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Explore China - October 19-28, 2013

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  • Then discuss: The $2,199 price is based on double occupancy. We’ll have a list for single travelers who are looking to take advantage of the double occupancy price. If you prefer to travel and room alone, then it’s an additional $500. Application form for each traveler – check payable to: Bend Chamber of Commerce $200 non-refundable deposit per traveler to hold a seat Remaining funds due by July 15, 2013
  • Chinese hotels require showing a copy of our passport and visa, so make clear copies of each. When we check in, your Citslinc tour guide will need your passport to check you in. It’s always recommended that you keep a copy of both your passport and Chinese visa with you as well (though not in the same place!)
  • Hotels such as Marriot, Hilton, Crown Plaza) Using water to brush your teeth is fine. Hot water and hot tea are fine (because it was boiled), many people drink beer. Most of the hotels will have a business center with access to internet for about $1 an hour – room internet can charge $20-25/night
  • Eat a large breakfast, then grab snacks from breakfast to bring with you to munch on later. Continental breakfast items will always be available for you to grab and go. This is the only “Western”-style meal you’ll have each day. Bottled water, beer and soda available. Let the Chamber know if you have food allergies
  • Our longest day of walking is at Tian An Man Square. We’ll have about a two hour walk and there aren’t chairs, or many places to sit down. If you have a little bit of trouble walking long distances, it’s suggested you either bring a cane that has a fold out seat, or you can speak with the bus driver that day to make arrangements to see the first little bit of Tian An Man Square, then ride with the bus driver to the other gate, where the rest of the group will be picked up.
  • Tour One: Hutong Alley or “Narrow Alley” Hutong is a traditional living area dating back 1,000 years with hundreds of thousands of traditional architecture style houses densely flanked on both sides of narrow and zigzagging streets (hence its nickname). Take a rickshaw ride (2 people per rickshaw) to through the narrow streets, visit with local families, cook Chinese dumplings, then share in Chinese domestic dishes – as well as the dumplings you made – for lunch. During the two hours, you’ll learn a lot about China’s modern life and its people. This tour will be offered after our excursion to the Great Wall. Grand Canal Cruise The Grand Canal was all hand-constructed 1300 years ago and runs from Beijing to Hangzhou (more than 1,000 miles long) Take a boat ride through historic China and visit a Chinese market. Boat ride is ~50 minutes long.
  • Remember to call your credit card company to let them know you’ll be traveling outside the country. Give them your dates of travel. ATMs will give you money in Yuan. One US dollar equals 6.6 Yuan. There are only three reasons to Buy: You really like it It’s a gift (and you know the person you’re giving it to and why) It’s something to remember
  • Toilets are rated 1-5 and when we need to stop, we’ll always have access to a top rating toilet!
  • Once you’re in China, you’re covered. It’s everything that can happen before you get there that you need to prepare for. That insurance document will be emailed to you, as it’s pretty lengthy. It’s worth reviewing though, so you don’t overlap coverage.
  • This is not the time to try out new shoes There are no clothing-style restrictions (like you can’t wear a tank top or something). Just wear what’s comfortable and appropriate for the weather. This is why layers work well. Bring your own over-the-counter medicines.
  • Passport must be valid through October 2012 Our partner, Citslinc, will handle all visas. We send the passports in groups of at least 6. Turnaround time is two weeks. The check for $160 can be made out to the Eugene Chamber.
  • Deposit of $200 is made out to the Eugene Chamber. The deposit is non-refundable and is credited toward the total cost of the trip (the $2,199) Business class airfare is available for an additional $5,000 per person and allows you a larger seat during the international flight.
  • Bend chamber china slides

    1. 1. Explore the wonders of CHINA with the Bend Chamber of Commerce October 19-28, 2013 $2,199
    2. 2. About Citslinc International• Citslinc has been operating tours to China for nearly 30 years• 10,000 passengers per year• A Bend Chamber member• Based out of Monterey Park, California• Specialize in tours for chambers of commerce throughout the US since 2001• Has partnered with 800 chambers• Reasonable travel price is based on volume & traveling during the off-season
    3. 3. Trip Includes• Round trip airfare-Seattle-Beijing• 9 days visiting four cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou• Round trip Airfare: Beijing-Shanghai• 4 & 5-star hotel accommodations• 3 meals per day• Deluxe bus tours• English speaking tour guides• Entrance fees into attractions• Visit The Great Wall, Tian An Men Square, Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City…and so much more!
    4. 4. Flight & Check-In• Flight departs early afternoon-Tentative time 2:00pm fromSeattle and arrives back in Seattle tentatively at 12pm. Finaltimes will be advised early September 2013.• Seats are not assigned until check-in. We check in as agroup, please do not contact airline directly• Two checked pieces of luggage per person (cannotexceed 50 lbs for one piece and 70 lbs for both)•Each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag, not to exceed45”. It must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. Apurse is not considered a carry-on
    5. 5. Flight & Check-In cont’d• Flight is about 11.5 hours long with two meals & English/Chinese movies• It’s recommended to not sleep too much on the plane in order to adjust to the time change• We’ll be greeted by a Citslinc representative who will take us to dinner while our luggage arrives at the hotel• After dinner, we will check into our hotel. $25 cash is given to the Citslinc rep to pay for all tips for the entire duration of the trip• Hotel check-in
    6. 6. Hotels• 4 and 5 star hotels with Western-style facilities – all rooms are non-smoking & have hair dyers• Electrical converter is needed, as well as an adapter (cell phones, curling iron, camera battery, etc.)• Water is okay to wash with, but not recommended for drinking. Most hotels have two bottles of water in each room & you can buy extra water on the tour bus• Bed accommodations: 1 King, 2 Queens, or 2 Doubles. Three to a room is allowed, the third bed is a rollaway or cot• Typical daily schedule: – 6:00am wake up call – 7:00am breakfast – 7:30 or 8:00am bus departure – Back to hotel 8:00pm
    7. 7. Food• Breakfast buffet is served at the hotel every morning• Lunch and dinner are traditional Chinese-style. It’s a set menu served at round tables of 10. Don’t hesitate to ask for more if needed• One drink comes with the meal, but you can buy more if needed. Diet soda & decaf coffee are not typically available• Do not eat street vendor food & only eat fruit you can peel off• Let our guide know if you need American fast food!
