History, science, and trade ben ely


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History, science, and trade ben ely

  1. 1. History, Science, and Trade A PowerPoint by Ben Ely
  2. 2. What is history? • It is based off of secondary and primary sources: such as the myth of an ancient battle verses the actual arms, equipment, or battlefield maps of it. • Proof of said History is defined through 3 factors: • reliable witness, • logical possibility, • observable causes and effects • Recorded history is through context of the historians bias and culture known as a “Viewpoint” • History creates an understanding of the world to radiate knowledge and tolerance rather than repeating the past
  3. 3. The Journey Of Man • 1.7 million years ago, the pre cursor human “Homo Erectus” migrated to Eurasia • Spencer Wells has concluded that all “Homo Sapiens” alive today are descended from a single man who lived in Africa around 60,000 years ago. • “The Journey of Man” documentary by Wells, states the African Aborigines followed Asia’s southern coastline until colonizing Australia 50,000 years ago • Not until the earth warmed up 40,000 years ago did humans colonize northern asia, and move towards the arctic circle. (once the Ice age hit again 15,000 years ago arctic dwellers followed the Bering strait land bridge into North America)
  4. 4. Catastrophe! • Around 535 A.D. a global temperature catastrophe hit the earth, now concluded as an unrecorded mini ice age in history • 3 primary sources lead scientists this global cooling, this was discovered through examining • Ice cores. Analyzing the frozen chemicals inside them can help point out ancient atmospheric conditions • Ancient tree rings. Tree rings grow by one each year, and are thinner based on how poor their growing conditions were, scientists can analyze thousand year old patterns through “Dendrochronology” • Carbon-14 dating. Carbon 14 is created when cosmic rays strike nitrogen atoms allowing scientists to trace this radioactive signature through the food chain • But what could lead to this global cooling?
  5. 5. Mystery Unveiling • Atmospheres can be cooled through veils of dust, ash, or acid thrown into the atmosphere blocking the suns rays • So what would cause THAT? Scientists conclude • Volcanoes • Asteroids • Or comets • Through the three sources they all point to a significant point in time around 535 A.D. showing a massive eruption of the colossal volcano Krakatoa, causing a dramatic drop in global temperatures, and overall leading to global CATASTROPHE.
  6. 6. Changing interpretations • Contrary to American biased righteous beliefs, such as “manifest destiny” the western hemisphere was larger richer with more democratic spirit and freedom than America ever had. • Amazonian forests originally were covered in amazing self regenerating super soil called “Tera Preta”, that diminished in forming America. • Indians reshaped entire landscapes to better suit their games needs to prosper. – While Europeans got lazy and domesticated the animals which caused microbes to trade and spawned diseases and mutations • The Indian population just like the human race can be referred to as a “Keystone Species” which altered the ecology of buffalo immensely by increasing their numbers significantly when dying out from the plague.
  7. 7. How the world view changed • After 1492, the European connection with the world would explode into a realization of no land mass unreachable and no sea navigable • There were 3 primary cultures in trade with eachother to make up the perspective of “The World” At the dawn of exploration, Asia, Europe, and Eurasia. • Asia made up the center of the economy in the 1400’s to be replaced with Europe later in the 1600’s through the aspect of Global Trade • Through global exploration each economy was primarily made up of trade of the possible food or spice that was indigenous to the given land, giving a stable trading economy throughout the globe.