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Benchmark Six Sigmaoffers globally recognized Six Sigma training and certification(Six Sigma GB, Six Sigma BB, Six Sigma MBB,Lean Management) across eight Indian cities and also provides Six Sigma Consulting services on deployment of Six Sigma.

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Benchmark Six Sigma Student Brochure

  1. 1. Green Belt Plus is a globally recognized certification program specially designed for Students pursuing Post Graduate Courses to enhance their career preparation.
  2. 2. BENCHMARKSIX SIGMAADVANTAGE BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA Most experienced Inspiring Minds, Facilitating Excellence and respected train- ers and consultants More than 5000 Belts trained Is Six Sigma suitable for students? Highest recognition and respect across Students pursuing professional courses are to Black Belt which takes professionals to- sectors uniquely positioned to pursue Six Sigma Green wards Six Sigma leadership positions. Belt training. Benchmark Six Sigma programs offer unique advan- Updated programs 1. Students find it easier to understand and tages to students of professional courses. with latest inputs apply data driven technical concepts 1. Hundreds of students from Institutes all over Training and facili- taught in Six Sigma due to their recent India have already benefited from Benchmark tation methodology exposure to Math & Statistics. Six Sigma training and have found it extremely with Multi-sensory 2. Students who add Six Sigma competence useful. impact to their overall skill set on their resumes 2. Benchmark Six Sigma promotes conducting Complete Range of enhance their chances of selection for student training along with professionals from programs up to internships and final placements. the corporate world. This provides students Master Black Belt 3. Companies who hire Six Sigma qualified an opportunity to learn from real life discus- Training resources save on initial training costs sions of actual problems faced in the industry Regular programs and time and give preference to those and chance to network with companies. in eight cities who are already trained and certified 3. Benchmark Six Sigma programs are scheduled from reputed organizations. in regular intervals across eight Indian cities Programs since 4. International Universities like Middle giving flexibility in scheduling courses. 2001 with the best trainer retention Tennessee, University of Strathslyde 4. Benchmark Six Sigma offers students special offer Six Sigma courses career enrich- discounts to participate on the Green Belt Unique after train- ment of their students. training sessions. ing support through very active web 5. The earlier Six Sigma thinking is ingrained 5. Benchmark Six Sigma provides web-based based forum and in professionals, the better it is for their after training support so that students can group activities overall career growth. Green Belt leads network and enhance their learning. Unique after train- ing support through chat sessions with Master Black Belts Why Benchmark Six Sigma? Project completion Benchmark Six Sigma has the biggest Six Sigma The big network provides you multiple advantages support and certifi- Network in India. With regular programs since including references, experience sharing, cross- cation at no addi- 2001, the number of participants now exceeds industry learning, cross industry contacts, and recog- tional cost 6000. Benchmark Six Sigma has had participants nition to name a few. The text box on the left high- Conducted only by from most major reputed companies in India. lights some of the other benefits of getting trained trainers with cross- from Benchmark Six Sigma. industry implemen- tation and leader- ship experience. Six Sigma and Lean Implementation (optional) follow-up with powerful Top/ Senior Manage- ment Workshops within organiza- tions.
