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  1. 1. 5th Form Cover book The Tempest by William Shakespeare
  2. 3. Alonso is a king.Prospero go to the island which Miranda in wear he lives a Caliban.One day Caliban attaks Miranda get of here says Prosperó angrily.One day Ferdinan arrives in to the island she´s beautiful Prospero speaks to Ferdinand aren´t a king or a price you ´re a spy
  3. 5. Here is prospero, the duke of milan,with his wifew and daughter Miranda.
  4. 6. from left to right.. miranda daughter the prospero. she eyes blue and his hear is blond.she love to ferdinand.sohue is beatiful .
  5. 7. prospero and miranda speak to caliban
  6. 10. The Duke is a magic man.The king ,Alonso, order to arrest of Duke ,Prospero. The Prospero's daughter is scary. Antonio is a soldier that comes from England. Ferdinand is a king´s son he is of his right. Sebastian is a brother of to a king Alonso he his of front of the king.
  7. 12. Then, one day Prospero sees a ship near the island carrying his greatest enemies.
  8. 13. Ferdinand is Alonso´s son. Alonso is Sebastian´s brother. Prospero is Miranda´s father.Prospero is Antonio's friend.
  9. 14. Miranda is in love with Ferdinand.
  10. 16. Prospero,the duke of Milan and his daughter Miranda are far away from home, alone on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. They want to return to Milan. They put prospero and Miranda in a boat and leave.
  11. 18. But one night Caliban attacks Miranda "Get our of here! " says Prospero angrily. "You must work four me now".
  12. 19. Ariel sings to Prince Ferdinand ." Your father is dead! "
  13. 20. Prospero teaches Caliban to speak and Caliban shows Prospero everything on the island.
  14. 22. Prospero,the Duke of Milian ,and his daughter Miranda are far away from home,on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
  15. 23. The man is : Prospero is bad and fat . He don' t like the king of Milan.He has a daughter. The girl is : Mirada she is a good girl. She's a thin person. She´s like Ferdinand.
  16. 25. Prospero, the Duke of Milan, and his daugther Miranda are far a way from home , a lone on an island in the middle
  17. 26. The man is:Ferdinand is the man very good, is daugther of Alonso. The woman is: Miranda is the woman very happy is daugther of Prospero. The fairy is: Ariel she is a fairy very happy. She helped Prospero the crianza of Miranda. The monster is: A Caliban, he lived in a cave he didn´t speak Spañól.
  18. 28. So Ariel goes to the ship, and makes a tempest with wind and rain. On the ship king Alonso and his son Ferdinand are afraid. They ask God for help. Help! We're going down!'cries the capitan. I don´t want to die at sea!´ cries old Gonzalo, Prospero´s friend.
  19. 29. Prosrero:Is the evil and also . Is tall and thin. Calivan:Is an ouger , people think that he is bad.Is big and fat . Is the king the island. Miranda:Is tall,thin and beatiful . Is gilr the Prospero . Is love a Ferdinand. Ferdinand: Is tall and thin . Is love a Miranda . Is nice
  20. 31. Antonio is the king. Ferdinard is the prince. Miranda is daughter the Prospero. Prospero is very bad.
  21. 32. Ferdinard is very strong. Antonio is fat. Miranda is very thin. Prospero is old
  22. 34. Ariel:Is short, in blue light and wings
  23. 35. Prospero is the evil, thin and old. Miranda is good, young and thin.
  24. 37. Prospero the Duke of Milan.When his wife dies.One day Antonio goes to visit Alonso the King ok Naples.They put Prospero and Miranda in a little boat .The little boat moves across the sea to a magic island
  25. 39. Prospero, sees nobody some women look 0the Miranda.
  26. 41. Prospero is the duke of Milan.Miranda is the daughter. One day Prospero and Miranda go to the island. Prospero is friendly to Caliban.Prospero teachers Caliban to speak
  27. 42. one day Antonio goes to visit Alonso, the king of naples. Alonnso says to hin , I don ´t like prospero open the gates of Milan to me , and I can attack him . then you can be the duke of Milan
  28. 44. Here is Prosero ,the DUKE of Milan ,with his WIFE , and daughter Mranda.
  29. 45. The MONSTER Caliban is king of the island.His monster is dead,and he has no friends.