man DIED with the dog in the garden
  • This book is about ghosts. There are old ghosts, good ghosts, protector ghost, etc. One ghost wants to scare everyone to get away from the castle. The other one is warning a girl that being an astronaut is dangerous and she has to asume that she can loose even her life. Another ghost scares his family so they go out to the garden and suddenly an earthsquake destroys their house, but nothing happened to them.
  • Main characters: 1st Chapter: Gordon, Duncan, Fiona and Heather 2nd Chapter: Julia, Anna, Uncle Bob, Julia's mom and Julia's Dad, 3rd Chapter: Sally: She has long and brown hair with black eyes. George: Sally's Grandmother, Sally's dad and Sally's mom, Richard. 4th Chapter: Alex, Dan.
  • The Real M´coy.
  • Sally is really intelligent, but she scary for everything, she loves her family.
  • Sally´s father is her protector, he doesn´t like castles.
  • Sally´s grandma is very old, and stupid, she always wears horrible clothes.
  • This book is about several stories about ghosts and a family that goes to Australia and found a ghost that helped them.
  • Gordon, Fiona,Duncan, Heather Julia, Ana, Uncle Bob, Saly, GEORGE, Alex, Dan, Julia´s mother and Saly´s mother was friends or parents and they went to the castle of grandfather of Gordon in the west of Scotland. When they arrived it was cold and snowing.
  • In this history a group of children go to a strange and old house. In it they live for a time and investigate inside of it.
  • Gordon and his friends were in a very old castle in the west of Scotland. After dinner, they sat in the living room and talked