  3. 3. PAGE 3 What is Six Sigma? “A must attend Six Sigma is a powerful methodology that can be used to improve business processes. It is a struc- Course for all tured approach to problem solving that can be applied to any process - manufacturing, sales, mar- keting, IT, BPO, accounting, purchasing, you name it. All processes have variation. Variation is theYoung Managers-” cause of all evil - it leads to defects and customer dissatisfaction. Six Sigma methodology can be used to reduce variation from any source and thus improve costs, quality, and hence customerEdison Fernandez, satisfaction. UAE exchange The standard methodology that is used to improve existing processes is called DMAIC. The acronym DMAIC stands for Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control. The key steps that are undertaken in each phase of DMAIC is shown in the graphic to the right. The Define phase is all “Program mixed with about developing a good project charter to humour made some clearly define the problem that is to be worked on. In the Measure phase, we are challenging interested in ensuring that the data used concepts fun. for further analysis is free of measurement errors and establishing a baseline before Stimulating exercies, making further improvements. The Analyze discussions and real phase is all about making hypothesis and using data to either prove or disprove our hypothesis. We make hypothesis about what is causing world examples” - the problem and then establish the real root causes. The Improve phase focuses on getting the Adil Zuberi, Director, best possible solution to solve the root cause of the problem. The solution is optimized and any potential failure modes are resolved before the solution is deployed in the real world. The Con- Zuberi Engineering trol phase is all about ensuring that the solution is sustainable in the long run. Any financial bene- fits obtained from the project are also quantified. Finally, the improved process is transitioned over to the process owner. As we can see from this paragraph, any problem can be addressed using this structured approach. “I am a final year MBAstudent from Symbiosis, Pune, my inhibitions Benchmark Green Belt Training before joining were - I Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt program is the most popular Six Sigma program in India. The am a fresher, would program utilizes the DMAIC methodology highlighted above. The content of the program is highly researched and has undergone reviews and revisions through industry feedbacks and neutral cer- they cater to my tifying body of repute. The advantages of getting Green Belt training from Benchmark Six Sigmarequirements? They did are: and it was a great  High impact - high retention programs learning experience.” -  Opportunity to advance training beyond Green Belt from a single provider Amandeep Singh  Globally recognized program Sandhu, Symbiosis  Unique after training supportInstitute of Management  Highest participant satisfaction Studies  Frequent programs conducted all over India. If you are interested in learning more, please turn around for more details... BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA
  4. 4. BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA PAGE 4 High Impact - High Retention Programs The Benchmark Six Sigma training In industry focused groups, partici- format provides ample practice pants help each other in learning during training with individual and as a consensus is required in good group exercises done with data number of exercises that take provided to you. Laptops are re- place during the training. quired to attend the Green Belt Multi-sensory impact created Training. through usage of appropriate vis- There is a case study running ual aids adds to the retention for through the entire four day pro- participants. gram with a story line that helps Even years after the program, build clarity into each concept chances are that you will recall quite covered. a few anecdotes and stories shared Participants are divided in industry during the program due to the apt focused groups to foster better usage. application orientation during the program. Potential to move up to Master Black Belt Certification Six Sigma Benchmark Six Sigma provides the anywhere. It Leaders from entire range of programs. Several also provides Manufacturing, leaders in the corporate world answers to all have gone through the entire Automotive questions that range starting from Green Belt, they may face Manufacturing, progressing through Black Belt and while conduct- Telecom, and reaching the Master Black Belt ing training pro- ITES/ BPO Master Black Belt as a unique pro- grams, while undergoing gram prepares Black Belts to lead mentoring pro- jects, and while Benchmark Six Organization-wide initiatives. Most importantly, this program provides driving change. Sigma MBB answers to Six Sigma implemen- Program ters which they have been explor- ing for years and could not find Highest Global RecognitionBenchmark Six Sigma has unparalleled International Recognition. This 2. Participants from US, Europe, Middle East, Japan and otheris realized through the following four sources. parts of Asia proves world-wide acceptance of Benchmark Six1. Benchmark Six Sigma is a RABQSA certified Training Provider. Sigma programs. RABQSA is a globally recognized organization that accredits training providers. RABQSA’s principal offices are located in Syd- 3. Trainers have hands on experience in managing Six Sigma pro- ney, Australia, Milwaukee, USA and Seoul, Korea with interna- grams internationally. tional offices located in Brazil, Cyprus, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and 4. Recognition is also derived from the fact that hundreds of Turkey, and Seoul Branch of- MNC’s patronize Benchmark Six Sigma with regular nominations fices located in China and Viet- in programs that are run all over the nation. nam
