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A large scale brand development for a personalised telecoms provider that rolled into website redevelopment and communications management.

Key elements of the build include:

- Full administrative through CMS
- Fully responsive design (RWD)
- 30+ template build
- Shared resourcing
- Custom gating mechanism

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Website development - has launched

  1. 1. On Monday 8thApril 2013 the first customer facing stage of a fullbrand evolution went live.This communication update shows you some of the has launchedThen & Now
  2. 2. Adamphones.comOur wider brief is to refresh the Adam Phones brand and developing its current customerfacing channels, platforms and content.The website forms a central part of much of the project activity being a launch platform,customer resource and management portal.The brief specifics for the website were as follows:Ì .NET ASP codingÌ Mobile friendlyÌ CMS interfaceÌ All items administrable by clientÌ Pre-existing wordpress blog integrationÌ Golden Mobile Numbers search/order functionality integrationÌ Cookie driven gating systems for all contact collection pointsÌ Bespoke solution builder functionalityÌ Short-term hire partner microsites functionality
  3. 3. The OutcomesAlthough we faced challenges with timelines and development resources, this project hassuccessfully delivered on a number of levels.Key benefits of the new site include:Fully Responsive Build (RWD)The site is fully responsive with mobile navigation that provides a much better user navigationexperience on mobiles devices and tablets. The main benefit of the RWD is that the site issingular and does not require a mobile version to run alongside the main site.Full AdministrationThe site as been designed to take into account the client’s requirements to administrate their site,structure and content. The site is dynamically built, making it flexible and customisable with theability to adapt to the needs and behaviours of its users.Multi-functional Template BuildWith the complexity of the site and scale of the templates being built, it was essential to try andstreamline these as much as possible to keep the site as simple and efficient as possible. Toachieve these we built a single template that then broke down into 6 different variations, all withdifferent formatting and positioning, giving the site a consistant but varied look and feel acrossthe core internal templates.Responsive Marketing ActivityThe website has a smart carousel area that is populated based on the content being placed intoit. The three agreed requirements in the brief were a single image, customisable carousel andVimeo video.Customer Gating ProcessTo make the site as approachable as possible, the use of customer contact points has beenintegrated commonly throughout the site. These all channel into a custom gating system that willallow a user to register once on a cookie and then the system will log this along with any activityand will allow them access to any content whilst the cookie is still active.The system also allows blacklisting, and custom content, page and popup content administration.
  4. 4. Back ThenThe following samples demonstrate how the previous incarnation of lookedprior to launch.Home Our PeopleProduct Short Term Hire
  5. 5. Here & NowThe following samples demonstrate the new standard and responsive look and feel