    8. 8. What You’ll VisitBeijing: Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananman Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Marble Boat, Jade Factory, Pearl FactorySuzhou: Tiger Hill and Hanshan Temple, Silk Factory, Lingering GardensHangzhou: Boat cruise on West Lake, Dragon Well Tea Farm, Lingyin TempleShanghai: Shanghai Carpet Mill, Yu Gardens, Bund, Pudong economic development zone
    9. 9. Optional Tours (additional costs apply)Beijing: Hutong Alley ($35pp) Ride a traditional rickshaw through narrow streets tracing the historical life of an oriental country. Make and eat Chinese dumplings with a local family. Peking Opera ($20pp or $40pp for VIP seats) The masterpiece of China’s traditional culture and art. An hour and 30 minutes of fighting, singing and dancing. The Legend of Kung Fu ($25pp) A production which combines elements of Kung Fu, story-telling, acrobatics, modern dance, and original music.Suzhou: Grand Canal Cruise ($25pp) An over one hour boat ride on the ancient Grand Canal which was created over 1,300 years ago.
    10. 10. Optional Tours (con’t) Shanghai ERA SHOW (35pp) A 10 million dollar multimedia odyssey with a combination of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts and modern technology. The Shanghai Maglev Train ($25pp) A magnetic levitation train line that is notable for being the first commercial high-speed maglev line in the world with a top speed of 268 mph.All optional tours will be announced by the tour guide for you to sign up. The tour guide will collect payment in cash (US dollars) at that time.All tours will take place in the afternoon.
    11. 11. Photo of the Rickshaw Hutong Optional Tour– Hutong Optional Tour
    12. 12. Photo of the Canal Cruise Optional Tour - Optional Canal Cruise
    13. 13. SHOPPING STOPS INCLUDED IN THE TRIP! • Jade Factory- Beijing • Pearl Harvesting- Beijing • DongLin Silk Factory- Suzhou • LanLiyuan Embroidery Research Institute – Suzhou • Shanghai Artistic Carpet Factory- Shanghai • MeiJiawu Tea Culture Village- Hangzhou
    14. 14. Money• Most places accept US dollars. Anticipate spending $300-400. Money should be “new” US bills. Have $50 in just $1s• Always negotiate when buying. If they say $1000, you say $200. You will not receive change, so have the exact amount. Carry small bills.• Exchange money in the hotel and always keep the receipt to exchange back at the airport. You will want about $100 in Yuan & the rest in US dollars.• Travelers checks are not recommended, as people have had trouble cashing them• Credit cards are accepted at factory stores. Discover card is not accepted.
    15. 15. Restrooms• Hotels have traditional facilities, as do tour locations• Otherwise, most of the toilets are porcelain in-the- ground toilets• Bring travel tissue packs or the toilet paper roll from your hotel room. Carry it with you at all times• Bring sanitizer gel or wipes• There are no bathrooms on the bus, however the bus will always stop if the trip is longer than two hours. Our longest bus ride is 3 ½ hours
    16. 16. Travel Insurance• Citslinc provides basic travel insurance to all travelers once you depart Seattle.• Check with your insurance provider or• For pre-trip cancellation insurance, you may call: – Journeys Peak Travel Group – Ruth Sneckner – 541-388-3424
    17. 17. Weather• Weather in China in the fall is similar to ours. Could be a little warmer and maybe more humid• Mid-to-high 60s during the day. Mid 40-50s at night• Bring your raingear• Take a look ahead through a simple Google search or
    18. 18. What to Bring• Comfy walking shoes –tennis shoes or other• Blue jeans are fine all day, every day• Dress in layers – T-shirt, fleeceshirt/jacket, warmer jacket if necessary – Again, raingear• Consider a hat and gloves for the Great Wall as it could be cooler at the top• Backpack or travel purse• Bring two times the amount of prescriptions – One with your carry-on – One with your checked luggage
    19. 19. Vaccinations & Visas• Vaccinations are not required• Visit your physician if you’re not sure• China requires all foreign travelers to obtain a travel visa – The cost is $165 (The Chamber will process it for you) – Your passport must be valid 6 months after our travel date• Travel visa process: – Two extra passport photos – Your passport – Completed travel visa form
    20. 20. Now What?• Space is limited - Registration form and non- refundable deposit reserves your seat• The remaining balance is due by July 15, 2013• In early September you will receive a package containing: – Final, detailed itinerary – Travel memo from Citslinc – Airfare ticket – Luggage tags and nametag from the Bend Chamber
    21. 21. Thank you!