  5. 5. PAGE 5 Unique after-training support Sigma community. You get to see challenges faced by peo- When you undergo training After completion of ple in various sectors from Benchmark Six Sigma,training, you can get you become a member of a 5. You get to view and download material uploaded by other answers for imple- highly active web based group participants. mentation chal- This helps you in may ways. lenges through Ac- 1. You can view job postings tive Online Group and career discussions. with participants 2. Your queries are re- willing to help each sponded by people from other industry of your interest. 3. The responses are ap- proved/ moderated by our Master Black Belts. 4. You get to know latest happenings in the Six “I got excellent insight in discussion forum.. The active online group offers Selected List of Clients something or the other regularly to me. In a way I am getting life long services from Benchmark Six Sigma.” There are enough past participants from each industry and functional area, so you have goodchances to get online help from someonewho succeeded in SixSigma project in your industry of choice BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA
  6. 6. PAGE 6 Six Sigma critical for success... If there is one approach that of career growth in any indus- well while delivering business cannot be ignored universally try, in any functional area with- benefits. for business success, it is Six out exclusions. These days, more and more Sigma. Six Sigma is the most po- companies are linking career Six Sigma tent combination of result- growth with results and Six is for oriented tried and tested Sigma makes more sense than people management techniques ever before. who are ever devised. Do you have questions or feed- willing to Interestingly, Six Sigma takes back on who Six Sigma applies become care of both—organizational to your industry of functional improve- benefits and individual growth. background? If so, you are in- m e n t Organizations today are willing vited to join discussions on our experts to reward those who contrib- open forum at: within their organizations. ute well. Individuals who bring “Multi-Industry in- Becoming a catalyst for im- business benefits derive high teraction was an eye provement is the surest way satisfaction levels and progress opener for me” “The trainer’s patience answering Highest Participant Satisfaction questions, Excellent, fast paced program Great for business process re- customer satisfaction and providing funny/ for professionals at all levels. engineering achieve breakthrough perform- anecdotal examples -D.Rajiv Krishnan, CEO, Ma Foi - Dr V. Prem Kishore, Head Apollo ance improvement. Consultancy DRDO Hospital to make highly - Y. Subrahmanyam, GM Apollo Hospitals complex concepts a Highly Recommended. I came into this course looking - Lakshmi Anand, Director, Sales at it as a typical training pro- breeze, and Hyatt Regency Wish to see more feedbacks? gram but was pleasantly sur- teaching style was prised by the quality, relevance The way Six Sigma is being Log on good enough and depth of the program. for more. You will definitely find taught will lead to new genera- - Anand Kumar, IT Head-South Asia, to better any of my tion of thinkers and managers. some from your favorite indus- Mousanto Company - Rohit Gupta, GM, Robinsons Air tries and functional areas. Rutgers University Services The best course to achieve MBA professors.” “My whole There is a program near you. team is now As a student, you can choose to participate in trained. Now our public training programs at one of the 8 we all talk in cities where programs happen in regular inter- the same vals or you may request for a special program wavelength at your institute or neutral location for a batch of students. However, Benchmark Six Sigma and bring im- recommends that you attend the regular pro-provements as gram along with working professionals as this a team.” provides real life exposure to challenges people face in the industry and a chance to network with professionals. BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA
  7. 7. Options for Career Enhancement Green Belt Plus FeaturesGet a globally recognized additional qualification Globally recognized certificationGet personal inputs from leading professionals. Personal advice from Industry leadersNetwork with the best in Industry Industry networking opportunitiesCarry out assignments that matter during education Project and assignment possibilitiesBuild additional skill set that has practical application Guidance and Support on ProjectsPlan ahead to move on a tested career roadmap Fast track career evidenceConnect with the corporate world effectively Life time relationship with an active group
  8. 8. The Corenthum CS-14, Lobe 2, 7th Floor, A-41, Sector- 62, Noida-201301 Regional Office - Chennai Regional Office - Kolkata Phone: 0120-4722400 Chennai Citi Centre, Level 6, 10/11, BF -144, Salt Lake City, Sector -1, Mobile: 09910419839 Dr.Radhakrishna Salai, Chennai - 600 004 Kolkata- 700064 Tel : 18001023003 Phone: 18001023003 E-mail: Regional Office - Bangalore Level 14 & 15, Concorde Towers, Regional Office - Mumbai UB City 1, Vittal Mallya Road, Marketing Office for Delhi Level 2, Raheja Centre Point, Bangalore 560001 294 CST Road, Near Mumbai University, Tel : 18001023003 SF 34, Ansal Fortune Arcade, Off Bandra–Kurla Complex, Block K, Sector 18, Noida - 201301 Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 098 Tel : 18001023003 Tel : 18001023003 Ahmedabad Contact Details Regional Office - Hyderabad Hyderabad Mid-Town Tel: 18001023003 1st Floor, Mid Town Plaza Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Pune Contact Details Hyderabad – 500034 Tel: 18001023003 Tel : 18001023003We at Benchmark Six Sigma initiated Six Sigma pro- This initiative of introducing Six Sigma Green Belt tograms in the year 2001. students of professional courses is not new. We have trained more than 600 student participants from vari-Consulting and In-house training division works with ous Institutes in different parts of the country.organizations partnering in their Lean Management/Six Sigma initiatives. Visit us atCertification division carries out Management System for corporate services.Certification and has more than 600 clients in India. for student programs. for discussions.Public Training division conducts training in eight cit- for organiza-ies in India viz Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, tional certificationsKolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune