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  1. 1. EvaluationBen Jackson
  2. 2. In what ways do your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Codes and Conventions (Magazine Adverts) Large band name/logo Large centre image Release date Record label maybe a website Unique styles – Colours, Fonts, Layouts Individuality
  3. 3. Large artist name and album title toattract the audience to the advert. Large artist name and title to attract anyone who likes the band. Large main Large main image with a link image which to the album likes with one name which of the songs some adverts use and also the so that the symbol is that audience is not of the band confused. themselves. Selection of songs Date of on the album to release and attract anyone any format its who have heard available for the songs before. purchase so that anyone Date of release can buy it. and all the formats available Selection of for purchase are the best songs usually always on by the band in music adverts. case anyone has heard them before.Website for the artist and a recordlabel which are always on an advert Record label is used aslike this so that people can give brand identity for thereviews and check out other things albums they produce.produced by the record label.
  4. 4. Large copy to recognise band name. For my advert I decided to use an image of a hooded figure which is appropriate to the name Album reviews of the band as the identity of the figure is not to encourage revealed, also due to the dark orientation of the people to figure the image will appeal to the genre of the investigate the music that I chose. album. Large main The styling of my advert is very basic however it is image to drag effective as it is direct and to the point, it tells the peoples audience exactly what they need to know to find attention to the the artist and album. advert. Record label, date and The text and copy on the advert support the website soThis is my advert and it conforms mysterious theme of the image as the style of people canwith the conventions of other advert copy is rigid and has an old style to it. look up theby showing the name of the artist album on itsand the album, along with the release and seerecord label, website of the band if the recordand the date of release of the The lighting effects on the main image promote label are aalbum, also the advert conforms to the mysterious figure to the audience and also it good company.genre representations due to the highlights the image to give the figure’s face acolours of the advert which suggests darker effect, therefore implying the genre of thea rock/indie genre which is the music to the audience.genre of the music I have chosen.
  5. 5. Codes and conventions (Digi-Pack) Links to the advert for the album Links to the genre of the music via imaging, font and colours Record label Individuality Song titles Image of the band (maybe) With thanks note (maybe)
  6. 6. Album title and artist name standout from the plain whitebackground due to the boldness of Large, bold and colourful album title Verythe text and the red for some of the and artist name to make it stand colourfulwords therefore making it easier to out from other albums. Not much digi-packknow who the band are. colour on the cover helps it cover as it is grab the effective the attention of way it is as the an colour on the audience. title draws your attention to Large the digi-pack. provocative image could The instruments connote in the image ‘bad’ a and also the theme with costumes of the music. the band suggest the No real genre of the suggestion of music the genre of Parental advisory logo is usually onLarge main image of the band on (indie/folk). the music on any album with a certain theme ofthe front cover of the digi-pack this album music to it, however it couldapplying to the conventions of digi- cover. connote ‘bad’ music.packs.
  7. 7. This is my digi-pack it appeals to the codes and conventions of other digi-packs in many different ways, firstlythe genre of the music is represented straight away due to the dark colours of the digi-pack which meansthe music is most likely rock/indie/gothic this theme is also conveyed through the image on the cover of thedigi-pack (Hooded figure) which also suggests mystery and darkness as you cannot see the figuresface/identity, this image links with the advert for the album as the same image was used for brand identity.The genre of the music is also represented through the title of the album ‘This Is An End’ as it suggests gothicmusic about death e.g. suicide, however this could be a subversion of what the music is about but that alldepend on what the music makes the listener think. Behind the front cover is a thank you note which is quite often seen on debut albums thanking producers etc…, this note is written on a pathway where a silhouetted figure is which could also connote the idea of mystery. On the rear of the digi-pack there are the track names, a barcode, the record label, a copyright logo and a website for the band, these are all seen on any type of music album and therefore it means that my digi pack conforms to the conventions of other digi-packs.
  8. 8. Codes and Conventions (Music Video) Could be performance, Narrative or both depending on the genre of the music Costume, lighting and props depend on genre Camera positions depend on genre
  9. 9. My Frames Similar Frames There is a link here between the track and the visuals of the video, the track is: ‘This Is An End’ and in this frame the actor is jumping from a bridge and in this perspective it is the end of their life. In this frame the representation of the artist is that they are mysterious and shrouded due to the way this one sits and what he/she wears. The location is shown in this frame due to the amount of scenery that is shown, the location from this frame is on a path surrounded by trees.
  10. 10. My Frames Similar Frames Costume and props are shown in this due to the character playing the guitar, also he is wearing clothes that appeal to the genre of the music (Shirt, Jacket, Skinny Jeans) My camerawork is shown in this frame as it shows and over the shoulder shot, which in the video was orientated on the hooded figures view therefore it was rotated around the figure too A narrative is shown in this frame of my video as it outlines mystery in the video due to the hooded figure whilst still keeping to the theme of the music
  11. 11. My Frames Similar Frames This frame shown the genre of the music in the video as electric guitars are shown in other music videos of a rock/indie genre Not many special effects were used in the making of my video however I used some fading effects between cuts to blend in clips For editing I used blends and fades between some clips and also at the end of the video I used a fade to black to add suspicion of ‘An End’.