Online Nursing Programs: An Overview


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‘Online Nursing Programs: An Overview’ portrays the importance of higher education for professional growth. The article also talks about some important nursing programs and advanced nursing degrees which can be earned online and can augment your career.

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Online Nursing Programs: An Overview

  1. 1. Online Nursing Programs: An OverviewWhile nurses may lack the perceived glamour and high earnings of doctors and physicians, theystand shoulder to shoulder with their more esteemed colleagues in their commitment to and lovefor their profession.It’s clear that it would be difficult to stay in the nursing profession unless you were absolutely andwholeheartedly passionate about it. On a regular basis, nurses contend with difficult shifts, longhours, weekend work, and emotional trauma. But in spite of the challenges, many individualsembrace this profession and give it their whole lives.Career Mobility Important for RNsHowever, just because nurses devote their entire lives to serving patients doesn’t mean theydon’t have the same goals and aspirations as other professionals. They want to grow in theirroles, take on more responsibility, manage teams, make strategic decisions, and earn moremoney, just like most professionals.For registered nurses (RNs) who start their careers with bedside patient care but have ambitionsof branching out into other areas of specialty, continuing education is the way forward. Most ofthese RNs earn their licenses to practice after completing an associate’s degree in nursing or ahospital-administered diploma. While both the programs provide excellent training in the technicalscope of nursing, they don’t offer the same growth opportunities that a more advanced nursingdegree can provide.Online Nursing ProgramsFor many RNs, taking a sabbatical from work to return to school full-time is not an option. Butthanks to the availability of online nursing degree at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, they canbalance their careers and their continuing education. Plus, a number of employers provideeducational benefits and subsidized training for their nursing staff in order to attract and retaintalent, which can reduce a registered nurse’s financial burden of attending school.An online RN-to-bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program is the first step registered nursescan take toward progressing in their career. A bachelor of science in nursing degree program canprovide the advanced theoretical expertise that may be required to qualify for senior roles.Advanced Nursing Degrees OnlineA bachelor of science in nursing is also required for entry into a master’s in nursing program. Amaster’s in nursing could lead to more specialized nursing positions such as nurse manager,advanced practice nurse, nurse educator, and more.Typically, the curriculum of an online MSN program includes courses on advanced nursing theoryas well as leadership and management. Some of these online nursing programs may include aclinical training component that cannot be completed online, but requires working under the directsupervision of doctors and senior nurses in a healthcare environment.RNs who want to make further inroads into their nursing education after completing their bachelorof science in nursing have plenty of options to explore. From a master’s in nursing administrationthat leads RNs away from direct patient care toward managerial and administrative roles, to amaster’s in nursing education program that trains them to teach nursing, many graduate degreesare now available online.