Run lola run’


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Run lola run’

  1. 1. ‘Run Lola Run’Task A: Opening Sequence
  2. 2. What was your expectations of the film based on the opening sequence?
  3. 3. • Translation:“We shall not cease from explorationAnd the end of all our exploringWill be to arrive where we startedAnd know place for the first time” T.S. Eliot.
  4. 4. • The sheer the fact the film opens with a quote suggests to me the film has some importance to it, and could potentially be hard hitting and perhaps based on a true story. This is because most films of those types listed are the most common to open with an opening quote, and because this one does, it suggests to me it has or features those elements. It also makes the film look more intelligent because it is a confusing quote that is riddle like which also helps suggest the film has a level of mystery or enigma which will be solved in the film. This could perhaps be the plotline of the film.• The line “we shall not cease from exploration” suggests that the film will be constantly exploring and trying new things and perhaps exploring the characters, because the words “shall not cease” suggests the entire film is about exploration in one form or another.• The line “and the end of all our exploring, will be to arrive where we started” gives me the expectation that when the exploring mentioned above is finished, it will finish at the point it started. This suggests to me that it will be character exploration and that the character will be trying to find something out about themselves but it turns out at the end of the narrative they will already know what they were trying to find out.• The line “and know place for the first time” strengthens my opinion that the films narrative will centre around character exploration and makes me further think that they will be trying to find something about themselves because I think this line means that when they find out what they want to know they feel whole and complete. I think the entire quote is a metaphor for someone finding out something to complete their life.
  5. 5. • “After the Game is before the game” suggests to me that the films narrative will involve something to do with a game, perhaps more than one game or that it could be set between a game and the characters are preparing for the game. This would mean the quote is literal because when a game finishes, it is before the next game starts. This also links in with my idea with exploration from the previous quote because the game could represent what they’re looking for, but the fact after is before could be a metaphor for the fact that they already knew it but they had to find out what it was to find out they knew it.
  6. 6. • This is a pendulum and in the films opening sequence it is licked with a strong ticking noise and a strong swinging noise.
  7. 7. • The sound elements suggests expectations. The ticking sound to me represents and strongly connotes time and the passing of time. I therefore feel that the film will contain something to do with time, and because it is in the opening sequence I feel time will be a very important theme in the film. The swooping noise I feel is just to make the pendulum swinging seem to have more verisimilitude, because when something like that is swung it makes the swinging noise, so this I think, is just an element to make it look more diegetic.• The eyes of the pendulum look angry while the mouth looks happy. This makes me expect the thoughts and emotions of the characters to be an important part in the films narrative. I think this is represented best by the multiple emotions on the pendulum. It could also suggest a multiple- personality issue with one or more of the characters because each emotion connotes a different personality and therefore suggesting a character (or more) could suffer from multiple personality syndrome. Each emotion could also be representative of all the different characters suggesting that there is a happy character and an angry character in the film.• Pendulum’s are found on clocks, and this again strengthens my idea of time being in the film because clocks tell the time.
  8. 8. • By this point the ticking noise has slowed down and the clock hands are spinning. The mouth of the clock also opens and the camera zooms into it.
  9. 9. • The ticking noise slowing down makes me think the narrative of the film will centre around a bomb threat because this is usually what happens in film when there is a bomb, the ticking slows down. Because of the opening being quite mysterious beforehand though I think this idea is a metaphor of another idea. This other idea is that the bomb represents mortal danger for one or more of the character’s because a bomb causes death and destruction and this connotation could be about one of the characters in the film’s narrative.• The fact the hands are moving makes me feel even more certain about the passing of time idea because, when a clock hand moves on a clock, time passes and this is measured on a clock. The fact the hands are moving in the opening sequence therefore shows time to be passing and because it is in the opening sequence, which because is an important part of the film, it will be a factor in the film.• The face of the clock is quite monstrous and grotesque. This suggests that the film is dark because the demonic face connotes darkness, and when the clock’s mouth opens this could be the darkness engulfing one of the characters and this makes me think that suicide and self harming will both be involved in the narrative somehow because this is what commonly happens when darkness takes over a person. The camera zooming into the mouth strengthens this because it represents the audience to be the suggested character and their going into the darkness.
  10. 10. Quote from the next shot of the film.• Man... probably the most mysterious species on our planet. A mystery of unanswered questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we know what we think we know? Why do we believe anything at all? Countless questions in search of an answer... an answer that will give rise to a new question... and the next answer will give rise to the next question and so on. But, in the end, isnt it always the same question? And always the same answer?
  11. 11. • The quote is a riddle and this creates a mystery in the viewers head. This suggests that the narrative of the film will be about solving a mystery because this quote has created a mystery. It also suggests psychology will be a theme in the film because the questions posed are quite deep and psychological which suggests that the mystery could be in the mind for the characters and this could be what leads to them exploring themselves and them finding out things they didn’t think they already knew.
  12. 12. • In this sequence, the camera is zooming past everyone and stopping at certain people and makes them stand out using a shallow depth of field and focus pull to put only the character that should be standing out in focus.
  13. 13. • The fast camera movement suggests the characters on screen will not be important in the film until it slows down and focuses on one individual (using the shallow depth of field and focus pull) and this suggests to the audience that those who have been focussed on are likely to be main characters in the film or play a big part in the film because it is the only logical reason to why they would be the people who are focussed on, so I think these are going to be the protagonists and antagonists of the narrative of the film.
  14. 14. • In this sequence the character above is speaking the subtitled quote.
