The Social Media Landscape - LinkedIn


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This presentation was given to a Young Professionals group in October 2011.

The discussion was oriented towards a wide-angle view on one of the most influential social media outlets today, LinkedIn.

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  • image of our building on the leftand website screenshot on the right
  • The Social Media Landscape - LinkedIn

    1. 1. Social Media Lunch & Learn: PRESENTED BYBEN MCDOUGAL – SALES MANAGER
    2. 2. Company Overview Established in 1995 Web Development Largest Web Development Firm in Iowa  Website Design  Advanced Programming  Web Application Products800+ Small, Medium, & Enterprise Clients  E-Commerce  Intranets/ExtranetsClients Represent 12 Countries & 21 States Internet Marketing  Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Consulting Hosting & Collocation IT Support Graphic Design Consulting & Strategy MORE
    3. 3. Discussion TopicsQuick FactsUpdating Personal ProfilesIncrease ReputationClaiming Company PagesShowcase Products/ServicesEmployment ConnectionsBusiness DevelopmentTracking Analytics
    4. 4. Quick Facts Launched May 5th, 2003120,000,000+ worldwide membersLargest age group is 35-54 years old 2,000,000+ Company Pages LinkedIn went public (LNKD) on May 19th, 2011 The stock closed up 109% its first day of trading LinkedIn has 1,500+ full-time employees Headquartered in Palo Alto, California MORE
    5. 5. Updating Personal ProfilesFirst impressions count on LinkedIn! - Profile Photo - Informative Job Titles - Status Updates - Make Connections - Recommendations - Use Effective Applications - Track TrafficEnhance profiles with integrated applications: Twitter Feeds Presentations TripIt Blog Links Events Real Estate Listings File Sharing Polls Portfolio DisplayEnsure your profile is 100% complete and up-to-date Photo | Executive Summary | Education | 3 Job Positions | 3 RecommendationsPersonal settings should match your networking objectives MORE
    6. 6. Increase Reputation Recommend Contacts & Clients Receive Personal Recommendations Share Insight on LinkedIn Answers Introduce Others MORE
    7. 7. Claiming Company Pages Company Page Components: Company Overview Careers Company Employees Recent Promotions and Changes New Hires Products & Services Key Statistics Location Map Twitter Integration Analytics Follow Other Companies Increase Collaboration Awareness Track Business Development Find Job Opportunities Encourages Reciprocal Follows Free Advertising & Inbound Link Development! MORE
    8. 8. Showcase Products/ServicesShare Detailed Product/Service InsightInbound Link Development (SEO)Customer Recommendations MORE
    9. 9. Employment Connections Jobs Tools - Job Seeker - Talent Direct - Corporate Recruiter - Job Referral Engine Organize Jobs/Candidates Share Insight on LinkedIn AnswersMake personal connections at companies you want to work for. LinkedIn is a valuable weapon in your job-searching arsenal. If youre not on LinkedIn, you may not exist to employers. MORE
    10. 10. Business DevelopmentConnect to Decision MakersShare Expertise on LinkedIn AnswersMeeting Follow-Up RecommendationsNetwork By Joining GroupsResearch Business PartnersNetwork with as many people as possible.It’s not all about who you know; it’s about who other people know too! MORE
    11. 11. Tracking AnalyticsEstablishing an objective-based planUse website stats to track inbound trafficUse LinkedIn Analytics for Company Pages MORE
    12. 12. Conclusion CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION! ADDITIONAL DISCUSSION TOPICS INCLUDE Web Design Content Management Solutions Mobile Development E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization Intranet/Extranet Development For more insight, to scheduling a speaking engagement, or questionsabout how to best represent yourself online, contact Global Reach today! 515-288-0224 Restart Slideshow