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Ben cameron Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By Benjamin CameronAmateur ProfessionalandImage from Flickr via William Hook
  • 2. Image from Flickr via Martin Kuhn
  • 3. Image from Flickr via GeezaweezerYour average couch surfer can now bethrough a fine-arts degree almost instantly.
  • 4. Every person with a smartphone can nowdocument the world around them.Image from Flickr via Bolandrotor
  • 5. that’s a lot of &Image from Flickr via NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center Source: Heather Leonard – There Will Soon Be One Smarthphone For Every Five People In the World
  • 6. Image from Flickr via Hello Lucy
  • 7. Source: Jenna Wortham - Instagram and the New Era of PaparazziImage from Flickr via Haags Uitburo
  • 8. Image from Flickr via Karramarro
  • 9. Statistics and Image from
  • 10. What once required an editing studio can now be donein the palmof yourhand.Image from Flickr via Amrit
  • 11. Image from Flickr via 2.
  • 12. Image from Flickr via What What Source: Molly Goodson – Instagram and the New Era of Paparazzi
  • 13. Image from Flickr via
  • 14. Image from Flickr via Lotus Carroll Source: Felix Gillette – Snapchat and the Erasable Future of Social Media
  • 15. Image from Flickr via Nexus6
  • 16. “Vine… a quick way to grab andspread footage of a breakingnews event -Image from Flickr via Stuck in Customs Source: Arman Kazemi– A new breed of artists highlight the creative uses of Vine
  • 17. With new devices likeGoogle Glass, we maysee everyone become apart-time photographer.Image from Flickr via Tedeytan
  • 18. Image from Flickr via Max Braun Source: Nick Bilton – At Google Conference, Cameras Even in the Bathroom
  • 19. In the near future a proficiency in photographymay be a new common skill; akin to reading andwriting.Image from Flickr via Daniel*1977
  • 20. Image from Flickr via Esther**
  • 21. CreditsAll images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share-Alike3.0 agreement, and sourced from flickr.Quotes are sourced at the bottom of theirrespective slides.Image from Flickr via A Guy Taking Pictures