  15. 15. • The fact this character is the only one to speak makes me think he will be the protagonist of the film because he must be important if he is the speaking character as speech is important to a film and since he is the only one who is doing it, it’s logical to guess that he is the protagonist.• He says the game lasts “90 minutes”. This is the average length of most films which suggests games will be an important part of this film because the use of “90 minutes” linking in with film time could be a riddle for this film being about a game or the film could actually be a game. The character may literally be talking about football, but I feel this is what the quote is trying to connote.
  16. 16. • The people have all merged to make the film title. A football has been kicked into the air to get this birds eye view shot (via a tracking shot of the ball) and the ball is falling back down.
  17. 17. • The fact that it’s only the police man character that stands out further suggests he is the protagonist as he is clearly an important character since he is the one who stands out and is not conforming with the others. This suggests the plot could also be about being different and individual because this is an example of what the Police man character is doing.• The tracking shot of the football further suggests that the film has something to do with a game because tracking shots are commonly used in sports and this using one connotes that the film is going to be about a game because it is using a convention.
  18. 18. • A female character is running along a road inside a vortex. The names of actors appear on screen in the vortex, but she smashes them with her fist. Bats also fly at her and attack her
  19. 19. • The fact that she is running in the opening sequence suggests to me that running will be an important part of the film because of the fact that there is a lot of running during this sequence. This prepares the audience for the film because it is hinting at them that the film will contain a running element.• The vortex to me suggests an element of time because vortexs are associated with time travel, therefore I expect time to be in the film because of this element suggested here by the vortex. This links in with my idea on time from the clocks and the ticking noise.
  20. 20. • She has ran into a clock that has led into a monster which leads into another vortex, full of other mouths and teeth.
  21. 21. • The fact she is running into something full of teeth makes me think that the narrative of the film will contain the darkness engulfing one of the character. The mouth appears to be eating her in this shot. I think the mouth represents darkness and the mouth is engulfing her. This makes me think that one of the characters will end up self harming or suicide because of the conventions previously explained about how this leads into the darkness.• The fact that it happens more than once suggests the darkness grows stronger in the narrative or I think it may happen to more than one character in the narrative.
  22. 22. • She is now dodging swinging pendulums in a new vortex (same transition as before). Another transition is upcoming which leads to an upside down vortex. She then gest sucked into the vortex and spins drastically.
  23. 23. • The swinging pendulums again emphasise the expectations of time to be in the film. The fact that she has to run and dodge them makes me think that in the film, the time will be a factor against them and this could mean the bomb threat the film is currently making me expect, because in those situations time is against the characters because if they don’t stop the bomb in the time limit it would explode and it would kill them.
  24. 24. • In the photo, there was side view, back view, side view, front view snapshots taken (transition of a flash), then the character name was written underneath the photo with the actor’s name to the side. This happens for all the main characters.
  25. 25. • The snapshots of different views of the characters makes me think of prison photo’s. This makes me think that the narrative will involve a plot to do with the police because it gives the image in the audience’s mind that an arrest will be made in the film.• The handwriting and actor’s name doesn’t make me expect anything from the film, I think they are just there to help the audience know who plays the character and to help them remember the character’s name.
  26. 26. The Music• The music of the opening credits began slow paced but quickly became very fast paced. This created a sense of tension and that tension only grew stronger as the credits commenced. This suggests that rising tension will be an important factor in the film’s narrative as it has happened in the title sequence and it could be preparing the audience for tension.
  27. 27. Colours• Most of the colours used were blue, black, dull gold and red. These are all quite negative colours as blue connotes sadness, black connotes death, dull gold connotes rust and red connotes blood. This suggests that the films narrative will consist of negative and dark elements as these are the common connotation of the colours.
  28. 28. Did the film meet these expectations?
  29. 29. • My first expectation was that the film would contain some sort of mystery and enigma. In a way the film did meet this expectation. There was a mystery (like how they kept restarting time from the phone slamming down every 20 minutes), however in a way it was not met because this was never solved in the film and my expectation would be that the narrative would be about solving that enigma but because it didn’t my expectation was not met.
  30. 30. • My second expectation was the character exploration idea and that they would find something out about themselves they already knew. In a way the film did meet this expectation. In the red bed scenes there was character exploration where the two protagonists were questioning their love for each other. They discovered they loved each other and the love between them is strong, but they knew this at the start but didn’t know they know it. This meant that they discovered something they already knew but didn’t know they know it therefore meeting my expectation.
  31. 31. • The element of time was strong in the film. The film kept cutting back for the characters to find out what the time was, and it was also written in real time (the 20 minutes actually lasted 20 minutes) therefore making time an important theme. However, there was no bomb threat, but there was duress for the characters (if they didn’t get the money then their boss would kill them). Also the ticking sounds in the opening did represent a countdown, it represented the 20 minute countdown they had to get the money.
  32. 32. • Another expectation I had was that darkness would engulf a character and lead them into self harming. This was not present in the film.• Another expectation I had was that all the characters in the shallow depth of field, fast moving shot would be important with the Police Officer being the Protagonist. Those characters were seen in the film, but because they had a very small amount of screen time they weren’t that important, and Lola and Mani are the protagonists, not the Police Officer.
  33. 33. • Another expectation I had was that the film would be like a game. In a way it was because the restart of the 20 minutes made it seem like a game (because they had just lost the level and were returning to the check point) and this makes me feel that the 20 minute restart were the characters dying (always when the restart was) and therefore this could be them returning to a checkpoint making me feel like I was right about the narrative being like a game.
  34. 34. • Another expectation I had was for prisons and arrests to be present in the film, they weren’t.• My final expectation was that the film would contain running. Most of the film was Lola (the protagonist) running from place to place to try and get the money to save Mani (the other protagonist) and this means running was present in the film so it did meet my expectation.