The Proper Email Marketing Practice Checklist


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A simple and easy-to-follow checklist to ensure that you are following all the email marketing best practices and that your email campaigns are as effective as they can be.

Check out for all your email marketing needs.

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The Proper Email Marketing Practice Checklist

  1. 1. Blog with The Proper Email Marketing Practice ChecklistThis is Andy from Benchmark Email, and today we have the Proper Email Marketing Practice Checklist, from the Benchmark Email Blog.
  2. 2. The Proper Email Marketing Practice Checklist •Even email marketing pros forget the basics sometimes •Follow this checklist to cover your bases Email Marketing Checklist BlogFailure to participate in best practices negates how effective your email campaigns can be. Follow this checklist to ensure you have all your bases covered for your email marketing campaigns.
  3. 3. Landing & Branding Enhance core values? Consistent brand identity? Appropriate landing page? Email Marketing Checklist BlogDoes the email you are sending represent your brands core values and have a consistent brand identity with our website? Do the links bring you to the appropriate landing page and have a convincing call to action?
  4. 4. Content Avoid SPAM words in subject Focused, balanced and apropos design? & body? Clear, powerful and persuasive Write at 8th grade level? call to action? Compelling, easy to understand offer? Subject line informative and alluring? Content and links balanced? Less than 55 characters? Email Marketing Checklist BlogContent is key. Be sure that you avoided SPAM words that would keep your email from being delivered and that it is easy to understand. Content should compel and be balanced with links. Design should be fitting. Your subject line is veryimportant.
  5. 5. Social Media Links to social networking sites? Social sharing buttons? Forward to a friend? Email Marketing Checklist BlogBe sure to include links to your companyʼs social networking pages. Your email should have social sharing buttons as well as a forward to a friend link. Donʼt forget a clear and easy-to-find sign-up link too!
  6. 6. Personalization & Friendliness Sending address contain business/brand? From name recognizable? Personalization? Email Marketing Checklist BlogFor the From name, have a recognizable name in front of the @ and your company name following it. Use personalization without overdoing it.
  7. 7. Contact Management Collect segmentation info? Contact info w/out overkill? Sign up streamlined? Email Marketing Checklist BlogDid you obtain enough information to effectively segment your lists without crossing the line? Is your sign-up process streamline and easy. Have you tested it yourself?
  8. 8. Legal Requirements Full corporate details? Unsubscribe easily? Email Marketing Checklist BlogMake sure youʼre not breaking the law! Include all your corporate details. That means email, full company name and address of the main office. Be sure your unsubscribe list is quick and painless, so as to avoid SPAM complaints.
  9. 9. Technical Design No CSS? Alt text for images? Quick load speed? Email Marketing Checklist BlogBe 100% sure your code contains no CSS. Make certain thereʼs enough alt text for your images that the email makes sense with images turned off. Your email should load quickly, even on slower connections.
  10. 10. Renderability Rendering across all resolutions? Work in all email clients? Link to web version? Email Marketing Checklist BlogYour email should be able to be properly viewed on any screen resolution and in all email clients. Donʼt forget to include a link to the web version.
  11. 11. Blog Visit us Follow us youʼve managed to check off each one of these boxes, you can be sure that your email campaign is on a path to success.For visual learners: The Proper Email Marketing Practice ChecklistStayed informed by following Benchmark Email on Twitter @BenchmarkEmail.